The attack on the Kursk bulge (1943)

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Scene №1 The attack on the Kursk bulge

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Soviet tanks during the offensive of the troops of the Steppe front at Kursk.

Duel of Soviet and German tanks.

Soviet and German tanks go into a frontal attack.

German self-propelled gun firing.

German tanker inspecting the area with binoculars, leaning out of the hatch.

Tank battles on the Steppe and Central fronts.

Shells and burning vehicles.

Broken German tanks, the corpse of a German soldier.

German armored vehicles turned into scrap metal.

Map of the front in the Kursk salient with the plans of the Soviet command.

The corpse of a German tanker near the wrecked tank.

Stunned and shell-shocked by German artillery sits on a bed of broken guns.

Soviet artillery crew firing at the enemy.

Conventional and rocket artillery the red army firing at the enemy.

Map plan of operation "Kutuzov".

Flying Soviet bombers.

Fires on the ground (above).

Dropping bombs, explosions on the ground.

Soviet and German artillery firing, shooting at night.

Soviet infantry rushes to attack after the artillery barrage.

Staff members of one of the fronts follow the development of the offensive.

Aircraft in the air.

Are tanks with troops on the armor, the infantry in the trenches.

The tanks and aircraft in the attack.

German soldiers occupy space in the trench, preparing for the defense.

German officer on the field telephone.

German artillery crew take position behind the corner of the barn.

Soviet infantry attack supported by tanks.

The view of the battlefield.

Flying level bombers.

Commander of the Central front Rokossovsky K. K. watching the battle from the front line.

Attacking Soviet tanks and infantry, burning German self-propelled gun.

German anti-settlement occupies the position.

The SS officer at the field phone.

Orderlies are wounded.

Soviet tank troops on the armor.

Map "operation Rumyantsev" with plans to defeat the Kharkov of the enemy.

Soviet artillery firing at the enemy.

The commander of the Voronezh front Vatutin N. F. at the command post, the aircraft in the sky.

Soviet infantry overcomes the barbed wire.

The red army attacked the enemy positions abandoned by the Germans machine gun.

Attacking tanks with infantry to armor.

Soviet aircraft in the sky.

Attacking with tanks and infantry.

The commander of Steppe fronts Konev at the command post, face Konev.

Aircraft tanks and infantry of the red army attack the enemy.

Tank drives past the corpse of a German soldier.

The signpost directions in German.

The road passes the calculation howitzer ML-20 on the track rod.

Rupture of the projectile.

The view of the burning of the barn of the driver's hatch of the tank.

Street fighting on the outskirts of Belgorod.

Soviet tanks moving in on the main street of Belgorod on 5 August 1943.

The city's population met the Soviet soldiers.

Setting red flags over the buildings of Belgorod.

View riddled with shells of brick wall.

City residents welcome the passing of the Soviet infantry, red face.

Red flag on one of the balconies.

Soviet tanks on the March.

The scouts run through the burning streets of Kharkov.

The types of the burning building.

View of one of the streets of Kharkov.

The red army are in Kharkov on 23 Aug 1943.

Kharkiv residents greeted the liberators, give them bouquets of flowers.

The soldiers help children get out of the underground shelters in which they hid from the Germans.

The soldiers with children in their arms.

The officer giving to the people newspaper.

Infantry division of the red army makes Hiking March.

The crosses on the graves of German soldiers.

A pile of scrap metal left over from the German military equipment, and transported for smelting.

Send in the oven of the chip plane German aircraft.

Publications in the Soviet and foreign Newspapers about the victory at Kursk.

The red army with flowers in their hands go in the ranks, the face of the bearer.

Eagle residents welcome the Red army.

Girls give the soldiers and officers of the flowers, the face of one of the officers.

A soldier carries the girl in his arms.

Fireworks over Moscow to celebrate the victory at Kursk.


Rokossovskij Konstantin Konstantinovich -- warlord Vatutin Nikolaj Fedorovich -- warlord Konev Ivan Stepanovich -- warlord

Calendar: 07.1943-08.1943

Locations: Orel region [795] Belgorod region [770] Kharkiv [899]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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