The USSR-Syria. Fruitful Cooperation.. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Maksimov L.

Script writers: Akritov N.

Operators: Fedyaev E.


About the cooperation of the USSR State Committee For Foreign Economic Ties with Syria by the example of the Euphratean Hydro Complex, several new dams, Latakia Port and study centres in Damask.

Foreign policy | Economic cooperation

Sectors of the economy | Policy

Temporary description

Film about the economic and technical assistance from the USSR State Committee for External Economic Relations of the socialist countries, in particular with Syria. Flows like steel. Chemical plant. Oil. Power line. Nuclear Station. Syria. Landscapes. Construction Euphrates hydropower plant. Tractors, combine harvesters in the field. Working peasants. Collection of cotton. Citrus plantation. Pasture sheep. Canal. River Kebir. Construction of the dam of Al-Baath. The construction of irrigation systems, power. Exploration of oil and gas. Rigs. The port of Latakia. Works in the port. Ships. City of Damascus. Roads. Streets. Pass residents. The building of the Embassy of the USSR. Automotive School. Classes are conducted by Soviet instructors.

Reel №1

Framing plans: pouring steel, is rolling, appearances and other chemical.

Plants; power line; remote control works tracklayer, construction of irrigation systems; factory workshop, laboratory, nuclear power plant.


Landscape Syria.


Euphrates hydroelectric complex, built with technical assistance of the All-Union "Tekhnopromexport": general view, control panel, workers in the room.


Power line.

Monument Syrian President Hafez al-Assad.

Pumping station on the array Meskene.

Channel (irrigation).

Farmers go and come on donkeys.

Plowed field.

Tractor in the field.

Fields of corn.

Cotton fields, combines the fields.

Soviet and Syrian specialists in the cotton field.

Citrus fruit plantation.

Sheep in the pasture.

River North Kebir.

Construction of the dam (with the assistance of the Soviet Union "Selkhozpromexport").

Soviet specialists in construction.

Construction of the head pumping station.

Construction of power "Tishrin" near Damascus.

Construction of the dam Al-Baath (all supplied Soviet equipment).

Oil rig and drilling rig in the North Rumaila.

Drillers at work.

Working oil pumps.


Port of Latakia, loading at the port.

It takes a freight train.

Soviet ship "Kazatin" et al.

In the port of Latakia.



Report of the city.

Specialist of the Soviet Union "Tekhnoexport" teaches Syrian youths of the profession - in the layout at the motor (in the automotive school); students in the audience.

The building of the Soviet Embassy in Syria, the sign on the building.

Soviet-Syrian negotiations.

Hand draws a project.

Residents of Damascus.

The general plan of the city.