Damnation. (film essay "The Planet Today"). (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skabard T.

Operators: Nered M.


About the problem of foreign terrorism.

Temporary description

1 hour - terrorist acts around the world (various subjects). 2 hours - the fight against terrorist acts and organized crime; protect themselves during the attack.

Reel №1

Italy: terrorists exploded car Express Milan-Naples train station (or tunnel); broken glass.

Are affected on a stretcher.

People on the street are the police; people crying, hugging.

Fire on the street, burning cars.

People go, closing his eyes from the smoke.

Smoke and fire in the street.

Carry the victim on fire.

Car accident victim was freed from the wreckage of the machine.

Lies injured.

Machine in the house; explosion in the house; destroyed house.

The people and the police on the street.

Carry victims of the explosion.

Man with bandaged hands in the ambulance.

Of ambulance stretcher is discharged with the wounded; female police officer turned away, covers his face.

People come out of the building, walking down the street.

The police have cars.

Terrorist actions: run into the building; running down the street; jump out of the car and take cover behind the car.

A man with a gun running to the car, the car drives off.

Passing police car and the car "ambulance".

The police at the house.

Blood on the pavement.

Police say on the radio.

The woman on the balcony.

Window of the house.

France: A poster with the inscription: "Time to say" no "in French.

French newspapers with photos and articles about the terrorist attacks.

People on the street after the explosion on the street lying thing.

Are affected in the street.

Police about victims, pass out of the car.

Site of the explosion.

There are cars "first aid".

Billboards and posters on the street (hand with gun, etc.).

Nantes: Terrorist passes through the courtroom, costs about a prosecutor.

Lawyer in the courtroom.

Courthouse, a terrorist looks out the window (he disarmed the police and released accomplices).

The street passing car, people go.

From building out a terrorist and freed the defendant; cameraman shoots.

Terrorist shoots.

Intersection, police shoot.

Broken windows and glass in the house.

Handwritten poster in French.

A policeman inspects the bags in humans.

People have a poster with pictures of wanted criminals.

There is a man with a suitcase.

Flower pot with clockwork.

Tin, a pack of cigarettes, a flask with an explosive device.

Bag explodes.

Plane takes off.

Terrorists with guns at cars at the airport.

Terrorist and hostage with a gun down the ladder.

Aircraft at the airport, some explode; burning plane.

Killed lie on a stretcher under the sheets.

Blood under the stretcher.

Things victims on the ground.

Crying girl.

Indian baby feeds from a bottle.

Carry the wounded.

A policeman checks a mine detector clothes man.

Search the passenger at the ramp.

Soldier with a gun in the terminal building.

Reel №2

Weapons on the table.

Men with laser weapons, machine guns and others.


Woman aiming a pistol.

People in the dash, the instructor teaches shooting.

Japan: people pull guns out of his pockets, shoot (exercises), self-defense techniques work out, run and fight with knives.

Rehearsed capture the terrorist.

A man looks out the window, another shot from behind the car, the man in the window falls.

Rehearsal protection cap leaders. countries: the police jump out of a helicopter, run over to a group of people, put them in a helicopter.

Helicopter flying over the city.

Fire on the street; burn shields.

Youth breaks the windows and doors.

The crowd in the street, boys throw stones.

Fleeing police.

A meeting of the neo-fascists in Italy.

Bust of Mussolini and flowers in a niche.

Killed on the pavement.

Gun on the ground.

People put on a stretcher killed.

Lying dead with a gun in his hand.

The criminals behind bars.

Police officers are arrested.

A police officer with a criminal behind bars.

The crowd in the street.

Crying woman in the window.

Are crying man.

Blood on the sidewalk, mutilated vehicle.

Defeated cafes, blood on the floor.

Go police cars, the police come.

The police are in the building, do a search in the room.

Ammunition and weapons on the table.

Rifle in the hands of the police.

The cafe sitting wounded (all - after the terrorist attacks).

Police officers in the crowd.

Crying woman.

A man washes inscription from the wall.

Police officers stand outside the house, take out the dead man carrying coffins.

India: On the stretcher carry a body of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, killed by terrorists.

Looks Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

A crowd of people.

Passes Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

The bullet that killed Olof Palme.

Fire burns.

Demonstration in defense of peace, are people with torches, carrying a poster.

People cry.

Frescoes of biblical themes on the walls of the cathedral (Europe).

Are arrested.

People walking on the street, a woman crying.

Policeman wounded support.

Lying wounded.

People fall on each other, then stand up.