Adam, Eva and Foreign Residence.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva M.

Script writers: Pavlovich A., Boycov A.

Operators: Grigorev N.

Text writers: Vysotskiy G.


The film tells the story of a fictitious marriage between Soviet citizens and foreigners in order to travel abroad.

Social life | Crime and Accidents

Society, social activities and community organizations

Reel №1

Fragment of a cartoon of the Fall of Adam.

Registry Office in Leningrad.

Registration of marriages between Soviet citizens and foreigners.

Couples painted, kissing.

Witnesses in the room with flowers.

Animation: Adam and Eve kiss.

Interview with couples in the embassy.

Foreigners tourists get off the bus.

People with things.

The hotel "Intourist", "Baltic", "Moscow".

Sculpture in the Park Summer in Leningrad.

People go down to the underpass.

Nightclub, lumiere.

People on the dance floor.

Beer "Heineken" is poured into a mug.

Holidaymakers at the bar, at the tables.

Cars go on the tunnel lighting.

Animation: imps.

Female detainees in police custody.

Prostitute sits with his back to the camera, talks about his love for the alien (synchronously).

Offset entries from her diary (voice-over).

Pictures of prostitutes with clients.

Photos pimp Vladimir Gnutova.

The criminal case was a prostitute.

Notebooks Gnutova and informant.

In the police department of Leningrad.

Flipping a criminal case against a citizen of the USSR, deceived foreign husband.

Read out an appeal to the police abandoned her husband, a citizen of Greece (behind the scenes).



Reel №2

Leningrad, summer, the crowd of passers-by.

Black-marketeers in the bookstore and the underpass.

A foreign ship in the port.

People with things pass through customs control.

Inspection of bags.

Animation: the serpent, Adam and Eve.

The informant tells about the mechanisms of organization marriages (synchronously).

Photos marriage bureau owner Alexander Balmagesa.

The criminal case on his name.

Sergey Emelyanov smuggler gives evidence of Balmagese and his fictitious marriage (synchronously).

Leningrad, summer, passers-by.

Wedding Palace.

Couples sign the paper.

Animation: Adam, Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden.