The House at the Square of Commune ("Soviet soldier" #2, magazine). (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Andrikanis E.

Script writers: Andrikanis E., Voronov N.

Operators: Kondakov S., Komm R.


About the history and activity of the Central House of the Sovier Army named after Mikhail Frunze (a Russian revolutionary).

The War in Afghanistan | Army

Wars, conflicts and disasters | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

A monument to Alexander Suvorov in the park of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

A panorama of the building of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

A panorama of the interior of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

The curtain in the hall of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

The newsreel of 1928:

The solemn opening of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army; people sitting in the hall.

The Presidium.

Andrey Bubnov, the Head of the Main Political Department of the Administration of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, is speaking.

Bubnov’s comrade-in-arms Unshlikht is speaking.

The inscription: “Central Palace will be the place of the joining of the Red Army man and the commander, Red Army working men”.

The military leaders are sitting.

The member of the 1st People’s Commissars Council Comrade Nicolay Bukharin is speaking.

The inscription: “The Red Army is a tank, absorbing young workers from the village… in order to grind them, remake and produce out pioneers of the Soviet culture”.

People sitting.

The inscription: “Moscow.

The House of the Red Army named after Comrade Frunze is opened”.

The building of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

Pictures of soldiers.

The newsreel of the 1930-s:

The inscription: “Greetings to Gorky” .

The Soviet writer Gorky with soldiers.

The newsreel of 1941-45:


A panorama of the writers Fadeyev and Sholokhov at the front.

The poet Alexander Tvardovsky with the soldiers.

The writers Fyodor Panferov, Konstantin Simonov and Ilya Erenburg are in a front garrisons; talking to the soldiers.

A panorama of the writer Stadnyuk at the meeting with the soldiers.

A panorama of Stadnyuk speaking.

The soldiers listening and asking questions.

The newsreel of 1941-45:

Pilots by the plane.

The plane’s cabin.

Front brigade is giving a concert; Emil Gilels is playing the piano.

A panorama of the soldiers listening.

Ludmila Ruslanova is performing for the front line soldiers.

The soldiers applauding.

Soldiers are passing by.

A bill on Lyudmila Zykina’s performance.

Soldiers’ faces (in the hall).

Ludmila Zykina on the stage.

Soldiers’ faces .

People listening.

A landscape with a road.

The road.

Ludmila Zykina together with her ensemble are going by bus (autumn).

A panorama of the ensemble performing.

A panorama of Ludmila Zykina singing.

Soldiers’ faces.

The soldiers are talking.

Hands writing in the notebook.

A panorama of a Conference in the Central House of the Soviet Army.

Reel №2

The city of Lvov.

A Lvov street .

An Army Conference.

A panorama of the soldiers in the hall.


Soldiers’ faces.

A camera-men is shooting.

A panorama of the Conference Hall and of the public speaker.


A panorama of soldiers’ faces.

Major Tretyak is speaking.

A panorama of the books on the shelves .

A panorama of the Library of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

A typographical machine is at work.

A panorama of the printing house of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.

A poster with the inscription: “The Exhibition of Methodic Literature”.

A panorama of the books.

A panorama of a samovar (traditional Russian teakettle) being put on the fire.

A session of the editorial board of the oral magazine “Boyevaya podruga” [“Female-Comrade-in-Arms”].

A panorama of the kettle.

A panorama of women sitting at the table.

Helicopters are taking off.

Helicopter pilot’ face.

The Earth.

The newsreel of 1979-1980:

The Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan.

The soldiers are laying munition.

A soldier is putting on a bulletproof vest.

The munitions.

A panorama of the soldiers carrying weapons.

Lieutenant Colonel Kucherya is speaking.

A soldier is sitting on the tank hatchway.

The soldiers are sitting.

The singer Dmitry Gnatyuk is performing for the soldiers in Afghanistan.

Dmitry Gnatyuk is singing.

Military vehicles are going.

A panorama of a camelcade passing by.

People are walking along the park.

Moscow nowadays.

People sitting.

A panorama of the brass band playing.

A panorama of the building of the Central Palace of the Soviet Army.