Remember.. (1985)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Operators: Bgancev I.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.

Text writers: Polyanovskiy E.


A film about West Europe’s liberation from the Hitler-time slavery and the Resistance Movement in the Western European countries during World War II.

World War II


Temporary description

1h. - Memoirs of members of the Belgian and French resistance. 2h. - Memories of Karbysheva, Nuremberg Trials, Buchenwald, Ardennes (cemetery), a concentration camp at Fort Brendok. 3h. - Prenzlau, the memories of the liberation of the Belgian general staff, the obelisk of Liberty in Luxembourg, the Soviet soldiers in Luxembourg and the French resistance movement. 4h. - Chronicle 2-nd World War. Rovensbryuk, city Oradour, children in concentration camps.

Reel №1

A panorama of a fragment of the monument to the victims of war.

A panorama of an earing field.

The pictures of a hand fingering Russian guerrilla warriors’ photographs.

A panorama of Liona Homua, who sheltered the resistance soldiers, speaking about them, she is holding pictures; she is fingering the flowers in the garden.

A panorama of a river bank.

A panorama of guerrilla Battalion Commander Jan Darden speaking about the Soviet guerrilla warrior E. Dotsenko, he is standing at the river, throwing the flowers into the water.

A panorama of the flowers floating in the water.

A panorama of the tree trunk with a carved star and figures “1943” on the bark (Belgium, not far from the city of Liege).

George Roger, President of the Former Resistance Fighters Union, is speaking about his Soviet comrades-in-arms; he is walking along the street.

A rowan branch is swinging.

A panorama of a farm house, a barred window .

Belgian Resistance Movement Soldiers are laying the flowers on the Soviet guerrilla warrior Alexey Sharov's grave.

A panorama of the ground from the sky.

A panorama of an European landscape.

Field flowers.


A boy is skating on the skateboard.

The pedestrians in the European city streets.

Street traffic.

The motorcyclists.

A panorama of car mirrors.

The feet.

The Resistance veteran Robert Sheppard is walking along the city streets.

Reel №2

A boy and a girl are in the street.

R. Sheppard is watching the process of guard mount at the Triumphal Arch.

R Sheppard is speaking about General Carbyshev.

A panorama of the monument to General Karbyshev, flowers are at the monument (former camp of Mauthausen, Austria).

A panorama of the monument in the former camp of Buchenwald (German Democratic Republic) (sculptures).

The people are passing by.

A panorama of the barbwire.

Newsreel of 1939-1945.

A man is removing dead bodies.

Pictures of concentration camp prisoners.

Newsreel of 1939-1945.

Fascist Parade (the troops are marching in the shape of swastika).

The accused at the Nurenberg Process.

R. Jackson, U. S. representative, is making a speech.

A panorama of a Belgium city street.

A man is taking pictures.

A panorama of the children playing on the American tank.

A panorama of the cemetery in the area of Ardennes, graves of American soldiers, a monument with an inscription in English.

Newsreel of 1945.

Tanks are going.

Soldiers are in trenches, soldiers are walking.

The map of the Soviet Army’ attack.

Buildings are ruining.

Soldiers are shooting.

Buildings and tanks are on fire.

The US President Ronald Reagan is laying flowers in the cemetery in the town of Bitburg (Federal Republic of Germany), where SS-men are buried.

A picture of American soldiers who fought in World War II.

The planes are flying.

The tanks are going (evening).

Manufacturing shells, marching soldiers’ legs, the soldiers are in the forest; planes are taking off; military equipment.

Dispersing of the demonstrates protesting against the deployment of American missile bases in Europe.

Jet airplanes are flying.

A soldier is passing by on the tank, the people are watching.

Newsreel of 1939-1945.

The funeral of a Belgian soldier, killed in the war.

The people are crying.

A picture of a concentration camp prisoner.

Brendock Fort wards (Belgium).

A concentrated camp building.


A picture of dead prisoners on the memorial tablet.

Brendock Fort wards.

A room and instruments of torture; a man in the room.

Reel №3

Posts at which prisoners were executed.

The Prenzlau Fort in the north of Germany (German Democratic Republic (GDR)).

A panorama of the city of Prenzlau, ancient buildings.

The prison where Belgian General Staff representatives were kept.

Windows, corridor, doors of the cells.

Surnames of the General Officers.

Military men are marching solemnly along a European city, the marching people’ legs.

Captain I. Adamenko, a former collective farm shepherd, a former guard of the 76th Infantry Division, who used to liberate Europe, is walking along the field with his wife and speaking about the liberation of Belgian General Officers (summer).

A panorama of the city of Luxemburg.

A flag of Luxemburg.

A panorama of the Liberty Obelisk.

A balcony with an inscription in German.

R. Kripps, Luxemburg Ministry of Justice, is speaking about the Resistance Movement.

Pictures of the Resistance.

Professor A. Vihenkel and P. Haas, Resistance Movement members, are talking.

A panorama of the Chiflange factory building where in 1942 a rebellion took place.

A panorama of Mary Smith, an elderly woman, speaking about her guerrilla group activity.

The shed, at which Soviet patriots were executed.

A panorama of the barbwire against the landscape.

A panorama of the meadow from the sky.

The children are playing in the outskirts of the city of Lille.(France).

French are being asked about the grave of the Soviet soldiers, nobody of the people of different age knows about it.

A family is in the house yard.

A panorama of a city street .

Roger Okkert, a member of the Resistance Movement, is showing the grave and speaking.

Reel №4

A panorama of the crosses with inscriptions on the graves of the Soviet soldiers.

Newsreel of 1944-1945.

The Soviet soldiers are pulling a cannon out of the mud, loading the weapon, carrying the German colours and throwing them down. (in the Victory Parade).

A “Katyusha” cannon is firing; a tank is going by.

European people are greeting the Soviet soldiers- liberators.

A soldier is hoisting a banner.

The Soviet soldiers are setting free the prisoners of the concentration camp.

The children are going out of the concentration camp.

The monument in the territory of the former concentration camp Ravensbruck (sculpture of exhausted women and children).

Lisa Ulrich, a member of the German Communist Party, is telling about her saving a French child in the concentration camp of Ravensbruck.

The former Ravensbruck prisoners R. Geren, S. Lesser and Gui Perro who were born in Ravensbruck are sitting in the café.

A hand is turning over the pages of the diary which was kept in the concentration camp.

A panorama of the pictures made in the concentration camp.

G. Perro is walking along the street.

A mother with her child are in the street.

The children are riding the carousel, they are laughing.

A panorama of the ruins of the French town of Oradour destroyed by the fascists, the inscription in French. "Silence!”.

The shadows are lying on the ground.

A panorama of a boy wearing flippers

A girl is swimming in the pool.

Boys are playing bowling.

A panorama of a bridge over the river, the cyclists are riding across the bridge.

A girl is sitting on the ball.

The former prisoner of Buchenwald Pierre Duran, guerrilla warrior of the French Resistance, is speaking.

A panorama of P. Duran’s family sitting on the terrace, the mother with her daughter are cooking dinner.

Newsreel of 1939-1945.

Invalids are walking

The children, prisoners of the concentration camp, are showing their numbers written on their hands.

A girl is crying.

A picture: children are behind the barbed wire.

A girl is smiling.

A panorama of the field from the sky.