The Red Cross Of Ethiopia.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Katanyan V.

Operators: Parfenov D.


A film about Ethiopia.

Towns and countries

Reel №1

The landscape of Ethiopia; Savannah; building of the cathedral in Addis Ababa.

The street passing car, are people.

The streets of the city. 1935 - Addis Ababa.

Flying Italian military aircraft (bomber).


House is on fire.

In the temple praying man.

The streets are the people's militia.

The soldiers are pushing the car of the Red Cross.

Wounded on the battlefield.

Doctors on the battlefield.

Medics carry a stretcher with wounded.

Medics bandaging the wounded.

People paid tribute to the victims.

Sanitary tent on the battlefield.

Flies over the battlefield Italian aircraft.


Tent with the Red Cross, destroyed by bombing.

Killed on the battlefield.

Medics bind tent.

Medics put on a stretcher killed, have a stretcher.

General said the Ethiopian army Tilahun Bichon.

The veteran of the Italo-Ethiopian war Dedzhesmach Gamarau Beleyn.

Addis Ababa - reporting.

The old building of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross in the city.

The new building of the Red Cross in the city.

Members of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross at the meeting.

Among those present - Member of the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the chairman EOKK Doctor - David Zaudi.

Listen to the meeting. city of Gondar: the complex of the Red Cross.

Flag of the Red Cross.

The car pulls up to the warehouse of the Red Cross, built with the assistance of the Swedish Red Cross.

Unloading products.

Crates of food and medicines to stock Ethiopian Red Cross.

Summer landscape savanna.

People are waiting for products around the warehouse.

Passing car with food for victims of the drought.

Victims receive food and clothing.

Addis Ababa: the building of the city ambulance service.

Near the building - an ambulance.

The girl at the reception desk receives a call from the patient.

Sandruzhinnik writes a call from the patient.

Sandruzhinniki run to the ambulance.

Ambulance on the streets.

Sandruzhinniki are sick in the car.

Sick in the car.

Carry a stretcher with the patient.

Reel №2

Addis Ababa: Item blood donation.

Laboratory makes a man a blood test.

On the blood bank donor comes metalworker Tekle Gebre Mariam.

Tekle says.

A nurse takes blood from the donor.

Cabinet of blood donation.

Laboratory in the clinic.

The streets of Addis Ababa.

Classes sandruzhinnikov in Nazareth school.

Sandruzhinnikov instructor conducts classes for students.

Sandruzhinniki make the classroom a bandage.

Posters on the wall of the classroom, where trained sandruzhinniki.

Guys handed diplomas sandruzhinnika.

Applaud the students and parents.

Hospital Zaugitu.

Sandruzhinniki on duty in the hospital ward.

Sandruzhinniki measure blood pressure, make the dressing to the patient.

Smiling girl.

Festival at the stadium.

Performers are athletes.

The audience applauded.

Sandruzhinniki make dressing boy, have a stretcher.

Landscape savanna.

Says participant in the struggle with the reactionary forces samaliyskimi Lieutenant Daniel Demma.

Veterans Center in Addis Ababa: workshop for making prostheses.

The nurse teaches the disabled to walk on the prosthesis.

Residents of Addis Ababa at the doctor in the clinic of the Red Cross "Geferse."

The doctor's office.

The doctor at the reception.

Says nurse Rehel.

School of Nursing (building).

A doctor examines a patient at the reception.

A nurse takes blood from the patient.

On the streets of Addis Ababa are men. of Nazret: sandruzhinniki enter the building of the Red Cross.

A solemn meeting devoted to the World Day of the Red Cross.

Speaker man, woman.

Listen to the Hall.

Speakers at the podium.

Sandruzhinniki show their skills.

See a woman.

Sandruzhinnikam awarded a diploma.

Children's choir sings.

Addis Ababa: on the street passing ambulance.

Flags of participating countries of the World Meeting of Red Cross Societies.