Soviet Army The Platoon Commander (1984)

Newsreel №8902, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:24
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Rybakova A.
Camera operators:Istomin A., Maev V.


On request of the Chief Political Administration. About the platoon commander, warrant officer of aTamanian Rifle Division unit.

Temporary description:

Ensign infantry platoon Taman Motorized Rifle Division V. Yanichkin at home, the library, at a party meeting at the time of his admission to membership in the Communist Party, during tactical exercises led his platoon. Platoon lieutenant V. Yanochkin on military vehicles to overcome obstacles, fire lane, moving on the march, resting on a halt to the training fight. Study battle. Ensign W. Yanichkin gives the team a subordinate. Moments of the school fight with armored personnel carriers, tanks, artillery and infantry. Construction of parts involved in the exercises. Colonel Berdov announces thank the personnel of the platoon V. Yanichkina.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Valery passes Yanichkin - motorized infantry platoon commander.

Birch branches in the snow. B. Yanichkin sits among the soldiers; talks.

On the street military garrison passes B. Yanichkin.

B. Yanichkin with his family at home. B. Yanichkin reading a book with her daughter.

Yanichkina son.

Valery helping his son to assemble the model designer. B. Yanichkin with children.

All on duty (evening).

The regimental commander of the Taman Guards Motorized Rifle Division ordenonosnogo Guard Lt.


Berdov officers at headquarters.

The officer wrote.


The regimental commander instructs officers.

The entry door and the officer reported.

Flashing sign saying "Alarm". B. Yanichkin answers the phone.

Soldiers dismantled from storage machines.

The soldiers ran up the stairs; the street.

Fleeing officers.

Runs through the woods V. Yanichkin; soldiers.

There is a military technique (BMP). B. Yanichkin BMP. Forest landscape.

Are tanks.



BMP passes; B. Yanichkin BMP. Soldiers in camouflage overcome the fire lane.

B. Yanichkin runs.

Are soldiers.

Yanichkin the phone.

Soldiers run to armored vehicles. B. Yanichkin gives orders.

BMP uphill. B. Yanichkin suited to the soldier.

Valery sits in the BMP and the machine enters the mountain.

Yanichkin gives orders.

Passing BMP. Forest landscape; blizzard.

The driver in the car (BMP).

Winter landscape.

In birch stands V. Yanichkin.

Soldiers clean gun.

Soldiers camouflage tie.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the forest, sitting soldiers in camouflage with a platoon commander V. Yanichkinym.

Faces of the soldiers and B. Yanichkina.

Library (Reading Room); soldiers are engaged; B. Yanichkin writes.

The officer, speaking at a party meeting, said the adoption of the CPSU Guard Ensign V. Yanichkina.

Party meeting; sit to listen.


B. sits Yanichkin. B. Yanichkina congratulate membership in the Communist Party.

Yanichkin in a camouflage suit.

Soldiers in camouflage on a halt. B. Reports to Yanichkin platoon commander of readiness to perform the task (go teachings).

Senior Lieutenant instructs.

Are soldiers in camouflage.

Yanichkin gives the command; soldiers flee Machinery (BMP).

Yanichkin sits in an armored personnel carrier; BMP caterpillars.

Directions armored personnel carriers.

How to get on the field of combat vehicles.

The command post (disguised).

Commanders are monitoring.

Barrels of the guns.

Gunner lays a projectile weapon.

Shooting guns.

The commander looks through binoculars. B. Yanichkin (in BMP) gives the team.

Move BMP (on a snow-covered field).

Flying airplanes.

Moving tanks; explosions.

Directions BMP. There is a battle; moving combat vehicles; explosions; armored personnel carrier. B. Yanichkin gives orders.

Charging shell BMP; soldier takes aim.

The trunk of the BMP; shot.

Explosion combat object.

Yanichkina person in an armored personnel carrier.

Moving armored personnel carrier.

Faces of the soldiers in camouflage suits.

Yanichkin gives orders.

Directions armored personnel carriers.

Corps armored vehicles; She gets out of Yanichkin.

Soldiers in camouflage ski run on the field; shoot.

Yanichkin in the headset gives orders.

Legs running soldiers.

The soldiers kneel; shoot.

Yanichkin lies with weapons; instructs.

Soldiers fired.

Snow falls from the branch.

Pass armored personnel carriers.

Rocket in the sky.

The command post.

Hand with a pencil.

Yanichkin with his soldiers (in camouflage).


Are constructed of the army.

The regimental commander Berdov bypasses troops; announces gratitude platoon Yanichkina.

Yanichkin salutes; soldiers.

Barrels of the guns.

B. Yanichkin and son walking on the street.

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