In the Advance Guard of Fighters. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Artseulov O., Kopalin V.

Script writers: Kopalin V.

Operators: Artseulov O., Gorbatskiy V.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.

Text writers: Agaryshev A.


The film is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party of Lebanon.

History of foreign countries | Foreign policy

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Temporary description

Seascape. City of Beirut. Ruined city. Mount Lebanon. The Soviet representative Brutents greeted with J. Howie - Secretary General of the Lebanese Communist Party. Visitors to the exhibition. The people at the stadium. Newsreel: flying aircraft, explosions, destroyed the aircraft, are the demonstrators. Sings singer. Grimiruyut actor. A scene from the play. Newsreel: shoot a wounded bear, a burning house. A Greek ensemble. Newsreel: pass Haddad and others, shot gun, a rocket flies. Barbed wire. Prison. Pass protesters with placards. Takeoff from the ship. U.S. soldiers. Conducting the search people. Says Reagan. Courtrooms conferences in Geneva and the city of London. George serves Gauja. Said Walid Jumblatt and Brutents.

Reel №1

Lebanon, Beirut.

Seascape with boulders.

On the street are a girl and a boy.

Girls at the department store windows.

Counter trading on the street.

On the street passing cars.

Are charred trees.

Destroyed by the Israeli aggression city.

Ruined house.

Mount Lebanon.

Along the mountain road going car.

Symbol of Lebanon - Lebanese cedar devyatisotletny.

Waving the national flag of Lebanon.

On the flag - Lebanese cedar.

Preparing for the holiday at the stadium "Shabab al Mazra."

Attached at the stadium poster of the 60th anniversary of the Lebanese Communist Party.

Work nails poster pen knife.

Young man looking at the poster.

On a treadmill is a girl with flags.

Above the entrance to the stadium pull a red flag.

At the entrance to the stadium stands armed soldiers.

Check the documents of the girl.

The stadium included a man with a baby in her arms.

Check the documents of the men.

Smiling girl and the young man who came to the stadium.

Report on the stadium.

Book exhibition in Beirut: books on the shelves.

Hands holding a book.

Customers visiting the exhibition copies.

The total exhibition hall.

At the exhibition, the Soviet representative comrade Brutents greets General Secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party George Hawi.

Greets the Patriarch of Lebanon.

Smiling veteran Lebanese Communist Party.

Photo: sit outside on a bench Communists.

Newsreel: The house where the first meetings were communists.

Yousef says veteran party Yazbeck.

Window House turnout Communists.

The anti-imperialist demonstration in Beirut: go demonstrators with flag.

There is a woman with a child in her arms.

Photo: Lebanese strike against imperialist attempts to divide the country along religious and communal basis.

Photo: veterans of the Lebanese Communist Party.

Over the stadium waving the national flag of Lebanon.

The people in the stadium waving flags.

The stadium are George Hawi.

Speakers at the stadium representatives of other movements and parties, allies of the Communist Party in the struggle.

Listening to the people.

A cameraman.


On the podium of a woman in mourning clothes.

On the street going to the woman (the background noise of the street and talking in Arabic).

Women hold pictures of their dead children.

Woman with child look at the photos.

A woman holding a photograph, crying.

Woman singing a folk song.

Newsreel: Lebanese rebels are on the streets of Beirut coffin of their comrade in the struggle.

Crying woman.

Shovel throws earth on the grave.

A woman grieves at the tomb.

Flowers on a grave.

Cemetery where patriots.

Photo heads the Lebanese Communist Party Fardzhalla Helu and Nicola Chaoui.

Palestine: on the street are Zionists.

Zionists jump through the hole on the road.

On the road, stands the signalman with flags.

Lebanon: the Zionists make a fence of barbed wire.

Bunch of Zionists in the room.

Beirut: cityscape.

Israeli women marching in the streets of Israel.

From the rostrum of the street rally in favor of one of these women.

US aircraft at the start on the ground in Israel.

US aircraft refueling.

Filling missiles.

Remote control missile.

The building of the US bank with the Stars and Stripes in Israel, the inscription on the building.

Flying American aircraft.

Anti-American demonstration: the demonstrators are holding each other's hands.

Lebanon, Baalbek: singer sings from Egypt Sheikh Imam.

Fortress Baalbek stones.

The wall of the fortress, destruction (background song in Arabic).

Reel №2

Beirut: costume theater "Piccadilly".

Makeup apply make-up actor.

In the dressing room stands a theater director, a graduate GITISa Yaakub Shadraui.

Actors dress in the wardrobe.

The actor's face.

Sitting in the auditorium.

Scene from: the actors sing in Arabic and dance.

A scene from the play, dedicated to the history of the Lebanese Communist Party: the arrest of Communists.

Newsreel: The bus stand armed people - right-wing extremists.

Wheels on the Bus.

Near the bus on the ground are killed by Palestinians - Twenty-eight people.

The car shoots right-wing extremist Palestinians.

The street running women with children.

Are wounded.

Fired from a gun.

House is on fire.

Scenes from the play: on the street are the mullahs with umbrellas.

Funeral killed communists.

Are the mullahs look at funeral procession.

Newsreel: Lying dead communists.

Crying woman.

Funeral leader of Progressive Socialist Party Kamal Jumblatt.

Under umbrellas held mullahs.

Comrades-in-arms carry the coffin Jumblatt.

Pass the grieving woman.

Shoot a rifle right-wing extremist.

The communists go with the banner.

Scene from the play: on the stage waving a poster in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party of Lebanon.

Actors waving placards.

Hall applauds.

The hall sneaked banner of the Communist Party.

In the auditorium of smiling girl.

On the scene of George Hawi, Yaakub Shadraui, theater actors.

Applauds hall.

Stadium "Shabab al Mazra": the singer sings Communist Marseille Hleyfi.

Performs folk dance ensemble from Syria.

Musicians play.

Performs vocal and instrumental ensemble from Greece.


Dance Lebanese children.

Dancing girls legs.

Georgian dance performed by Soviet artists from Georgia - Ensemble "Rustavi".

Rosary in the hands of the dancers.

Lebanese girl giving flowers dancer.

Applauds the girl from the ensemble "Rustavi".

Lebanon - a report on the country: rural landscape.

On the highway passing car.

Beirut - filmed from a helicopter.

On the highway, stands a broken machine.

Newsreel March 1978 g .: On the roads of Beirut passing tanks.

Lit city, explosions.

Lebanese shooting in the city and in the mountains.

Lebanese load a gun and shoot.

On the road running with a woman things are refugees.

Evacuated children: pulls car with children.

Crying woman.

On the street there are children.

On the street there are Israeli soldiers, shows his hand towards the mountains.

Drive off the car with Israeli soldiers.

The street passing Israeli tank.

Israeli soldiers lowered the Lebanese flag.

The street is the head of the puppet government of Lebanon Haddad.

Haddad traveling by car.

Shot gun.

Soldiers with guns on the road.

A soldier looks through binoculars.

The soldier fires his machine gun.

The rebels in the mountains.

Reel №3

Newsreel: Burning Beirut.

The Israelis bombed the city: the rocket flies.

Ruined Beirut.

Running through the streets of city residents.

Drove an ambulance.

On the street lying dead Lebanese.

A wounded child in the street.

Residents of Beirut in line for water.

A man drinks water from a bottle.

Shouts guy.

Woman standing near a bucket of water.

Passing car.

Running down the street men, the defenders of Beirut.

Man brings gun to aim, shoot guns.

Israeli aircraft flies.

Beirut bombing, burning houses.

Destroyed houses.

The cars passing by with the soldiers, the Palestinians.

People came fighters.

VSW - concentration camp "Ansar" - barbed wire.

Prison - building.

Lights on the road, the Israeli machine.

Israelis run with a fire extinguisher, extinguish the flame, will drag car.

Anti-Israeli demonstration: the street demonstrators with placards.

In the Lebanese water enters the USS.

Aircraft on the ship.

From the ship fly airplanes.

By Beirut are the American soldiers.

Americans searched resident of Beirut.

In the city include French, English, Italian troops.

On the Lebanese military airfield worth Lebanese helicopter.

With the American ship shot gun.

Shoot from the machine.

Fleeing residents with children, wounded.

Soldiers of the Lebanese patriotic forces load a gun, run through the burning streets.

Ruined American headquarters.

A wounded Lebanese wipes his face with a handkerchief.

On a stretcher carry a wounded soldier patriot.

Dogs for destruction.

President Reagan said at the White House on global interests of the United States.

US helicopter flies.

American soldiers enter the ship.

Pomegranate trees with fruits.

Selenium Kfar Matta: house destroyed by a US battleship "New Jersey".

Near the ruins of stacked shoes and other things.

It takes a man in a ruined house.

Men sit in the house burning stoves, smoking, listening to the receiver.

Burns logs in the stove.

Geneva, Switzerland: Conference of heads of various Lebanese society: gathered to greet each other.

Meeting room.

Sitting at the negotiating table with the delegations.

Beirut: a city street.

Newspaper of the Communist Party: staffed.

Employee of the newspaper attached to the wall cabinet anti-Israel poster.

Shop printing of the newspaper.

Publication of newspapers.

Newspapers bind stacks.

Man unfolds the paper looks.

Newspaper photographs.

Stadium "Shabab al Mazra": rally to mark the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party of Lebanon: in the stands - panels with portraits of the leaders of the Communist Party.

Was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Lebanon Georges Hawi.

Chairperson of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt.


By the Deputy Head of the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU Brunents.

Cuddling companion Brunents and George Hawi.

The people on the square dances.

Waving the national flag of Lebanon.