The Continent Without Frontiers (1986)

Documentary №9265, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:25
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kochetkov A. S.
Screenwriters:Kochetkov A. S.
Camera operators:Kochetkov A., Volkov V., Gorbatskiy V.
Anouncers:Tatarskiy V.


Treaty on Antarctic - the only continent without frontiers; the area of peace and cooperation of scientists of many countries - history of exploration.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ocean waves.

Letter titled "Instructions of His Imperial Majesty" Portraits of admirals FF Bellingshausen and MP Lazarev.

Seagull above the waves.

Map with the south pole in the center.

Penguin on an ice floe.

Portrait of English navigator James Cook.

Landscape with ice in the sea and the setting sun.

Rotate the globe.

Flying over the snow-covered plains and the icebreaker, which paves the waterway.

People in the snow at night in the spotlight.

Scientists at the table with cards discuss the problem of salvation drifting ship "Mikhail Somov".

Pilots in the cockpit of the helicopter.

On a typewriter text is printed on ice conditions in the area, "Mikhail Somov".

The ship in the ice captivity.

People on the deck under the light of lanterns.

Ship laboratory scientist treats results.

Pass through the corridors of the ship.

Photograf M.Somova in a frame on the wall.

Ice at the North Pole.

Newsreel 1950 .: polar station "North Pole - 2" The car goes to the aircraft.

Head of the drifting station "SP-2" M.M.Somov.

Members of the expedition shot into the air, salute in honor of raising the flag of the USSR.

Shadow on the surface of the sea from an airplane.

Tents in the snow.

Bear with two cubs on an ice floe.

Interview Academician Alexei gives Treshnikov (synchronously) on why people go to the polar region.

Newsreel 1955 .: flying aircraft.

A crowd of people at the airport with flowers.

From the plane descend the ladder participants drifting expeditions.

Head of the station "SP-3" and "SP-4": Alex and Eugene Treshnikov TOLSTIKOV.

View of the airfield with the top point.

Interview gives Eugene TOLSTIKOV (synchronously), speaks of the meeting at which decided the issue of the expedition to Antarctica led by M. Somov.

Newsreel 1955 .: ship floats in the sea.

On board the ship, the expedition to the Antarctic.

Head Somov shows assembled on deck tent.


Som MM - Soviet scientist and oceanographer, polar explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union. Treshnikov AF - Russian oceanographer, geographer, explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, professor, academician of the USSR. TOLSTIKOV EI - Soviet scientist and polar explorer, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Calendar: 1950s 1955

Locations: Moscow [820] Antarctica [9]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1955 .: sheer ice cliff.

Captain in the control room, looking through binoculars.

The mechanism of transmission of commands to the engine room.

Shadow of people on the ice on the deck of the ship.

Conditional world map dotted line shows the path of the ship to Antarctica.

Travel to the map, the end point of the route: Bay Depot.

Man playing with a penguin trying to put on his hat.

Three researchers go skiing in the investigation.

Man shoots up a flare.

Newsreel 13 February 1956 g .: waving the red flag of the USSR. View of the ice of Antarctica from the air.

Typewriter print text on the work on the organization of the base camp.

Takeoff from the ice surface.

A man with a shovel digs out from the snow machine.

Antarctic station "Peace".

Indoor People for different occupations.

PNRM. on the table.

In a saucepan preparing food.

A seismologist at the table working on the table is a cat.

Group photo of members of the expedition (composed of individual portraits).

Helicopter on the ground, spinning the screw in the foreground suitcases and bags.

Polar group near the all-terrain vehicle on tracks.

Say goodbye to leave.

People get into a helicopter.

View from helicopter taking off on the Antarctic observatory.

In the window sits a passenger with a camera in hand.

Filming 1950 .: members of the expedition digging snow suit location of the base station.

From ship to overload the ice aircraft.

View of the ship with the inscription "Ob" on board.

Danish flag over the ship "KISTA DAN" Danes with boats come ashore, visit the "Peace".

The cameraman shoots, going all-terrain vehicle.

Close-up: hand making notes with a pencil in a notebook. A. Treshnikov looks at his watch.

Close-up: a clock face, arrows show 24:00. Burning metal drums.

ATV goes through the snow. A. Treshnikov inside the machine.

Shot into the sky from the rocket launcher.

Participants polar expedition on the south magnetic pole of the planet.

Base Organization "East", the rise of the Soviet flag.

Terrain vehicle mounted on a pedestal.

Meteorologist takes the readings.

Plane lands.

Pilot and navigator in the workplace.

The inscription on the aircraft IL-14 "Aeroflot.

Polar aviation ".

A group of people waits stop the aircraft.


Treshnikov AF - Russian oceanographer, geographer, explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, professor, academician of the USSR.

Calendar: 1955 13/02/1956 1950s

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

ATV rides.

Unloading the aircraft.

Hand turns the handle find radio frequencies.

Radio operator at work in the connection point of the expedition.

Teletype machine prints text on the construction of the Uruguayan polar station.

A pillar of the arrow pointer distance from the "East" to other stations and cities (Moscow to 15621 km.).

The local movie theater.

Drillers at work.

Said the youngest member of the expedition Alexey Rakhmanov.

French scientist working on the Soviet station "Vostok".

Cut out blocks of snow and warehoused for harvesting water.

Polar face in icicles.

Flags of the USSR, France and others.

ATV driven platform with blocks of snow.

After the bath towel man.

Naked man sitting in a waiting room at the table.

Work indoors, reading different devices.

Interview gives a French scientist (synchronously) on his work in Antarctica.

PNRM. with airplane taking off at the sign "East of the USSR."

View from the airplane on his shadow moving in the snow.

People on the ground and on the deck waving their hands to each other.

Over the building developed in the wind flags of the USSR, France and Norway.

Map of Antarctica with flags indicating the location of the polar stations, "Peace" and "East".

Penguins on the ice.

PNRM. on the construction of the station.

Sign Antarctic Meteorological Center (AMC) "Youth. 1962".

Flying over buildings of one of the polar stations.

Computer center, spinning reel magnetic tape.

Preparing to launch meteorological rocket.

Scientists and technicians work with the devices.

Unloading crane bulldozer ship.

Flags of different countries swaying in the wind.

Interview gives a German scientist (synchronously) on the work on the Soviet polar stations for the study of solar radiation.

Commemorative plaque in honor of the scientists who were killed in a fire in 1960.

Locations: Antarctica [9]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1957 .: people work in a snow storm, rolled barrels of fuel.

Ship on the shore.

A helicopter with spinning propeller standing on the deck of the ship.

The funeral ceremony in honor of the dead explorers.

The memorial plaque with the names of the victims.

Penguin colony.

Construction, warehouse British Antarctic Expedition of Robert Scott.

Newsreel beginning of the 20th century members of the polar expedition arranged for the night.

Photo: tent that killed members of the expedition R. Scott.

Wooden cross, on which the names of British explorers.

Tractors are going through a blizzard.

Andrei Kapitsa gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) about his stay at the South Pole of the Earth.

Newsreel 1959 .: American flag on the basis of "Amundsen-Scott" in the South Pole.

PNRM. for a group of explorers.

The rise of the Soviet flag.

Nearby are the mast with flags: the USSR and the USA. ATVs.

Diploma A. Kapitza as a participant "world tour".

The pilot at the controls of an aircraft navigator in the workplace.

The passengers in the cabin.

View from the plane on the ice of Antarctica.

Newsreel 1962 .: plane running through the ice field.

Polar meet flown.

Rally at the microphone, applauding participants.

Distribution of letters from home, the expedition members read newspapers.

Card in the hands of a portrait of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Map of Antarctica.

Article in the newspaper "Towards home mother," "Closer native shores."

Shooting .: 1985 view from the helicopter on the icebreaker, floating among the ice and the ship "Mikhail Somov" freed from ice captivity.

Meeting returning explorers.

Posters "Hooray Somovtsam!", "Glory to the Soviet polar explorers" and others.

Ship "Mikhail Somov" close to the pier.

Orchestra sailors.

Have the microphone stands Arthur Chilingarov (synchronous and behind the scenes) the authority of the Soviet country in the development of Antarctica.

PNRM. by title on board the ship "Mikhail Somov" View of the ice from the air.


Kapitsa AP - Soviet and Russian geographer and geomorphologist, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. AN Chilingarov - Soviet and Russian Arctic and Antarctic explorer, scientist, oceanographer, statesman and political figure.

Calendar: 1957 1959 1962 1985

Locations: Antarctica [9]

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