Soviet Army The Distinguished rank - a Soviet Soldier (1983)

Newsreel №8869, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:38
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gavrilova M.
Screenwriters:Uvarov A.
Camera operators:Osipov I.


About the life and military training of Soviet soldiers, who do military service in the motor-rifle unit.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Motorized Sports festival in part.

Fleeing soldiers, Marines.

Playing a military band.

Alternation: soldiers are an obstacle, face fans orchestra.

Awarding of honors.

Tug of war.

Presentation of prizes.

Applause soldiers.

Fragments of the competition, fans will lead the account.

The game of volleyball.

Along the path there is a girl.

She talks to guard the checkpoint.

The game of volleyball.

Judge releases the soldier from the field.

The girl's face.

On track to meet the girl, runs soldiers, young people embrace.

A walk in the forest park.

Telephone booths.

Soldiers go into a phone booth.

The conversation with his mother.

Houses on the wall pictures of children.

Gala concert.

On stage stands a trio of guitarists.

The audience in the hall.

The face of one of the participants.

Parents of soldiers are watching on the TV recording of the concert.

Those viewers.

Soldiers listening to a friend who plays the accordion and sings a song in their native language.

A young man reading a letter.

Those soldiers.

Open the gates.

Out of the gate go armored vehicles.

A column of armored personnel carriers out on the track.

Mechanics arise from manholes.

Soldiers watch videos passage on the highway.

The commander holds parsing errors.

The commander of the soldiers gives the task.

Those soldiers.

Crew members change roles, mechanics instruct commanders.

Soldiers climb in the car, start the APC. Those soldiers.

Classes at the gym: gunner teaches the drivers to charge the gun.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Radio alert.

Scoreboard electronic stopwatch.

The crew sits in the APC. Team of senior operator platform.

Alternation: APC on the road, faces of the crew.

Stopwatch in hand.


Target Practice.

View from the tower on the field.

APC continues to shoot.

Moving target.

The operator hangs up.

Rural landscape.

Alternation: BTR go down the road past the tractor, those soldiers.

BTR stops near the tractor.

Soldiers help launch the stalled tractor tractor driver.

Autumn scenery.

Soldiers remove helmets before a military monument.

Yellowing crown.

Political lessons.

Unit commanders are preparing for joint military exercises.

All patrols the area.


Soldiers dismantled weapons and ran out of the barracks.

Check out APC. The commander of the soldiers announces task.

Crews run up in its place.

A column of armored personnel carriers in the forest.

The crew of lieutenant Sukhanov.

BTR field.

Shooting from the bunker on the edge of the forest.

Fires APC. Hit in the bunker.

Alternating Column APCs in the fields, faces of the soldiers, the explosion of the bridge.

The crossing of the river.

APC on the opposite bank.

A column of armored personnel carriers passed through the forest a blockage.

The approach to the object.

Aerodrome imaginary enemy.

The pilots sit in a helicopter.

Tower APC from different angles shooting.

BTR approach to the airfield.

Those soldiers.

Helicopters on the ground.

The crews leave APCs, attack infantry.

The enemy fires back.

The arrows with guns.

The infantry goes on the offensive.

Explosions at the airport.

Helicopter shot through the cockpit.

Summing up exercise.

Rows of soldiers, commanders down the line.

Sergeant Romanesque.

Those crew.

The commander announces gratitude, the soldiers saluted.

Photos of soldiers at the flag.

Playing a military band.

Marching infantry squads.

APC on the track, the crew looks around.

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