Two By Two ("Pioneriya" magazine, #4). (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Agadzhanyan E., Kudryashova G.

Script writers: Sluckaya G.

Operators: Belov I., Zaycev A., Ulyanov S.


The film is about various schools, about attempts of teachers to improve quality of the education, meetings of school directors and teachers are shot.

Childhood and youth | Education

Social life

Temporary description

A film about the restructuring of the school, teachers and students. Class of computers, engaged senior students. Moscow School. Start the school year. They stand first graders and older students with flowers. School in the Ukrainian village "Pretty." School yard. Teacher drawing AI Shevchenko and his disciples. Kids do still lifes, the school museum of folk art, peasant hut, children in the museum for the display of the dishes prepared, a kerosene lamp in the museum. Assembly Hall of the Moscow School, elections of the fair. " Teachers' Conference, are: principals Karakow, Tubelsky. The meeting room management of urban public education, on the podium Khadayev headmaster, deputy headmaster stands Kezina. Election of directors at a Moscow school, supported candidate for the Director MA Aryukov. Shoots cinematographer.

Reel №1

A panorama of a computer class in a Moscow school, senior pupils working at computers.

Hands are typing.

First graders and other pupils are going to school on September 1.

A first grade girl is ringing a bell.

A panorama of first graders with flowers and 10-th graders entering school.

A girl is holding a tablet saying “9-A”.

A directors’ meeting in a Moscow City Public Education Department: people are writing cospects, one of them is dozing, the Presidium.

The headmaster Karakovsky is speaking.

First graders.

Children are standing with flowers.

A panorama of teachers and children holding the poster saying “Let Us Live in Friendship!” (in the school yard).

The Ukrainian village Prelestnoye: the drawing teacher A.I. Shevchenko and pupils (3rd-4th form) are walking along the forest, picking crust, twigs.

Hands are making ikebana using stuffs from the forest.

Children’s faces.

Children are carrying exhibits for the Folk Arts Museum “Krestyanskaya Izba” [“Peasant Hut”], equipping the museum.

A panorama of A.A. Shevchenko teaching the children to operate a loom.

A panorama of children stirring paints.

The meeting of directors and teachers is going on: people in the lobby during the break, going out of the hall, passing by a TV camera.

The film crew are interviewing school directors.

The director A.M. Nubeksky and others in the lobby.

Hadaev, Director of School # 15, is speaking, the director Karakovsky and others.

The chairman of the meeting L.P. Kozina.

The entrance of the building.

The sign “GUNO” [the City Department of People’s Education]

A stands with posters.

The GUNO Conference Hall.

Rhetoric lessons in Music School # 22 in Moscow – girls are dancing, a girl is teaching.

First-graders at the lesson in school (their bore faces).

The sign on the GUNO door saying “The Head of the Chief Administration L. P. Kozina”.

The GUNO Reception Room.

A panorama of a corridor.

Reel №2

A game for teachers in the Estonian town of Pyltsamaa: a hand pushing the buttons and the monitor tumbler.

The screens are on.

People in the hall.

Comrade Gromyko is speaking.

The teacher E. Eremina among the presents.

Teachers are working at the table.

A teacher at the blackboard.

A schoolgirl in sportswear at the door, game participants are passing by.

A math lesson in the grade '2-A' of School # 91 is being taught by Eremina.

Pyltsamaa: the principal Kurkin is speaking.

Teachers at the table are listening to a methodologist.

A principal is listening.

Women are talking.

The screens of three monitors are on.

A cassette is being ejected from the monitor.

The election of principal is taking place in a Moscow school.

Pupils and teachers are listening.

A candidate for the post of principal is speaking.

A cameraman is shooting.

The head of a boarding school for blind deaf-mute children is making a speech.

A schoolboy is speaking.

A panorama of the voting in the hall.

Hands are putting a bulletin in the ballot box.

M.A. Aryukov is in the Presidium.

Pupils are running downstairs, standing on the ground floor.

An illuminated corridor with the slogan “Tikho!” [“Be Quiet”].

A panorama of the door opening.

The director A.N. Tubelsky is conducting classes for a group of teachers.

A panorama of electing a “Council of Justice” in the school hall.

A panorama of A.N. Tubelsky’s pupils.

Pupils and teachers are listening.

A panorama of a hand writing on the black board.

A panorama of the voting.

A first-grader with a bell.

A panorama of the Conference Hall, people are taking their seats.

A panorama of voluntary citizen patrolmen standing.

A camera.

A hand is typing on the computer keyboard.