Sketches Of Sakh# A Story About a Village School.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yurina T.

Script writers: Golubev V.

Operators: Nikonov V.


About a school built by village dwellers where a museum, an observatory, a swimming-pool and a planetarium are situated. The headmaster of the school, a People's teacher of the USSR, delegate of the XXVII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union A.A. Zakharenko tells about school life.


Social life

Reel №1

Hands corrected white bow on the head of the girl.

Girl with Pioneer tie appears (synchronously) and the guide tells about the school museum.

A large group of adults listen to the girl.

Exterior of building a rural school.

Gives an interview about his school (behind the scenes and synchronous) Director, People's Teacher of the USSR, delegate 27 Congress of the CPSU AA Zakharenko.

Training class.

Room with children's beds.

Room with machines for school employment.

Swimming pool with three water paths.

On the roof of the planetarium opens a window for observation.

In sports hall is engaged in a group of girls dancing.

In the pool, children learn to swim.

People stand near a fountain not working, applaud, water flows.

Surprised and funny faces of men and women.

View of the school observatory.

Boy goes with a megaphone in his hand.

Pass students with musical instruments.

AA Zakharenko says (synchronous and behind the scenes).

The teacher leads the lesson, students answers from the spot.

Teacher guys at their desks.

High school students meet at the blackboard.

The boy stares at the textbook.

There is a lesson in mathematics.

Children having fun at recess: make "horns" on his head, pretending faces.

In the hallway of the school-to-ceiling mirror.

A boy sitting on his haunches against the wall, a high school student took his hand, went together.

Pupils of all ages come with shovels, hoes in their hands.

Work guys in the garden.

Boys are taught to deal with the lathe.

Boy sitting behind the wheel of a kart, riding on the site using an older comrade.

Girls remove dirt near the fountain.

Director walks in the schoolyard.

Corridor of the school museum.

Girl guide says (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the school museum.

Repeat frames from the beginning of the story.

School director with the guests applauded to "revive" the fountain.

Fountain in the shape of an ear.

Villagers in the school yard.

In the school observatory guys close the windows for observing the sky.

Grandmothers in headscarves discuss school.

Boys riding bicycles.

A man carries a bicycle two children (on the frame and on the trunk).

A woman rides a bicycle.

Grandma is a pig on a rope.

Man shepherd drives the cows through the village.

On a bicycle driven two buckets with eggs.

Boy goes along the fence.



Reel №2

Stork roams the field.

View of the village Shahnovka.

Women with a song work in the garden hoes.

Men forks collect grass in haystacks.

Milkmaids among cows.

Mechanic wipes his hands a tuft of grass.

Close-up: Men's hand with a cigarette.

Workers' hands, the hands of those present at the meeting.

Adult men and women at school desks in the classroom, parents sit near the child graduates.

There is a check ready for final exams.

Children respond to questions on mathematics teacher in front of their parents.

Rally near the school, dedicated the last call: the guys and director with flowers, first graders read poems.

Grader carries a girl who rings the bell.

Persons students from different years.

The window of the school observatory.

Of the doors of the bus go men and women.

Girl-guide school museum with pointer in hand.

Close-up: hands make notes in a notebook.

Interview gives headmaster A. Zakharenko (synchronously) on the guests coming to school.

A. Zakharenko mowing grass.

The boy claps.