Serve my Homeland 05.10.2003 (2003)

Telecast №89045, 1 part, duration: 0:26:03
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Video: testing of new equipment at the testing ground tank-automotive equipment Bronnitsy.

Head of the scientific direction of the NIII-21 Viktor Kornilov said the detention on the ground of a foreign spy posing as a journalist and collecting information about the new crawler Transporter (synchronously).

Military equipment during the test.

The test equipment on the stands, a test for rollover.

The sample under test crashes, flips.

Installation of a truck wheel with the help of tugs.

Test engine on the stand.

Test firing from automatic weapons on wheels.

Armored car the new sample on the course.

Designer Michael Chistov said about the peculiarities of the design of new technology (synchronous).

Caterpillar two-tier conveyor to swim water obstacles.

Armored vehicles during the test of the "invisible" technologies.

Employee NIII-21 Vasily Novikov shows a material that reduces the visibility on the battlefield.

Armored vehicles of new models during testing.

The story about the service of the aerospace search and rescue.

Video: the landing of the descent module of the spacecraft "Soyuz-TMA-1".

View of the area where you landed the lander.

Military helicopter of rescuers flying to the place of landing.

Extract astronauts from the descent module.

The launch of the spacecraft.

The lander goes to the Ground.

Evacuation astronaut, loading him into a helicopter.

Evacuation reentry vehicle, the types of rescue equipment.

The astronauts on Board of the ship.

The helicopter rescue service up in the air.

Transportation of the lander on the truck.

Undocking of the spacecraft from the station.

Military exercises of rescuers in the coastal waters of the Gelendzhik.

The head lifeguards, Vladimir Popov said on the points of salvation in the territory of the Russian Federation (synchronously).

Learning search drive lander, the operation to rescue the astronauts.

Seaplane suited to the lander to rescue the crew.

The evacuation of the lander with the help of wheeled all-terrain vehicle-amphibious.

The commander of search engines Valery Climatic tells about emergencies occurring during the landing in the Kazakh steppe (synchronously).

Extract rescued the astronaut from the gondola.

Flying search helicopter.

Rescuers work to evacuate astronauts.

The explosion of the spacecraft on the launch pad.

The astronaut signs on Board the gondola.

Rescue helicopter in the desert.

Deputy commander of a squadron search Alexander Mareev tells about the tasks of the rescue service (synchronously).

The story of discovered off the coast of Bulgaria sank during the great Patriotic war submarine.

Video: case of the Soviet submarine Shch-211 at the bottom of the Black sea.

A diver examines the boat.

Officer of the Navy of Bulgaria Rosen of Evsikov tells about the discovery of the boat, dives for the inspections of the boat (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1941: Nazi troops in the offensive.

The ships and submarines of the black sea fleet during the battle, the target in the periscope.

The landing of the commando group aboard the submarine.

Destroying Nazi vehicles.

Historian Georgi Hristov talks about the action of the boat U-211 on the coast of Bulgaria in 1941 (simultaneously).

Steps Sch-211 against enemy ships (computer animation).

Newsreel of combat operations of submarines on the Black sea.

Divers examined the sunken boat U-211 in 1941, the Romanian minelayer "Prince Karl".

Newsreel: German aircraft attacked the submarine, dropping depth charges.

The Deputy commander of the Navy of Bulgaria, speaks about the heroism of Soviet sailors (synchronously).

The types of the Varna Bay.

Russian sailors lay a wreath into the sea in the area of the crash boat U-211.

The story of the paratrooper Sergey Odinokov.

Video: morning exercise in the 137 regiment of the airborne troops, the soldiers on the sports area.

Odinokov at the meeting of the draft Board.

The company commander Alexander Perunov speaks Odinokova as a good and faithful soldier and his successes (synchronously).

Odinokov is shooting a video camera.

Video footage, filmed the Same: morning wash in the barracks, behind the scenes story sounds Odinokova in part (synchronously).

Cleaning of the territory.

Building on the parade ground of the new daily outfit.

Panorama of the grounds maintenance company.

Maintenance and repair of military equipment.

Odinokova meeting with the bride Oksana in part.

Oksana on the obstacle course.

Oksana disassemble and assemble the machine.

A platoon of Marines marching with a song, Oksana is in the ranks.

Oksana is engaged in a parachute simulator.

Oksana says about his impressions after the jump with the simulator (synchronously).

Odinokov comments positively on the army.

Guest in the Studio - Chairman of the Russian Sambo Federation Sergey Eliseev said about the effectiveness of unarmed combat used in the modern army, about the need to introduce in the army the study of combat Sambo of Sambo advantages over other martial arts (synchronously).

Video: fight wrestlers and karate championship on fights without rules.

Picture of founder of Sambo Victor Spiridonov among his students.

Training in combat Sambo, demonstration of techniques.

Photo of Vasily Oshchepkov - founder of sport Sambo.

Pictures of fights in the Championships in Sambo.

Training Sambo, the opening ceremony of the international Sambo championship.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the importance Sambo at the opening of one of the Championships.


Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich -- state and political figure

Calendar: 05.10.2003

Locations: Moscow [820]

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