Vera Horuzhaya[People-Legend]. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Script writers: Gutman I., Kuznecov V.

Operators: Dobronickiy V.

Anouncers: Gluzskiy M.

Text writers: Golubev A.


About Vera Horuzhaya, Byelorussian Resistance Movement (guerrilla organization) member and the Hero of the Soviet Union.

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Temporary description

Hero of the Soviet Union VZ Khoruzhaya: activities in the underground of Western Belarus 20-30 GG as a partisan and the underground city of Vitebsk in the Great Patriotic War, the death of V. Khoruzhaya.

Reel №1

The photo of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vera Horuzhaya.

The city of Minsk

A building.


A flower.

The photo of Vera Horuzhaya with her husband; Sergey Kornilov, Vera’s husband.

The newsreel of 1941.

A German tank is going through a village, woods.

German aircrafts in the air.


Column of German troops and vehicles is going -by.

Village houses are on fire; a tank is going by.

A girl at the ruins.

Guerrilla warriors are being given weapons.

Guerrilla carts on the forest road.

A guerrilla warrior is firing the fuse; a train is going and blowing up.

The photo of Comrade Korzh, a guerrilla detachment leader.

Guerrilla warriors are running through the woods, along the rails.

Explosion on the railway bed.

The guerrilla dugout.

Vera Horuzhaya’s letter to her friends.

The photos: Vera with friends; with family, panorama; with fellows.

The newsreel of the 20-s.

Homeless children in the street.

Newspapers reporting about Lenin’s death.

The photo of Vera Horuzhaya among the commune school students, her other photos; a panorama of a Western Belorussian city, of a city house.


Western Belorussia: leaflets are falling down from above, people are grasping and reading them, constructing barricades, running along the square.

Workers at the plant, marching with slogans.

The panorama of a castle reflecting in the water.

The panorama of the prison building where Vera Horuzhaya, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsolmol (Young Communist League) and Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Western Belorussia, was jailed.

Document in Polish on Vera’s arrest.

Pigeons sitting on the barbwire, on the prison’s window sill.

Vera Horuzhaya’s letters from the prison.

Vera Horuzhaya’s books “Pisma na volyu” [“Letters from the Jail”] (different editions).

Krupskaya’s article in the newspaper “Pravda” [“The Truth”] about Horuzhaya’s letters.

The newsreel of the 30-s.


A train with delegates from Western Belorussia is approaching the platform; people meeting the train at the Belorussian Railway Station; a orchestra is playing.

People at the tram, a tram decorated with a poster is going by.

Red Army soldiers are marching along the Red Square.

The newsreel of 1941.

Anti-aircraft gunners in the Moscow streets.

Antitank blocks in the streets.

The city is burning.

A guerrilla warrior is tearing down the German leaflet.

Germans in the street.

A carriage with the fascist emblem is burning, a killed German is lying.

On the land the wing of the German aircraft brought down is burning.

German soldiers on the bridge.

A German patrol is inspecting cars and people’s documents in the streets, they are crossing the street.

The photo of the guerilla hero Vera Horuzhaya

Destroyed city.

The guerrilla dugout.

Guerrilla warriors in the woods, reading a leaflet, sleeping, writing letters.

Guerrilla detachment.

The present-day city of Vitebsk.

The Eternal Flame is burning.

The monument in the village of Khatyn – a sculpture of the old man with the killed son.

The photo of Vera Horuzhaya.