The Song About Tbilisi.. (1983)

Film-document №8796 1 part, Duration: 0:08:51 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tatulashvili U.

Script writers: Ermakov V.

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


The film about the city of Tbilisi dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of the reunion of Georgia and Russia.

Temporary description

Picture dedicated to 200 anniversary of the reunification of Georgia with Russia. Type of Tbilisi from a height, the street, bakery, etc.

Reel №1

Sings the chorus - MS. plans for departure, LS. plans.

Tbilisi - PNRM., LS. plans, filmed from a helicopter.

Tbilisi, sculpture - PNRM. Helicopter (removed from the movement), LS., CU. plans.

Funicular - PNRM., Departure, MS. plans.

Tbilisi - PNRM., Hitting (filmed from a helicopter), LS. plans.

Photo - street of the old town - PNRM., MS., CU. plans, impact.

Bakery, people bake cakes - MS. plans.

Cakes in the oven - CU. plans.

Bread prepared - PNRM., CU. plans.

Inside the temple - PNRM., MS. plans.

Tbilisi - MS. plans, removed from the departure.

On the streets of the city passing the couple - MS. plans, PNRM., CU. plans.

Dance "Competition" (synchronous) - PNRM., Departure, LS., MS. plans.

Tbilisi - PNRM., MS. plans (filmed from a helicopter).

The building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia, Mr.

Tbilisi - PNRM., MS. plans (filmed from a helicopter).

Tbilisi - PNRM., Hitting, MS. plans, LS. plans (with the helicopter with motion).

Philharmonic Hall - MS. plans, hitting (with motion), LS. plans.

The people in the streets of Tbilisi - LS. plans with the movement.

Theater, street Rustaveli - PNRM., MS. plans with the movement.

Old quarters, the

Tbilisi - PNRM. Helicopter, LS. plans.

Street of the old town - PNRM., MS. plans.

Cafe - PNRM., MS. plans.

Dance "Kentauri" (synchronous) - PNRM., LS. plans.

The audience laugh - CU. plans.

Dance "Kentauri" (synchronous) - LS. plans.

Musicians play - MS. plans.

Dance "Kentauri" (synchronous) - LS. plans.

Square Tbilisi - MS. plans with motion (filmed from a helicopter).

Stadium, swimming pool - MS., LS. plans with traffic (helicopter).

Yachts in the sea - LS. plans with traffic (helicopter).

Tbilisi - LS. plans with traffic (helicopter).

Tbilisi, a rainbow over the city - LS. plans for departure, PNRM. (Filmed from a helicopter).