Faithfulness to Lenin's Learning about Protection of the Socialist Motherland.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Shvetsov S.


A review film about the protection of achievements of the Revolution (the Great October Socialist Revolution which took place in October, 1917) in different periods of the history of Soviet country.

Reel №1

The Decrees book, the Peace Decree.

The Painting “XI Syezd RSDRP” [“XI Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party“] and others.

Newsreel of the Civil War [Civil War in Russia in 1918-1922]:

People in the streets are reading newspapers.

A military ship is sailing.

The interventionists are marching; White Guardists are standing.

White Guardists on the boat.

Interventionists on board the ship.

A crowd.

The military operation map of summer 1918.

The leaflet “Sotsialisticheskoe Otechestvo v Opasnosti” ["Socialist Motherland Is in Danger"].

Lenin is speaking in the Red Square.

A meeting on the armored vehicle.

An orator is speaking.

The crowd.

The Resolution on establishing a Labor and Peasant Defense Council headed by Lenin.

A photograph: Lenin.

Lenin’s manuscripts.

Lenin’s letter.

Lenin at the tribune.

The orchestra is playing.

Soldiers are standing; passing by.

Steelmakers at the furnace.

The panorama of a factory meeting.

A demonstration in Germany.

Lenin’s speech from the Moscow Moscow City Council balcony.

The troops are going to the front.

An explosion.

A cannon is firing.

The cavalry is attacking.

The Banner of the First Cavalry army.

The crowd.

A photograph: Lenin in his study room.


The construction sites "Komsomolskaya" [“Young Communist League”], ”Dneprostroy” [“Construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Plant”].

An excavator bucket.

A man, a woman are working in the field.



A construction.

The map with the inscription "1941".

Newsreel of 1941-1945:


An explosion.

The poster “Rodina-Mat Zovet” ["The Motherland Is Calling You”].

A fight.

The machine gun is firing rapidly.

A worker.

The detail welding.

Tanks are running.


The soldiers are going.

Guns, Katyusha cannons are firing.

A standard-bearer.

The panorama of the block pavement.

Veterans are standing and passing by.

The USSR frontier.

The play-war ”Berezina”.

Soldiers are standing.

The Banner.

The newspaper “Pravda” ["The Truth"].

The brochure “Programma Kommunisticheskoy Partii” ["Communist Party Program”].

The Hall of the XXVII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU).

The construction site (a trolley is running).

The high-voltage plant.

A "BELAZ" (Byelorussian Automobile Plant) vehicle is standing.

The control panel.


A steelmaker by the furnace.

A woman.

A demonstration in support of peace

A peace march in the West.

The workers are carrying posters at the festival.