For You, Constructors. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Khoryakov A.

Script writers: Frolov M.

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


The film is about improvement of labor conditions, introduction of mechanization and automation at enterprises manufacturing construction materials.


Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

New buildings in Moscow. Combine Mega Shop. Shop for reinforced concrete structures. Derevootdelochny shop. Says so Mishina. Meeting members of the public the personnel department. Passing panelevozy. Shop for ceramic tiles. Shop stone. The people on the embankment of the Moskva River, in the park. Palace of Culture. Classes in the circle dance. Children watch a puppet show. Says NA SHCHetkina, AV Konyukhov. The city of Kislovodsk. Sanatorium "Rodnik".

Reel №1

Moscow - LS., Departure.

New buildings of Moscow, one of the streets in the new district, a house - MS., LS.

Settlers inspect the premises - LS., MS., PNRM.

People in the foyer of the House of Culture in the cafe - LS., MS.

Mytishchi building plant "Stroyplastmass," workers at the building, plant shop - LS., CU., Departure.

PNRM. with working on machines with linoleum, linoleum, adhesive tape, wallpaper - CU.

A person working - CU.

Appearance Beskudnikovsky plant concrete structures, plant shop, power house, loading panels - LS., MS., Departure, PNRM.

Passing prefab - CU., PNRM.

Marble and other materials for construction on the stone-working plant, stone processing plant - different.

Brigadier millers Victor S. Kulikov (winner of the State Prize of the USSR) - CU.

Working at the console, PNRM. with hands on the face of the working - CU.

Stone processing machine.

PNRM. with working on marble slabs - CU.

Working veneer marble stairs - LS.

Skin and woodworking plant, woodworking shop, carpentry - different., PNRM.

Board is working - MS.

On the conveyor parquet, working at the console, finished parquet - MS., CU., PNRM.

Shop Kuczynski combine ceramic products (foreign and domestic species) tiles, the woman handles tile - LS., MS., PNRM.

Tiles on the line - CU., MS., PNRM.

Hands pack tiles, girl and woman laid a tile in a box - CU., PNRM.

The foreman said the association "Moskeramika" VY Simonov (synchronous) - CU.

Tile shop package - LS.

Put on the table their resignations - CU.

Says the head of the personnel department of the production association "Moskeramika" Ivan Mishin (synchronous) - hitting.

Faces of women, men - CU.

Members of the public sitting of the personnel department - MS., CU., PNRM.

Woman says (synchronously) - MS.

Woman's hand - CU.

Plant workers go - MS., LS.

Animation: magazine article - CU., Hitting.

Conveyors with bricks in a brick factory, a worker at the controls, the machine processes the brick - different.

PNRM. working with the machine.

Seal (press) - CU.

Women with a shovel, a conveyor with a brick - MS., CU.

Bridge in Strogino piece bridge - LS., CU., PNRM.

Embankment of the Moscow River, kids fishing - MS.

The people on the waterfront - MS.

Lounge and dining room combine materials, water flows from a samovar, tea workers - LS., CU.

Workers bathe in the pool - LS.

Reel №2

New area of ​​Moscow, a house - MS., CU.

Family out of the car, goes to the house, inspect the premises - LS., CU.

Kindergarten - LS., PNRM.

The people in the square - MS., CU., PNRM.

Brass band plays (on the street) - MS., CU.

Hands of the musician - CU.

Men playing chess - LS.

A small child dancing - CU.

Palace of Culture Association "Mosstroyplastmass" lobby - LS., CU.

Classes in dance circle; PNRM. down on the girl's face - LS., CU.

Summer camp "Comfort" (Crimea) - LS., PNRM. top.

Neptune Holiday, man dipped in water - MS., CU., PNRM.

Look made-up children, applaud - MS., CU.

Children play - LS.

Boys swimming - LS.

Children watch a puppet show, laugh - LS., CU.

Playing dolls - MS.

Pond - CU.

Sanatorium building stone processing plant - MS., PNRM.

Stand and say (synchronous): Chief Physician sanatorium Nadezhda SHCHetkina and Chairman of the Union Mill Alexander Grooms - MS., CU.

Kislovodsk - LS., PNRM.

The building of the sanatorium "Spring", a corridor, a room in the sanatorium - different., PNRM.

Men play billiards - LS.

Mountain river - MS., CU., Hitting.

Vacationers are drinking mineral water - CU., LS.

Mountains - CU., Departure.

Vacationers are photographed - LS.

Building near Moscow sanatorium "Green Town» - LS., PNRM.

Vacationers in the gym and treatment room, in the pool - LS., PNRM.

Birch Grove - CU., Departure.

Building a woodworking plant, are working, plant shop - LS., MS.

A worker at the remote, push a button, the machine - MS., CU.

Man, woman, girl at work - CU., MS.

Say (synchronously) plant personnel manager, men, boys - CU., Hitting.

Straight through the plant, are working - MS.

Congratulate the young workers, handed them flowers, woman and girl smiling - LS., CU., PNRM.

Moscow - LS. (Top), departure.