Hunting. (1975 - 1985)

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Scene №1

Winter wolf hunting.

Wolves in the woods.

The hunters enclose part of the forest with ropes with red flags.

Wolves running through the woods, beyond the fence.

Hunters on skis.

Bear hunting, hunter restrains dogs.

The second hunter takes the bear out of the den.





Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature

Scene №2

Bear hunting.

A hunter holding back the dogs, the other takes the bear out of the den.

The bear growls and shrugs off the spear.

The struggle of man with the bear.

Dogs bark and rush with leashes.

Dogs catch up and bring down the wounded bear.

Fit hunters on skis.

Visiting hunters killed a bear.

Wild boar among the trees.

Male gun charges.

Killed by a wild boar under the tree.

The hunters walk through the forest, stopping near the dead deer.

Mountain sheep lying on the rocks near the river.

The RAM's head in close-up.



Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature

Scene №3

Winter hunting, the hunters walk in the woods on skis, with dogs.

A large group of hunters is on the road along the edge of the forest without dogs.

The hunters are riding on horses, dogs on leashes.

The riders ride through the forest.

Hunters walk along the riverbed of the frozen river.

Hunter sits on the mountainside.

Autumn forest, the horses tied to the trees, the hunters go deep into the forest.

The hunters in ambush, the man aims and shoots.

The hunter, disguised with branches of spruce (see the man's face, the barrel of a shotgun).

The hunters go into the forest, horses tied to trees.



Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature

Scene №4

The hunters charged double barrel shotgun (close-up of different models of guns and types of ammo).

Autumn hunting birds, the hunter in the thicket of grass.

The hunter shoots.

Hunters traveling by boat among the reeds.

Hunter walking on water, shoots.

The people on the boat.

Hunter walking on water, is in the hands of prey.

Dead bird on the waves.

Hunter picks up the bird.

Hunting with decoy ducks.

A man picks up a wounded bird.

Morning coastal scenery, over the reeds ducks are flying.

Hunters in the forest.

Reeds in the river channel, the wind.

The water falling wounded duck.

Ducks on the rocks on the shore.

The bird on the nest at the water's edge.

Duck swims on the river dives.

Duck with a brood of overgrown duckweed in podoima.

Hunting bags, lie on top of the duck.

Hunters are grouse.

Forest stream, a light mist.

The hunters sitting around the campfire.



Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature

Scene №5

The young Fox in a summer forest.

Fox in the autumn molt.

Fox in the trap, winter.

Hunting Lodge in the forest, the hunters hung the skins of beasts on the outside wall.

A dog on a leash.

Hunter is fixing the trap.

Hunter puts the skins in the backpack.

Pelts on the counter.

Checking the quality of fur.



Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature