The Man Aand Nature.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Operators: Dobronickiy V.


On the need to preserve and multiply the wealth of the country.


Geography and Nature

Temporary description


Reel №1

Sphinx on the background of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Atomic explosion.

PNRM. on the ground, cracked from the heat.

A tree falls in the forest.

A herd of wild deer running away from fire.

A fire in an industrial plant.

The head of the Sphinx.

Aerial view: the ocean burning ship.

Flowing oil.

People are working on cleaning marine pollution after the oil spill.

Seabirds affected by the oil spill.

Dolphins washed ashore.

Sphinx on the background of the pyramid of Cheops.

Landscape: trees, field, PNRM. Seeds and hit a Geychenko who says (synchronous and behind the scenes) about the importance of nature in human life.

Openwork bridge over the river.

PNRM. trees, bench.

In the sky, clouds, a ray of sunshine.

Close-up: Swan on the beach.

A pair of birds were scattered and takes off from the water.

The group examines the treatment plant.

PNRM. by polluted water body.

View from top point on the people walking down the street on Victory Day.

Children give flowers to war veterans.

Monument: tank on a pedestal against the setting sun.

PNRM. on the field with haystacks.

Plaque in memory of those killed in the war.

Photo of Gregory Kir'yanova in uniform.

Kir'yanov says (synchronous and behind the scenes) episodes of fighting World War II.

PNRM. in the field.

Newsreel, 1941-1945 .: airplanes with a swastika on board in the sky.

Explosions from bombs.

Machine gun fire from the aircraft against ground targets.

Flying bombs.


Battlefield Nazi tanks.


Fight on the ground tanks, explosions.

Germans with a flamethrower.

Lit land.

Turret flies off to the side and off.

Blazing tanks.

PNRM. in the field.

On the boat with the inscription "Gosvodoinspektsiya" on board taking water samples.

Close-ups of the chief of the Azov-Black Sea basin management to regulate the use and protection of water GV Kir'yanova.

Gregory Kir'yanov gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the pollution of the Black Sea coast.

Aerial view of the coast. G. Kir'yanov with staff on board the aircraft at the table.

View of the vessel on the water from the air.

Photographs ships polluting the sea.

The complex treatment facilities for the protection of marine waters from pollution.


Geychenko SS - Russian Soviet writer, Pushkin, Hero of Socialist Labor.




Egypt Pskov region Krasnodar region

Reel №2

The complex facilities for wastewater treatment.

Structures Oskol plant iron ore pellets.

Construction waste production technology.

A general view of NLMK.

Work metallurgists in the hot shop of the plant.

On the waterfront factory buildings and pipes.

Poured slag waste plant.

Wildflowers in the foreground, the background hull steel plant.

PNRM. trees.

Among the trees deer running around.

Is an ostrich.

Cranes on the ground.

There is a pheasant.

Ducks and swans on a pond.

The building houses the Lenin Museum in Gorki.

Newsreel 1920's .: Lenin talking, gesturing with his hands.

Desk Lenin in Gorki.

General view of the main house with columns estate.


Photos: Lenin and Krupskaya sitting on a bench in a chair reading Lenin, Lenin walks hand in hand with the boy.

PNRM. from the river to the house where he lived, Lenin.

PNRM. River and shores.

Photo of the 1920s .: large group of children.

Newsreel 1920's .: is a group of children.

Children's demonstration in defense of nature.

Boys hang the birdhouse.

Children work in the garden.

Go Turkestan canal builders.

Hoes and pickaxes working men and women.

The orchestra of folk instruments, musicians with trumpets.

Water rushes through the channel in the desert.

Glee locals.

Swim the channel in the desert.

Automatic watering in the field.

Trees along the river.

PNRM. in the desert.

Camel eating bush.

Mountains of Central Asia, on the slopes of sheep flocks.

Sheep herders distilled on cracked earth.

Shooting with the traffic channel, camels on the beach.

Swans on the water.

City Shevchenko, cars on the street.

PNRM. Equipment of nuclear desalination of seawater.

Water surface, on the banks of the camels in the light of the setting sun.

PNRM. on dry land.

Newsreel 1970 .: African desert, animal carcasses.

Starving children and adults.

Woman waving hands.

The sun on the horizon over the sandy desert.

Camels lying on the ground.

The desert wind blows the sand.

PNRM. on sand dunes.

View of the Earth from space.

Cosmonaut is Earth observation.

Scientist gives interviews (synchronously) on environmental issues.

The scientific ship "Akademik Vernadsky".

Antarctica, the bird in the air.

Living and working explorers.

Penguins jump out of the water on the ice floe.

Penguin colony, adults and young.

Water from the rocky shore.


1920s 1970s


Belgorod region Lipetsk Turkmenistan Space

Reel №3

View of the snow-covered surface of the Antarctic ice.

Base meteorologists on the mountain.

Scientists remove the readings, weather balloon launch.

View of the top of the mountain.

The span of a helicopter above the river.

Flying over mountainous terrain.

Work station environmental safety control of the country.

Monitors show the status of individual sections of the earth's surface.

The astronauts on the station conducting research.

View from space to Earth.

Gives an interview cosmonaut Georgy Grechko (synchronously) on forest fires on the territory of the USSR.

Span in a helicopter over the taiga, the smoke of fires.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Forest fire is sitting in the cabin of the helicopter.

Skydivers jump from a helicopter, landing in the taiga.

A herd of wild deer running away from fire.

Fire in the forest.

Close-up: the muzzle of the deer.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

With the helicopter on the winch down to the ground fire.

Tractor in the forest makes a defensive clearing.

Firefighters battle blaze in the forest.

Gives an interview cosmonaut Georgy Grechko (synchronous and behind the scenes) on forest fires.

Shadow of a flying helicopter in the trees.

Georgy Grechko talking with environmental scientists.

The tractor rides installation for tree planting.

Automated watering planted sprouts.

Women working in a greenhouse with seedlings.

Growing seedlings in greenhouses.

Strip planted sprouts.

School children are out of the woods into a clearing dead trees and branches.

Young foresters studying ant, make measurements with a tape measure.

Flying over the woods and fields.

PNRM. in the forest at the sign "Dubrovsky forestry."

Near a wooden house at the table sits the family foresters Shitova, drinking tea from a samovar.

Woodman at work.

The wind rustles the trees.

View of the road through the window of the cab work "wipers" (rain).

Raindrops on the water surface.

Table and chairs for the judges courtroom.

Folders criminal case.

Photo of the defendant, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Photo of another defendant, who was sentenced to capital punishment: death.

Photos of the courtroom with the audience during the proceedings.


GM Grechko - Soviet cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.


Antarctica Space Belarus

Reel №4

PNRM. by pines.

Director gives interviews forestry George Dotsenko (synchronously) on the circumstances of the criminal case poachers.

Photographs of the bodies lying in the woods.

Woman says (synchronously and over) about the death of her husband.

Photos forester.

Wives and children of those killed by poachers foresters.

Garden flowers in a wooden house.

Well with a bucket near the fence.

Family photos and a portrait of the deceased forester.

River, on the banks of the trees.

On tree trunks traces of bullets.

Country road, PNRM. the sign "Forest bypassing the Andrei Hryshchenya."

Plants grow up (multrabota).

PNRM. in the field.

Production of manganese ore, working excavator plant in the open section.

Story ecologist (synchronous and behind the scenes) the destruction of jobs in the chernozem soil layer.

Waste rock poured on the hill.

River, forest along the banks.

Flowering trees in the garden.

In the wind rustles the tall grass.

The trees stand in the water.



Reel №5