And Every Time Everything is From the Start .. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Chubakova T.

Script writers: Bogatyrev E.

Operators: Golovnya V., Petrosov R.

Anouncers: Nozhkin M.


The film is about the trade of thr sports coach, his/her hard labor, which has brought up many galaxies of Soviet sportsmen.


Temporary description

Farewell to sport the Olympic champion and a triple world champion in diving Kalinin. Kalinin jumps into the water. On the water - flowers. Coach Kalinin - BP Klinchenko. Coach VS Rastorotsky conducts training in gymnastics with her students gymnastic schools Rostov-on-Don. Gymnasts perform exercises on the uneven bars, the Swedish wall. Exercises performed on the equipment: N. Yurchenko, A. Shishova, Shaposhnikov. Training in diving coaches spend Kalinin, BP Klinchenko. Athletes are jumping into the water from the tower.

Reel №1

Olympic champion, threefold world champion in diving Irina Kalinina is jumping down from a spring-board.

Illuminated indicator board.

The jury is watching.

Irina is swimming, taking flower bunches from the water surface.

Irina Kalinina’s coach Boris Klinchenko is present.

Teammates are presenting flowers to Irina.

Absolute world champion in artistic gymnastics Natalia Yurchenko is training: jumping over the buck, doing exercises on the carpet.

Vladislav Rastorotsky – Natalia Yurchenko’s coach with her at training.

N. Yurchenko is jumping.

The jury.

Lyudmila Turishcheva, another student of Rastorotsky (in the seventies she became the twice absolute world champion), is in the gym.

N. Yurchenko is performing free exercises.

Lyudmila Turishcheva (as a member of the jury) is awarding female gymnasts.

V.S. Rastorotsky is standing.

V.S. Rastorotsky is sitting in the gymnastic hall.

A panorama of young female gymnasts.

Girls are watching.

V.S. Rastorotsky with female gymnasts at the training.

Young female gymnasts are doing exercises on parallel bars.

Female gymnasts are watching.

The coach B.P. Klinchenko is speaking.

Young divers at the training: a boy yawning, a girl jumping, a boy watching.

Boys are standing, a panorama of their legs.

Boris is throwing a young sportsman from the diving board.

The boy is jumping into the water.

A girl and a boy are crying.

B.P. Klinchenko at the training.

A boy is jumping from the diving board into the water.

A panorama of B.P. Klinchenko making a doll in the locksmith’s workshop.

A panorama of coaches in the workshop.

A panorama of locksmith’s tools.

V.S. Rastorotsky is speaking about bringing up a person.

A panorama of young female gymnasts at the training.

V.S. Rastorotsky in the gym.

Female gymnasts by the wall mounted gym ladder.

A panorama from the female gymnast’ hands to her face.

The female gymnast is performing exercises on horizontal bars and falling down, coming up to the coach.

V.S. Rastorotsky is speaking to the sportswoman.

B.P. Klinchenko is conducting theoretical classes with his apprentices.

A boy is smiling.

The coach I. Kalinina with a young sportswoman.

A girl is preparing for diving.

B.P. Klinchenko and I. Kalinina are sitting in the gymnasium.

A panorama of the girl jumping into the water.

B.P. Klinchenko is talking to the young sportswoman.

A panorama of a boy jumping into the water.

The girl is watching.

A panorama of the girl going out of the water, coming up to the coach.

The girl is jumping into the water.

Reel №2

A female gymnast is warming up before the performance.

The coach V.S. Rastorotsky in the hall.

The female gymnast Alla Shitova is performing free exercises.

A panorama of Alla Shitova with the coach.

A panorama of the coach massaging sportswoman’s leg.

A. Shitova is sitting and crying.

V.S. Rastorotsky is standing.

A boy is watching.

Training in the gymnasium: boys are jumping with spotting.

B.P. Klinchenko in the gym with young sportsmen.

A panorama of the children’s faces.

The training hall.

Sportsman is jumping on the trampoline.

Coaches in the sports hall: B.P. Klinchenko, V.S. Rastorotsky.

N. Shaposhnikova is performing exercises on the balance beam, free exercises.

V.S. Rastorotsky is watching.

N. Yurchenko is preparing for the performance, powdering her hands with talc, doing execises on horizontal bars.

A panorama of V.S. Rastorotsky and N. Yurchenko training.

A panorama of a female gymnast doing exercises on the balance beam and the coach helping her.

The sportswoman’s face.

Children are running in and sitting down on mats.

B.P. Klinchenko is charging film into the camera.

B.P. Klinchenko’s face.

A girl’s face.


Sportsmen are jumping from a diving board into the water.

Children’s faces.

Boys and girls are diving.

A panorama of children under the shower.

A panorama of a female gymnasts in the hall.

Massaging a female gymnast’s shoulder girdle.

A girl is standing on the weighing-machine.

The girl is smiling.

A bow is laying.

N. Yurchenko is doing free exercises.

Children are riding the carousel, N. Yurchenko is among them.

A panorama of the carousel.

Female gymnasts are training in the gymnasium.

B.P. Klinchenko and V.S. Rastorotsky in the gym.

A female gymnast is doing exercises on horizontal bars, the coach is securing her.

Girls are watching.

Coach’s face.

V.S. Rastorotsky is talking to Yurchenko.

B.P. Klinchenko is explaining jumping technique on the dummy.

A boy is watching.

A boy is jumping down.

B.P. Klinchenko with a young sportsman.

A young woman and a boy are diving.

A young woman is swimming.

V.S. Rastorotsky’s face.

B.P. Klinchenko is walking with children along the street (winter).