Market Businesses (1984)

Documentary №8896, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:19
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Zhukovskaya I.
Camera operators:Sokolnikov L.


About problems of purchasers and sellers of collective farm markets.

Temporary description:

Sale of agricultural products in the markets of cities: Omsk, Saki (Crimea), Simferopol, perovskite, Pyatnickoe markets in Moscow. Exchange ranks with the products, vendors behind the counter. Customers who purchase, give interviews about the positive work of the markets. A policeman checks the papers of the seller's market. Health officer checks the quality of marketed products. Interview: Head of Trade of Ryazan Region IV Belov the need to regulate the prices of agricultural products on the market; chairman of the Crimean region of VA Shvetsov the need for new economic conditions for collective on markets; Director Pyatnickogo market M. Ksenofontova on the development of markets by type of trade fairs.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Market building, a shopping arcade, the people in the market.

Sale of flowers.

Women sell onions, peppers, grapes, melons, potatoes, carrots; woman rubs tomatoes; man selling watermelons, pomegranates, honey.

Women sell a pig, chickens, a puppy; boy - rabbits.

A man carries saplings.

Woman chooses a broom; clay pot.

Buyers choose grenades, cucumbers, watermelons, try honey.

They say women, men of high market prices.

A man carrying a watermelon.

Sellers market; breakfast.

A man holding a bunch of grapes, is cheese.

Buyers choose vegetables, pay.

The policeman checks the sellers documents.

Controller market tidying up on the counter.

Market is director Michael Ksenofontov says.

Along the street are employees of the Office of Trade.

Says Head of Trade of the Ryazan region Ibrahim Salimovich fluently.

Village street; woman feeding chickens.

Geese, pigs.

Man pours a potato in the basement of the house.

In the cellar there are boxes of apples.

In the courtyard of dried onions.

Down the street, across the field going passenger car.

Combine removes beets.

Herd of cows.

The building of the kolkhoz "Shining Path" (the Ryazan region.).

House chairman of the collective farm with gardens.

Says the chairman of the collective farm Alexey Akimov Nikiforovitch.

Family Chair for the table.

In the garden works and the woman says.

Growing sprouts.

On the ground are good and rotten apples.

In the courtyard are Avtokombinata trucks; car leaves.

Building carpool.

On a cart driven watermelons.

A man carries a bag on his shoulder.

Men carry a tray with tomatoes.

A man unloads boxes from the machine.

Showcases Bureau of trading services (BTU) Simferopol market.

Man passes pepper.

Buyers and saleswoman at the store BTU.

Key words


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Seller BTU takes meat, weighs, flips a fork.

They say women and men.

Signs Pyatnitskiy kolkhoz market and Perovsky market.

The people in the market, a number of shopping (Moscow).

Market Saki Crimean region.

Employees of the Executive Committee of the city market.

Says the chairman of the Board Vladimir Shvetsov.

Picking apples in the garden.

Apples driven by car-lift.

On the truck on the market is brought boxes of apples, unloaded.

Passing trucks.

Standing on the field and say, head of collective farming Byalin Ivan and the head of the Ternopil region markets.

Anton Ilyich Svereda.

Grow tomatoes, boxes filled with tomatoes.

Seller weighing pears, buyers have machines with vegetables.

Vegetable shop, price lists, showcase, the seller.

Woman goes out of the store.

Markets of different cities; among them the market, which is in ruins: Dairy Pavilion at the castle.

Pyatnitskii Farmers Market in Moscow.

Is director of the market, repairing gates.

Standing director and the labor market.

Sitting at the table and says director Michael Ksenofontov market.

Forest in winter.


Says the director of one of the markets of Omsk.

Are women and girls.

Shopping center in Omsk.

Are female fruit.

Covered Market.

A man carrying a Christmas tree.

Market prices.

Department of fruit, meat department.

A woman buys nuts.

Man sells dried fruits.

Are pomegranates, vegetables, watermelon, honey, melons, onions.

Construction market, new market.

Are employees of the City Council of Omsk, says Head.

Department of Trade of the City Council, Peter Lukic Shevchenko.

Listen man, woman.

Scheme market.

Open Market (shopping series).

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