The USSR_India: Eternal Friendship.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kopalin V.

Script writers: Chekhonin B.

Operators: Lovkov V.


By order USSF film is dedicated to 40-th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between our countries and the 15 th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. A large section of the film is dedicated to Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to India in November 1986.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

1h. - M. Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru. Soviet-Indian cooperation on the construction of a steel plant in Bhilai. Session of the Indian NGO "Society of Friends of the Soviet Union" and "Indo-Soviet Cultural Society. Visiting Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Moscow (May 1985). 2h. - Scientific and cultural exchange through the society of the Soviet-Indian friendship. The Indian delegation acquainted with medicine and industry of the USSR. Show Indian films in cinemas in Moscow, an exhibition of paintings and books. House of Friendship. Gorky in Calcutta: film club, a library. The Soviet-India space cooperation: the flight R. Sharma, the Indian delegation at the Star City. Gorbachev's visit to India (November 1986). Soviet-Indian agreement on economic and technical cooperation. Meeting Gorbachev with the activists of Indo-Soviet societies.

Reel №1

Sea waves.

Boy pulls network.

Girl on the coast collects seashells.

Coconut tree.

Man climbs up the trunk.

Seashore, fishermen in boats.

Fishing boats in the sea.

A man collects the rope.

Coastal landscape.

Men carry a wheelbarrow with mats.

Report on the Indian city.

A solemn meeting in the fortress of the Red Fort in Delhi.

Serves Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Listening to the fortress.

Area of Rajpath, where it was put to the torch body of the great public figure of Mahatma Gandhi of India, are people.

Hindus spread pattern of the petals in place tradition fire arms.

Plate with an inscription.

Newsreel 40-ies .: Gandhi comes out of the car passes.

British police dispersed the people.

Gandhi stands.

Serves Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Shot gun.

Jawaharlal Nehru raises flag over the Red Fort Independence (1947).

Jawaharlal Nehru travels by car, the people welcomed.

Jawaharlal Nehru releases doves, pigeons fly.

People at the card.

Indian farmers in the agricultural sector.

Jawaharlal Nehru.

Moscow 1950.

Muscovites welcome Jawaharlal Nehru.

Jawaharlal Nehru held talks to the Soviet people, visiting the plant.

Shop factory; pouring metal.

Soviet-Indian talks; signing a document.

The meeting of the Soviet-Indian friendship, he spoke.

Port loading.

India tab plant at Bhilai, people in the field, builders nail plate with the inscription "Here is the first blast furnace", looking at maps, standing at the machine, at the high-voltage line.

Industrial facility.

Construction of the plant.

President of the Soviet-Indian friendship NV Goldin says in his study of the Soviet-Indian relations.


Welder at work.

Soviet specialists in construction.

Of pipe water flows.


Men inspect the car.

Combines, tractors in the field.

Plow plowed land.

Farmer on a bull.

Passers-by on the street, some in the national Indian clothes.

Face guard.

The building of the presidential palace.

President of the Republic of India Zail Singh, Vice President Venkataraman, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi receives Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR SB Tatlieva.

Meeting at the Presidential Palace.

A street in Moscow.

May 1985 General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee MS Gorbachev and Rajiv Gandhi, the Soviet-Indian talks.

The solemn ceremony of awarding the Indira Gandhi one of the squares of Moscow: there are people portrait of Indira Gandhi in the square.

Rajiv Gandhi in the square.

Plaque with the inscription: "The area of Indira Gandhi."

The participants applauded.

Flag waving.


Meeting dedicated to the 36th anniversary of the Republic of India: he spoke, present applauded.

Reel №2

Photo exhibition "USSR - India", visitors to the exhibition.


Indians at the exhibition.

Indian guests at the Institute of Surgery named after Vishnevsky: listen to the explanation, visiting the surgery.

Shop metallurgical plant.

Metal parts.

The Indian delegation in the shop.


Opening Week of Indian cinema in the cinema "Drummer" (January): Indian actors take the stage, greet the audience.

The audience applauded.

Newsreel 1955 .: The building of the cinema "Drummer".

Indian actor Raj Kapoor on stage during the first festival of Indian films.

Hall applauds.

Indian film poster.

Visitors (Russian and Indian) at an art exhibition in the Central House of Arts.

Paintings and drawings dedicated to India.

Taj Mahal in India.

Historic building.

Trading on the street Russian and Soviet books; people see the book.

Monument VI Lenin in Delhi.

The girl lays flowers at the monument.

The building of the Soviet cultural center in Calcutta Gorky.

Books in the center.

Sitting members of Cinema Club named after Sergei Eisenstein.

Portrait of Sergei Eisenstein.

Reading room, people in the audience.

Class (a language) in school "Sprint Deylz."

The school principal, Mrs. R. Kumar with his students studying Russian language in the schoolyard, said.

Listening children.

University building in the city of Agra.

Students of the All India Institute of Russian Language, sitting on the lawn.

Students draw up a wall newspaper in Russian, view photos.

Newsreel: Flag waving.

Says Indira Gandhi (on site).

Factory building.

Appearance HPP. High-voltage line.

Instruments, the people behind the console.

Persons Hindus.

People at work on the Indian satellite.

Soviet and Indian flags.

Indians greet cosmonaut VN Tereshkova, who arrived in India.

Indian guests at the Moscow school №21; Club members Jawaharlal Nehru holding placards, welcomed the guests.

Class in the 19th Moscow boarding school Indira Gandhi.

Guests from India considering album.

Exhibits - materials about India.

Book with records in Hindi.

The teacher leads a lesson in Hindi, says seniors.

Faces of the boys.

Reel №3

Speech amateur ensemble "White Lotus" in the Concert Hall "October": girls in traditional dress performing Indian dance.

Director of the ensemble Galina Nastasienko national instrument in the hands.

Hands beat on drums.

Nurse Vera Grishina sings Indian folk song.

Indian landscape: palm trees, the beach.

On the banks of the children go to the network.

Houses on the shore, are people.

City in India - traffic.

Street, passers-by.

Ensemble performs Madras police.

The audience watching and applauding.

Report of the city.

Portraits MS Gorbachev and Rajiv Gandhi on the street.

Flags fluttering in the street.

Passage through the streets, decorated in honor of MS Gorbachev.

Horse honor guard faces of the soldiers.

Car pulls.

The building of the presidential palace.

MS Gorbachev enters the building.

MS Gorbachev and Rajiv Gandhi negotiate, sign an agreement on economic and technical cooperation (27 November).

MS Gorbachev speaks to members of the Parliament of India.

Hall stands up and applauds.

House of Soviet science, art and culture in New Delhi.

Meeting MS Gorbachev and the activists of "Society of Friends of the Soviet Union" and "Indo-Soviet Cultural Society": MS Gorbachev greets members of the presidium, the hall and the Bureau of applause.

Speakers MS Gorbachev and other speakers.

Are members of the Soviet delegation.

MS and RM Gorbachev planting a tree in the park.

Shoot photographers.

A plaque on the tree.

See boy.

Family rides on a motorcycle.

Pass children with the teacher.

Monument of Mahatma Gandhi.