Newsreel of Nazi Germany (1933-1945)

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Scene №1 Newsreel of Nazi Germany

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Goebbels bypasses the formation of soldiers of the Hitler youth, the face of one of the boys.

Hitler during the last exit from the bunker in April 1945 congratulates Gard distinguished storm troopers, the Hitler youth, patted them on the shoulders.

Hitler talks with the admirals during the meeting at GHQ.

The face of a soldier of the SS division.

The attack is with a personal standard of Hitler.

Stormtroopers with standard.

SS officers with his hand in a Nazi salute during a parade.

The arrival of Goering at a solemn meeting, Goering Himmler welcomes.

Fencing competitions among SS officers.

One of the participants during the reception.

SS unit in the ranks.

The chief of the Reich security Heydrich bypasses the Waffen SS.

Units of stormtroopers with Nazi banners marching during a party event in Munich, grandstand view for the guests of honor.

Columns of stormtroopers in the streets of German cities.

Photos of anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls.

March of the Blackshirts in Rome in the 1920's, Mussolini welcomes them.

Nazi storm troopers marching in Berlin in the first half of 1920-ies.

The face of Hitler's parades.

Marching units of the SS, the faces of people standing on the sidewalks.

Units of the Wehrmacht accompanied by the orchestra through the streets of Vienna in March 1938.

Vienna residents are on the sidewalk near a military orchestra.

Wehrmacht units entered the territory of the Palace.

The review of the troops on the parade ground.

Berliners greet Hitler standing on the balcony.

People ran to the house, which stands on the balcony of Hitler.

Hitler welcomes Berliners from the balcony, people on the street raise their arms in a Nazi salute.

A military band passes through the Brandenburg gate.

Troops through the streets of Berlin.

The parade of troops.

Passing tank.

The aircraft in flight.


Hitler talking with one of the generals of the SS.

View of the Presidium of the Nazi party rally, Hitler made a speech in front of a microphone.

The protesters in the audience applauded.

Views of ruined city blocks (top).

Hitler examines the area from the cabin.

Hitler shakes hands with the General during one of his trips to the front.

Hitler in the cabin.

Meeting Hitler at the airport, Hitler responds to the greeting from the window.

Hitler at the map listening to the explanations of the generals.

Meeting Hitler with representatives of the Krupp family on 13 August 1940.

Hitler sits in the car.

The ceremony of attribution of the field Marshal's ranks generals of the Wehrmacht.

Field Marshal's batons on the table before the presentation.

Rod Reichsmarschall Goering.

Image of the swastika and the eagle at the ends of the rod.

Field marshals raise their arms in a Nazi salute.

Units of the Volkssturm pass in front of the Goebbels before being sent to the front in 1945.

Persons passing in the ranks of the Hitler youth.

Is one of the units of the Volkssturm.

One of the soldiers of the Hitler youth is interviewed.

Comrades are listening.

Assault zanki and awards on uniforms of the soldiers, the soldiers face the Hitler youth.

The soldiers of the Hitler youth, he was awarded the Iron cross, speaking after the awards ceremony.

Faces of the fighters of the Hitler youth stripe over the wrecked tanks on the sleeves of tunics.

German eagle under the ceiling of the hall.

Participants in the meeting welcomed walking through the main aisle of Hitler and the leaders of the Nazi party, Hitler is Hess.

Hitler, Hess and their attendants go on the rise.

The demonstrators raise their arms in a Nazi salute.

The face of Hitler, responding to greetings.

The leaders of the Nazi party on the rise before the rally, among them Himmler, Hess, Hitler, Streicher.

In the hall making Nazi flags and banners.

The audience views the time carrying the flag.

Hitler, Hess, Himmler and standing near them, the Nazi leaders with his hand in a Nazi salute.

The replacement is ahead of standartnoi.

View of the hall while carrying the flag.

The entry of the Wehrmacht into Prague.

Hitler receives a report of an officer.

Hitler, Goering, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain during the Munich meeting in 1938.

The signing of the Munich agreement.

The entry of German troops into Prague.

Storm troopers marching through the streets of Berlin in 1933.

Hitler, Hess and the commanders of the units of SA are on parade, photographer is shooting.

Berliners greet the stormtroopers.

Goering among the stormtroopers.

Hitler welcomed the passing of the units of stormtroopers.

Faces of Hitler and stormtroopers.

Soldiers paint the barrel of the tank.

Hitler in the rate of inspecting samples of stoves for heating in the winter in the trenches.

Hitler is accompanied by the generals.

View of the Reichstag building.

Military orchestra conductor during a concert at the Berlin theatre.

View of the hall, the officers in the front row swaying with the beat of the music.

The faces of the generals sitting in the box.

The conductor directs the orchestra.

Sitting in the audience swaying to the beat of the music.

Faces of war sitting in the box.

Girls sway to the music.

The faces of the musicians.

The orchestra, the audience applauded in time with the music, swaying.

Generals in the box applauded.

View of the hall, the conductor bows.


Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and political figure Gebbeljs Jozef Paulj -- German statesman and political figure Gimmler Genrih -- German statesman and political figure Gejdrih Rejnhard -- German statesman and political figure Gess Rudoljf -- German statesman and political figure Shtrejher Yulius -- German statesman and political figure Mussolini Benito -- Italian statesman and political figure Daladje Eduard -- French statesman and political figure Chemberlen Artur Nevill -- British statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1920s 1933 1936 1938 13.08.1940 1941-1945

Locations: Berlin [821] Munich [872] Prague [879]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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