A Special Frontier. (1984)

Documentary №8973, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:57
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Skitovich V.
Screenwriters:Skitovich V.
Camera operators:Komm R.
Anouncers:Smirnov E.


About the work of frontier checkpoints.

Temporary description:

Passes border detachment on the beach. Equestrian attire. Border guards check documents. Border Passage of a foreign ship. Inspection hold. Session border - customs. VV Shevkolovich, BR Filippov in the study. Says Philip. The city of Vyborg. The customs hall. Says Shevkolovich. From being inspected by border guards extinguisher emptied hours. A vehicle with a hiding place. Contraband magazines. The apparatus for authentication of documents. Cadets in the classroom.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The border guard looks into the device.

Border detachment passes along the seashore; (The dog) on the suspension bridge, up the hill.

Cavalry unit.

The border guard with a radio.

Train passes.

The border guard passes on the car and checks the documents.

Looking girl.

The plane lands, are foreign aircraft.

Pass for foreign tourists; fill in the declaration.

Border guards check bags and passports of tourists.

The water behind the boat.

Passing the border boats.

Face guards.

Truck in port, loaded tractor vehicle.

Are foreign sailors at the dock and the ship.

Border guards are on a foreign ship, check documents, examine the hold.

The meeting of border guards, customs officers; among them, the border guard officer Vladimir Vladimirovich Shevkolovich.

Commander says PRCS "Odessa" Boris Filippov Rodionovich.

The corridor trains pass the border guards, one of them, Vasily Vladimirovich Violin, checks the documents; puts a stamp; examines the compartment.


Female tourists.


Major border guard, mentor youth Nikolai Andreyevich Shoroshnev fishing. b / w photos, NA Shoroshneva: in his youth, with fellow guards, the first outpost; at the table.

The boy is fishing.

Passenger ship.

Customs hall, waiting for passengers.

Passes through the hall V. Shevkolovich.

The customs officer. black / white paper 1980, photo Shevkolovicha foreign tourists.

Says VV Shevkolovich.

Border guards are viewing video (footage: cruelty and violence), foreign books.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The border guard at the TV screen.

Border inspection of the vehicle, including the rear lights, where he was hiding place.

The border guard with a camera.

The border guard inspects luggage tourist; opens fire extinguisher, he poured out his watch.

Contraband literature (books, magazines).

Foreign tourists.

A car with a hiding place.

Border guards talking to a tourist.

Tourists, magazines.

The border guard looks at magazines tourists, typescript.

Sending (address: Post Office Odessa), from it poured anti-Soviet books sent from Israel, the employee customs reviews books and magazines.

Meeting of the customs officers.

Documents apparatus for authenticating documents with infrared rays.

Border guards check documents; foreign passport.

Classes with students is a border guard comrade.


Border guards inspect the wagons.

The train passes, border guards look on top of a passing train.

Wheel riding the train.

The train passes by pillar.

The ship, coming off the ship tourists; tourists get off the bus.

Are the cars crossing the border of the USSR.

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