Who, But For us?. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Script writers: Zhukovskaya I., Sergeev V.

Operators: Artseulov K.


The film is about the best state farms and agro-industrial complex of the Omsk region, about the leaders of the new "perestroika" thinking, managed to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and to withdraw its economy to an advanced level.

Agriculture | Restructuring

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Omsk region, winter landscape: snow-covered fields, plantations.

Village streets, roofs covered with snow, the children go to school.

Frosty air, people on the streets of Omsk, transport.

Moscow, Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

XXVII Congress of the CPSU congress delegates in the hall.

Behind the podium, the first secretary of the Omsk regional party committee SI Manyakin speaks of the agricultural sector in Siberia (synchronously).

Omsk region, views of the river and fields from above, tractors working in the fields.

Breeders with flasks in the laboratory.

Experimental wheat field, plate "Omsk 9".

Irrigation system in the field.

Sow with piglets in a stall.

The operator at the controls.

The territory of the elevator, grain truck.

Harvest cucumbers in a field of tomatoes - in the greenhouse.

Grocery store, on display sausage, barrels with sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, honey.

View of the river and the fields above.

Film commented native of Omsk Region, People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Ulyanov (voice-over).

Scenery at sunset: the river, grass, village houses, tractor, ducks swim.

Motorcycle stands against the wall of the wooden house.

Wattle, rooster and chicken in the column.

Village streets, ducks in a pond, the dog.

The shepherd drives the cows and sheep in the street.

Baba leaves in a cart pulled by a horse.

Foal, sow with piglets.

Woman carrying water in buckets.

Male hosts in the yard of a private house, feed pets.

Bank of the river, crossing, cars and people on the ferry.

The villagers raised the ferry.

Ferry I stop trucks.

Truck driving on a country road.

Villagers carry the cart sacks of potatoes.

Ducks walk down the street.

Windows village houses.

Man chopping wood in front of the house, the kid on the bike, a woman with a child.

The old man compares his life in the village life grandchildren (synchronously)


SI Manyakin


Moscow Omsk region

Reel №2

Omsk region, village.

Young people talk about life in the village (synchronously).

Forest, wild herbs, berries, mushrooms, sunset over the river.

Forester said the barbaric attitude towards the forest (synchronously).

Country house, firewood front of the house, the woman on the bench.

A man carries a bucket on the yoke.

Farmers mow the grass in a meadow, mow.

A man unloads hay carts.

State Farm "Jubilee".

Director farm VI Pashkov talks about the difficulties in the work, acceleration and victories (synchronously).

Pashkov sitting behind the wheel of an SUV.

Rain, Pashkov is on the field.

Tractor in a field plowed land.

Machine-repair harvesters, Agriculture in the field.

Herd of cows grazing in the meadow.

Shepherd boy on horseback, Pashkov communicates with the boy.

Types of low productivity state farm land and river from the top.

Salt marshes, cow nibbling grass.

Dead trees, burnt under the sun meadow.

Restoration of soil fertility, forage harvester removes culture.


VI Pashkov


Omsk region

Reel №3

District, State Farm "Jubilee".

Farmers and agricultural work in the fields harvesting fodder.

Cows and bulls Hereford in the pasture, in the stalls.

Director farm VI Pashkov talks about the farm and innovative ways of rearing cattle (synchronously).

Winter, young leaves of the barn, walks in the paddock.

Pashkov communicates with farmers, food checks.

State farm house culture rehearsal.

Children dance and sing (synchronously).

Director farm Pashkov watching children.

Bayanists, state farm sings the chorus (synchronously).

Winter, an old woman with buckets in the column.

Elderly woman clears snow in front of the house. V.I.Pashkov talking about durability and performance Siberians (synchronously).

Stadium, the district cultural and sports festival.

Humorous competition on speed.

Villagers in traditional dress sawing wood, carry water in buckets on yokes.

Pond, swimming competition.

Fragment of regional competitions in athletics.

Motocross in the field.

View of fields and rivers with bird's-eye view.

District, State Farm "Ekaterynoslavsky."

Construction work on the elevator.

Director of the farm "Ekaterynoslavsky" N. Lysenko tells about the past and present of the farm (synchronously).

Workers in the field.

Villagers go fishing on the river.

Household sketches: a young man on horseback, the villagers in the cart, children with portfolios are out of school, geese.

Street two-story new home.

The old woman with the bread comes out of the store.

Sovkhozny kindergarten, a man picks up his daughter from the garden.

New homes (panorama of the car).

Director farm ND Lysenko communicates with children in kindergarten.

Children pairs go down the hall garden.

ND Lysenko tells about the conflict with the fiscal authorities because of the construction of children's plant (synchronously).

Children playing, drawing, doing needlework.


VI Pashkov


Omsk region

Reel №4

District, State Farm "Ekaterynoslavsky."

Director of the farm "Ekaterynoslavsky" ND Lysenko at the stables.

ND Lysenko says about horses and horse-riding school of the future (synchronously).

Grooms output horses from the stables.

Horse harnessed in a running rocking rider.

Horses in the meadow.

Apiary, ND Lysenko bypasses hives.

Poultry farm, the boys chase a flock of ducks in the pond.

Ducks swim in the pond.

Boys fed the ducks.

New homes in the village.

The hostess sets the table in the living room.

House Interior (panorama).

Girl in the room behind the desk.

The hostess tells about the life in the village (synchronously).

Outbuildings in the yard, a girl feeding chickens.

On the window of the bank with compote, cat.

Sheep in the pasture, the shepherds.

Shepherd talks about life at the farm, on his farm (synchronously).

Shepherd in his yard-fed cows.

Zernoochistitelnyh complex, ND Lysenko communicates with the director of the complex.

Calls in the truck, pours grain running equipment.

Harvester "Field" in the field harvesting wheat.

Director farm ND Lysenko oversees the work of the mechanics.

Trailer in a field mechanic washes his hands.

ND Lysenko says about the disadvantages of state planning (synchronously).

Birds fly over a haystack.

Construction Lusin pig in the Omsk region (photo).


ND Lysenko


Omsk region

Reel №5

District, State Farm "Luzin" Company "Omsk Bacon".

Luzin pig farm, farm buildings and production facilities.

The headquarters of the farm.

Central control pig farm operator at work.

Pigs in the stalls.

Electronic computer in a pigsty.

Washing pigs, sows with piglets.

Specialist works in the computer.

Employees and management staff in the workplace in the office.

Design Bureau at the farm "Luzino" designers with the drawings.

Cultural and sports complex.

Swimming pool, children and adults swim.

Men shake their muscles in the gym.

Women engaged in aerobics.

Children's Services, kids running around on the grass, painted on the asphalt.

Winter, cemetery, grave Director General of complex AP Mayorov.

AP Photos Mayorov and colleagues.

Staff can remember about Arthur Petrovich Mayorov (synchronously).

Omsk, pedestrians and vehicles on the streets.

The artist in the city in the open air.

Birch Grove in the spring.

Fountain in the park, the boy at the fountain, riding on a typewriter.

Plowed field, forest plantations.




Omsk region Omsk