Rebels and Pharaohs. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenov T.

Operators: Bgancev I., Orlov U.


The film is about the modern Western young people.

Temporary description

Streets. Laughs youth. Buddhists. Police checks documents. Family table, family talk. Queue of unemployed youth. Says unemployed. Say punks. Police arrest criminals. Issuance of money in the commune. Students preparing for a demonstration. Students sing the song "Cops and speculators." Streets in Japan. The demonstration in Japan. Brawl. Police suggest the procedure. Say fascists and anti-fascists. Says Editor of "Spartacus." Police make barbed wire. Demonstrations. Antireyganovskaya demonstration. Exhibition weapons. The camp of peace. Airbase Grimen Common. The police attacked the camp of peace.

Reel №1

Ancient Egyptian murals on the wall.

Square with a fountain in Sydney.

Stone sphinxes in the square.

Australian John Simpson lying on her back Sphinx, gives an interview of the Soviet film crew (synchronously).

Streets of Sydney - different plans.

The girl with the pigeons.

The area in Bonn.

A group of young actors playing the show, a parody of the U.S. administration.

Says the actor (synchronously).

Laughing audience.

Closeups viewers' faces.

Pass young unemployed people with placards.

Report on one of the Western European cities.

Advertising jeans on the wall with the inscription in English "If anyone loves me, he goes with me."

Buddhists in the streets of Bonn.

Young people dancing in exotic costumes.

Street West European city.

Police car.

Broken Glass.

Police officers check the documents.

A young man thrown into a police car.


Medicine man selling herbs and potions.

On the square dancing girl.

The girl in the square singing (synchronously).


American fashion advertising, cigarettes, toothpaste.

Family French worker-communist Alexander Shiye the dinner table.

Daughter and sons Andre Shiye.

Interview A. Shiye (synchronously).

Sons Andre Shiye talk about youth issues (synchronously).

Breadline at the Paris suburbs.

Persons unemployed.

Reel №2

Reel №3

Slogans, posters on the walls.

Students sing the song "Pharaohs and speculators" (synchronous).

Students with painted faces dancing.

Young agitator Francoise Do the street selling newspapers, accompanied by her husband and daughter.

Stand bullies.

F. Do the French Communist Party newspaper invites passers-by (synchronous).

Female activists - different plans.

People in the area.

F. do with the child.

Japan - the street of the city.

Traffic cop on the street.

Advertising car on the building.

A protest demonstration.

Germany, Bonn - Bonn University student Wolff with the girl at the demonstration.

Scuffle with protesters attack aircraft.


Anti-fascists on the streets.

Anti-fascist interpretation of the Congress of the National Democratic Party (synchronously).

A poster of Hitler.

Lobby Congress, the National Democratic Party.

Meeting hall of the Congress of National Democrats.

Said the speaker (synchronously).

The audience applauds.

Newsreel 1941-1945gg.:

Nazi swastika.

The Nazis at a rally.

The Nazis take away the prisoners.

Teenagers from the Hitler Youth.

Dead German soldiers.

The police arrested an anti-fascist.

Reel №4

Germany, Bonn - the editors «Rote Blätter» («red leaves") - the youth organization "Spartacus."

Editor says about the persecution faced by the students for the "unreliability" (synchronous).

Non-journals «Rote Blätter», posters, magazine file.

Police put barbed wire, paints an anti-war graffiti on the buildings before the arrival of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in Bonn.

The dog is looking for possible explosives.

Journalists shot it.

A protest demonstration against the visit of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in Bonn.

Police dispersing demonstrators.

Antireyganovskuyu demonstration broadcast on West German television.

Speaker commented on the transfer.

The arrival of Ronald Reagan in West Berlin.

Reagan at the border separating East and West Berlin.

Reagan crosses the boundary line.

Check out Ronald Reagan in West Berlin.

UK. Aircraft locator.

Exhibition of arms - different plans.

Warship, the torpedo.

Burning ship, another ship explodes.

Meeting sailors returning from the Falklands War.

Woman crying.

Carry the wounded.

Said the sailor (synchronous - condemns the aggression in the Falklands).

Said the sergeant-instructor, who fought in Vietnam (synchronously).

Listen girls.

The military says the problem of survival in a bourgeois world (synchronously).

Shooting in the dash.

Faces of small children.

Simulated war., Unemployed on the streets of Paris.

Unemployment spoke about the problem of unemployment (synchronously).

Listen to the unemployed.

Unemployment is at a fountain.

"Punks" in exotic costumes, exotic hairstyles.

"Punks" talking about his life (synchronously).

Street city at night.

"Punks" in a bar with beer bottles in hand - different plans.

Serves an instrumental ensemble (synchronously).

The police are arresting criminals.

Drugs in packages.

Unemployed on the streets.

African plays the saxophone.

Dog, cat.

Sleeps unemployed.

Germany, Cologne - the inscription on the gates of the Socialist Mutual Cologne (SSK).

House, which houses the commune.

The girl with the baby.

Girl tells the story of the commune (synchronously).

Payment of the money in the municipality.

City Daysburg (Germany): the station building, train.

A room in a commune.

Slogans, posters on the walls: "The world - the huts, war - a palace!".

Students prepare for the demonstration.

Reel №5

Peace camp at Greenham Common:

Banners reading "Children do not need cruise missiles.

Why are they for you? "," Women for Life.

Never again have to fight. "

Run, the children play.

A woman washes a man reading a letter.

Drying clothes on a rope.

Air Force Base Greenham Common (removed from the raids).

The operator removes the air base in southern England, where available, American cruise missiles Tomahawk.

The Englishman says the deployment of U.S. missiles in Britain (synchronously).

Police officers in the camp of peace "Greenham Common.

Women protest against cruise missiles.

The police dispersed women.

The inscription on the house "zone free of nuclear weapons."

The head of Japan's "Great Patriotic Party of Japan, Bin Akao.

The streets of Tokyo (from a zoom in).

Children playing near the fountain.


Flying pigeons.

A girl sings an anti-war song (in sync).

Fake bomb.

Girl sitting on the shoulders of his father.

A woman with a child to listen to the song.

Anti-war rally.

Demonstrators protesting fall to the ground.

Bin Akao gets in the car,

Performs vocal and instrumental ensemble "Assassins" - different plans.

Dancing youth.

Flashing ads.

Man shoots into the crowd.

On a stretcher a wounded bear.

A man throws a bomb.

Burning machine.

A man and a woman takes aim at passersby.

Girl with doves.

Policemen beat man.

Brawl "punks."


A man is murdered boy.

Runs a youth, woman crying.

Killed in the street.

Congress of the neo-fascists.

Bin Akao.


Are killed.

Cries the girl.


Shouted a man.

Murdered women.

Hiroshima - are girls.

At the tomb of a woman prays at the grave of burning candles.

Ruined building.


Anti-war demonstration.

Demonstrators carry, toss the globe.