A Flying Up Line.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Script writers: Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Ermolaev L.


The film is about Valery Hayryuzov, a commander of AN-26 pilot, who writes literary works about Siberian pilots, and who became the winner of Lenin's Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Communist League ) Prize.

Air transport

Sectors of the economy | Transportation

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the pilot, the captain "AN-26", writer Valery Khairusovo living in the city of Irkutsk. V. Hayryuzov gives interviews (synchronously), tells about his life and work. Writer V. Astafjev says V. Khairyuzovo (synchronously). V. Hayryuzov in the cabin during flight, during training with the crew on a hunt, a bonfire in the woods with the members of the crew of the film, filmmaker VP Troshkin, working at his desk in the home with his family, digging potatoes on the plot. Books V. Khairyuzovo. Winter and summer landscapes of the Irkutsk region. Landscapes clouds (withdrawn from the aircraft). Airports "Bodaybo", "Mama." Building airports, waiting rooms, dispatch, takeoff and landing aircraft. Planes in the air. Unloading of cargo from the aircraft. Movement sleigh pulled by a horse. Family Khairyuzovo removed in a photo studio. B. Hayryuzov Turns gramophone.

Reel №1


The civil aviation pilot, the author of the book “Nepredvidennaya posadka” [ “Unforeseen Landing”], the Leninist Comsomol Prize winner Valery Khairyuzov is speaking.

A horse in harness.

Boxes are being unloaded from the plane onto the sledge.

A book.

Khairyuzov’s crew is entering the simulator unit; inside the simulator unit.

The runway.

Khairyuzov is piloting the plane, the instruments, the plane cabin.

The clouds.

A radar.

The airport building in the town of Bodaibo (Eastern Siberia).

People are going along the aerodrome.

The panorama of the people in the waiting room.

A dog in the air terminal building.

Pilots are riding sledges.

The airport building of the town of Mama (Eastern Siberia).

Khairyuzov is talking to a man.

The driver in the bus.

People are boarding the plane.

The plane is taking off.

The driver in the car; talking to Khairyuzov.

The panorama of Khairyuzov standing at the pilots.

The plane is being driven out.

The boxes with grapes are being unloaded from the plane; the car with grapes is being driven out.

The loaded mototruck is approaching and the plane and being driven out.

The car is going out of the plane.

The plane wing.

Khairyuzov is turning the plane screw.

The worker is washing the plane from the hose.

The man is wiping the cabin glass, Khairyuzov is standing beside.

A man in headphones.

Khairyuzov in the plane cabin.

Valery is sitting with friends at the bonfire.

Khairyuzov is speaking.

Photographs of Khairyuzov with the writer Victor Petrovich Astafyev.

Astafyev is speaking.

A photo of Valery Khairyuzov.

The panorama of Valery's book “Unforeseen Landing”.

Reel №2

A winter landscape.

The panorama of Khairyuzov walking on the snow with a gun.

A village; a smoke is coming out of the pipe.

Valery’s face.

Khairyuzov is bringing a record player into the room, speaking.

The hand is switching on the record player.

A record.

Black-and-white photographs: the house where Khairyuzov spent his childhood;

The Khairyuzovs family; photos of young Valery;

Khairyuzov with his mother, with his son; Valery’s wife with the son and others.

A summer landscape.

Valery is writing verses.

The hand is writing.

Khairyuzov is passing by with the CDS director Troshkin.

The horses in the field.

Khairyuzov is standing with the correspondent.

The correspondent.

Khairyuzov, the correspondent and the second pilot are by the fire.

The fire.

Khairyuzov is speaking.

A dog is lying.

Khairyuzov’s younger son.

Khairyuzov’s family in the photographic studio.

A woman-photographer is taking pictures.

A camera.

The photograph: Khairyuzov’s family.

The panorama of Valery digging potatoes.

The potatoes.

The panorama from the potatoes on Valery’s son.

A navigation log.

A control tower.

An airport.

A plane.

The pilots are sitting.

Khairyuzov is speaking.

The panorama from the control panel on the dispatcher.

The dispatcher is speaking.

Instruments in the control tower.

The panorama of the plane taking off, seen through the control tower glass.

The plane.

Khairyuzov in the plane cabin.

The instruments.

The plane is taking off.

The clouds.

Khairyuzov’s face.