Serve my Homeland 03.08.2003 (2003)

Telecast №89053, 1 part, duration: 0:26:03
Production: VID
On request: Pervij kanal
Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

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Leading Boris Galkin sings his own composition "Hello from airborne!".

The report, devoted to day of airborne troops, and the founder of the airborne troops, General V. F. Margelov.

Film and video (alternates with pictures): the testing of nuclear weapons in the USSR and the USA in the early 1960-ies.

The landing of paratroopers.

Airborne division during the exercise.

Photos Of V. F. Margelov.

Airborne forces commander Georgy Shpak spoke about the merits of V. F. Margelov in the creation of the airborne troops (synchronously).

Fighting Soviet troops during the great Patriotic war.

Street battles, attack of infantry and tanks.

Portrait Margelov in 1942.

Ski battalion of the red army goes on the attack.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Portrait Margelov in a ceremonial General's uniform.

Soviet tanks on the March.

GK Zhukov at the command post.

War veteran Simon Zolotov talks about the commander's qualities and organizational skills Margelov (synchronously).

Portrait Margelov.

The first airborne combat vehicle (BMD), created by order of Margelova, during a training exercise.

Landing BMD on the water.

The landing party climbs on the armor of BMD on the go.

Landing by parachute BMD.

Colonel Alexander Margelov says about trying to create a system of landing tanks on the West, on the selection of candidates for testing on the landing BMD, talks about his participation in the landing in BMD, about solving problems posed by V. F. Margelov was. (synchronously).

Dropping the BMD with the crew from the aircraft.

Photo of defense Minister Grechko in the military.

Margelov watching the landing of BMD with the crew in January 1973.

BMD parachute.

Major L. G. Zuev and Lieutenant A. V. Margelov (the son of V. F. Margelov) in BMD during landing.

Safe landing BMD crew on Board shooting a parachute.

Landed BMD is attacking an imaginary enemy.

Margelov and Zuev stop the car, sitting on the armor.

Lieutenant-General A. Slyusar talks about the end of the test parachute system (synchronous).

Zuev and report to the commander Margelov airborne V. F. Margelov about the successful landing.

Margelov thanks officers.

Dropping military equipment using multi-domed parachute system centaur.

Photo Margelov, presenting the award to the officer-paratrooper.

Demonstration performances of cadets of the Ryazan command airborne school.

Cadets in the competition in tug of war.

The story of the armored train forces operating in the Chechen Republic.

Video footage: a train leaves the station.

The crew charges the DShK.

Gunners in readiness.

The engineer in the cab of the locomotive.

The train departs from Mozdok to Grozny.

The ruined building next to the railway view of the head platform.

Types of passing trains.

Those members of the crew.

The commander of the armored train Stas Dashkevich tells about the goals and objectives of each member of the crew, on survivability of armored trains in combat (synchronously).

Flying a combat helicopter.

The Russian flag on armored train.

The observer from the loopholes of the armored car.

The types of platforms with ballast.

The object of the observation post of the train.

View of the locomotive, the engineer in the cab.

Of the platform with a heavy tank.

Bronevagony trains.

The end kind of armored car with two anti-aircraft guns.

The train slows down.

The engineers go for exploration of the railway.

Sapper Andrey Gryazev says about different types of mines and explosive devices used by militants, the methods of mining of the railway (synchronous).

Search mines by sappers.

Engineers find mine bookmark.

Flying a helicopter.

The sappers neutralized the mine.

The destruction of extracted mine.

The driver gives full throttle.

Kind of a moving armored train.

The view of the oncoming train.

Construction equipment on the platform of one of the armored trains.

The opening ceremony of the railway bridge after the repair.

On the base of the bridge, smash a bottle of champagne.

The train goes through the bridge.

Chechen railway engineer Tarkho Gerikhanov writes the name of the bridge on the support.

Gerikhanov tells about the restoration of roads and bridges in Chechnya (synchronously).

Workers restoring one of the road sections.

The tank on the platform of an armored train.

Engineers inspect the bridge.

Of the platform with ballast, a sapper with binoculars.

Moving the train.

View of the station building in Grozny.

One of the crew members performing the song with a guitar.

The plot of the exercises of engineering troops of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Video: working the system "dragon" installation clearance area.

The engineers doing the passages between anti-tank mines.

Exercises for clearing areas with the participation of dogs.

The installation and destruction of anti-personnel mines.

The commander of the engineering troops Nikolay heart says about the work of sappers in demining activities in Chechnya, about the specifics of the bomb squad (synchronously).

Division of sappers during the exercise.

Extract mine bookmarks.

The types of explosive devices push button operation, a booby-trapped mannequin.

Other types of mines used by the rebels.

Mine explosion with a portable radio.

Search bombs installed on the trees and Telegraph poles using a special device.

The destruction of the mines is suspended in a contactless manner.

Guests in the Studio - the airborne engineers Sergei and Alexei talking about the use by terrorists of ammunition on the streets of peaceful cities, the types of improvised explosive devices, about the action when detecting such a device, disguise explosive devices in garbage, the need to be vigilant (synchronously).

The plot of animal farm at Kantemirovskaya division.

Video footage: soldiers report to the officer on night duty on the livestock sector.

The pigs in the pen.

Soldier takes care of the farrowing sow.

Private Alex Sheiko talks about the features of their service to the livestock sector, about caring for pigs (synchronously).

The soldiers tossing the hay with pitchforks.

View of the barnyard.

Distribution of feed to pigs.

The soldiers in the cafeteria during lunch.

Divisional chickens on a poultry farm.

Sheiko caring for pigs.

The food service warrant officer explains to the soldiers, their main task.

The pig's head.


Zhukov Georgij Konstantinovich -- warlord Margelov Vasilij Filippovich -- warlord

Calendar: 03.08.2003

Locations: Moscow [820]

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