Questions to Citizens of the Country. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pyetyers P.

Script writers: Pyetyers P.

Operators: Zavyalov G.


About political and social meaning of the All-Union census of the population which took place in 1989.

Domestic policy


Temporary description

Leading film conducts interviews with women about the forthcoming All-Union census of 1989, commented on issues questionnaire. Turkmenistan. Construction of apartment houses in Ashgabat. House of newborns in the maternity hospital in Ashgabat. Trade fruit at the market. Estonia. City of Tallinn. Buyers on the trading floor supermarket Kayakas; movement of buses, trolley buses on the streets. Armenia. Residential quarter "Condi" in Yerevan. Marriage married in registry office. Young family with a baby carriage. Children playing in the yard of the kindergarten. Consumers are buying books in Armenian language bookstore in Yerevan. Students in the Classroom native (national) language. Newsreel Census 1939; questions answered: M. Vodop'yanov, M. Mazzei, D. Oistrakh. The building of the Main Computing Center USSR State Committee on Statistics. Hall Computing Center with electronic computers. Computer displays processed questionnaires.

Reel №1

A map of Moscow and the USSR.

A panorama of taiga, a river.

A city.

Towers of Svaneti (Georgia) (Svaneti is a historic province in Georgia).

People in the Red Square.

A chief journalist is asking questions to a woman in Red Square.

A panorama of the writer Leo Tolstoy’s mansion.

A photo of Leo Tolstoy.

Women standing at devices.

The newspaper “Pravda” [“Truth” ] dated of November 30, 1985, a zoom to newspaper lines “In the political bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union”.

A bus is running by a market in city of Baku.

Construction of a residential house.

Tractors are ploughing the soil.

A tractor with three seed drills.

At the bazaar in city of Ashgabat.

The inscription “KOOP” [abbreviation for “Cooperative Society”] on stalls.

A Turkmen woman is smiling.

Somebody’s hands are choosing a melon.

Selling of fruit; pomegranates are lying.

A field is being seeded.

An oil derrick.

A pipe welding.

A panorama of steelmakers standing at a blast furnace.

A woman is answering to journalist’s questions.

Various census papers.

A trading hall of the Tallinn Department Store “Kayacks”.

A female seller with a buyer.

Buyers are paying off at cashier’s desks.

A street of Tallinn.

A trolley bus is approaching the stop.

People are getting out of the trolley bus.

A driver.

People are getting into the trolley bus.

Doors are being closed.

A bus is pulling out; a trolley bus.

A driver’s mirror.

People are buying food stuffs.

A panorama from buyers to sellers.

A panorama of a street of the city at night.

People in the Red Square.

The city of Yerevan, Mount Ararat can be seen.

Construction of houses in the city Ashgabat.

Modern country side houses in the Estonian collective farm “Edazy”.

A questionnaire of the census.

Autumn leaves on the background of a pond.

Retired persons’ faces.

The Yerevan residential district “Kond”.

A panorama of houses of Yerevan.

A woman is asking a journalist a question.

A panorama of a young family with a baby carriage.

Visitors in a bar.

Mother with child in a telephone booth.

A barmaid.

A woman with a baby carriage.

A boy is feeding swans.

Women are talking.

Children in a yard of the nursery school.

A woman is sitting near the baby carriage.

A monument to Lenin in Moscow.

Turkmen are walking along a street.

A newly married couple is entering the Civil Registry Office (the city of Ashgabat).

The newly married couple in the Civil Registry Office; leaving it.

People dancing during the wedding.

A hall of a bookstore (the city of Yerevan).

Buyers are examining books.

Somebody’s hands are taking a book in Armenian.

Buyers standing at a counter.

A census paper.

A boy is writing at a black-board.

A teacher is speaking.

Pupils are listening to; a panorama over the class room.

A girl is reciting poems.

City Hall of Tallinn.

A street of Tallinn.

A fountain in Ashgabat.

A panorama of newly born children.

A nurse is putting newly born children to bed; a panorama over a ward.

A woman with a small boy.

A winter landscape.

A winter road.

A certificate and a badge of a census taker.

Newsreel of 1939:

The newspaper “Pravda” [“Truth”] dated of the 18th January.

A census taker is greeting people.

A census taker’s badge.

Mikhail Vodopyanov, a pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, is sitting at the table and answering questions of the census taker.

Somebody’s hand is filling in the census paper.

Makar Mazay, a famous steelmaker, during the census; with his child.

Somebody’s hand is filling in the census paper.

A panorama of the violinist David Oistrakh, with a census taker.

A panorama of questions of a census paper of 1989.

People are entering the Main Computation Center of the Goskomstat [State Statistical Bureau] of the Soviet Union.

The building of the Main Computation Center.

A panorama of computers.

A computer is producing processed papers.

A panorama of rotating discs.

Processing of census papers.

A display screen.

A hall of the Computation Center.

People working at computers.

A linkman is talking to a woman; then he is addressing to spectators.

The title “The All-Union Census of January 12 – 19, 1989” on the background of the map of the Soviet Union.