Bryansk front (1943)

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Scene №1 Bryansk front

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Bryansk front, July 1943.

Sunrise over the river.

Panorama of wheat ears in the field.

Soldiers of the 8th infantry division of the 13th army in the trenches, observing enemy positions.

Panorama of the barbed wire on the front.

Soldiers in the trenches.

One of the soldiers preparing grenades for battle.

Soldiers in the trenches smoke, waiting for the order to start the attack.

Flare in the sky over the positions.

Artillery preparation before the attack.

Beat heavy guns.

Lieutenant, standing in the trench, watching the enemy positions, sitting next to the fighters, then fighters rise to his full height in a trench, preparing to attack.

Senior Lieutenant, looking through binoculars, then blows a whistle, giving the command to soldiers to start the attack.

Fighters of the trench are on the offensive, overcoming wire fences.

Smoke from artillery shells.

The gunners are on the attack.

Volleys of rocket launchers, Katyusha rockets.

The captain gives the signal flare to start the attack.

Flare in the sky.

A fighter from the reeds on the river monitors, and then he rises from the reeds with a rifle and runs.

Soldiers crossing the river.

Explosions on the river by shelling from Soviet artillery.

The soldiers ferried on rafts across the river.

Artillery crew at the 152 mm howitzer.

The commander commanded "Fire!".

The gun gives a shot.

Panorama of the battlefield in smoke from the exploding shells.

Calendar: 07.1943

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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View of a burning German dugout.

The corpse of the Nazis.

View of German artillery and ammunition, abandoned by the Nazis during the retreat.

General view of the German howitzers, which runs a Soviet submachine.

Soviet gunners, who took the position of the enemy, run around the trenches that had been abandoned by the Germans are fighting for one of the settlements.

Prisoners of the Germans come out with your hands out in the open, Soviet fighters escorting them.

A German machine gun nest on the thatched roof of the hut.

Soviet machine gunners, hiding a brick wall of a building, throws a grenade into a machine-gun nest of fascist.

The explosion on the roof, where dwelt a German machine gunner.

General view of burning houses in the village.

A car with 2 men who escort seriously wounded passing on the road.

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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