The Baikal Pain.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ermolaev L.

Script writers: Ermolaev L., Karadzhev B.

Operators: Ivanov V.

Anouncers: Durov L.


On the struggle for the cleanness of Baikal Lake, the Irkut River.

Ecology | Society, social activities and community organizations

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

View of Lake Baikal, the setting sun on the horizon.

Coastal waves of Lake Baikal.

Smoke a pipe of the Baikal pulp and paper mill.

Treatment facilities at the plant.

Rally against the construction of a pipeline for sewage into the river Irkut.

Girl reading (synchronous and behind the scenes) the resolution of the meeting.

People sign the appeal.

Poster "conveyor belt of death - no!".

Is a demonstration, carrying a banner "Save Baikal and Irkut".

Rally participants listen to speakers.

Posters "all the world to protect the lake and Irkut", "Citizens of the USSR are obliged to protect the environment".

PNRM. system of treatment facilities pulp and paper mill.

Gives an interview (synchronously) Deputy Director of Plant Environmental Protection Agency that the waste before discharge into the lake well cleaned.

Director of the Institute of Environmental Toxicology says (synchronous and behind the scenes) about the harm to wildlife of Lake Baikal.

Smoke a pipe of the Baikal pulp and paper mill.

Academician gives interviews (synchronously) of the possibility of irreparable harm to the lake.

At a rally girl read (synchronous and behind the scenes) appeal "to all people of good will."

Man with two buckets and a yoke fits the snowy ice to the river Irkut, buckets to collect water.

View of the river from the top of the beach.

PNRM. downwards through the building.

A sign at the entrance "Ministry of Forestry of the USSR."

Corridor plaque at the entrance to the office of "Head of the nature and water Sizov Eugene A.".

Interview Sizova EA (Synchronously) on water pollution of Lake Baikal.

A man carrying a bucket of water on a yoke.

The village in winter, from the chimney on the roof of the house is smoke.

The building of Ministry of Forestry of the USSR. Girl lays out the paper in the cells.

Tree cutting an electric saw.

Fall sawed pine.

Trees on the ground.

Pipes lie on the snow.

Carved into the forest glade Printing of newspapers.

Articles in the newspaper: "What will be the conduit", "water pipeline started."

Glade in the forest under the snow.

People at the meeting to discuss the problem.

Says Valentin Rasputin (behind the scenes and synchronously) on the unreasonableness of the conduit.

Poster "Post Protection of Lake Baikal", PNRM. people signed the papers on the street.

Writer Valentin Rasputin also signed the paper deals with people.


VG Rasputin - Russian writer, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize


Irkutsk region Moscow

Reel №2

PNRM. the studio, the artist at work.

Gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes), Honored Artist of the RSFSR on the movement in defense of Lake Baikal.

View from the top of the people in the square, runs a rally against the pollution of Lake Baikal and the Irkut River.

Poster "50,000 signatures - for the purity of the Irkut."

People listen to an appeal to the central authorities of the country.

Posters "Save Baikal and Irkut", "Baikal - our soul" of the Irkutsk regional party committee secretary Ivanitskii stands on the podium of the rally.

Demonstration with placards walking down the street.

Printing of newspapers.

An article in the Irkutsk regional newspaper "...

After the rally. "

Among the demonstrators is a boy with a poster on his chest, "I want to grow up healthy!".

Printing of newspapers.

The newspaper "The East-Siberian truth".

Sign on the door "Editor Butakov Gennady Mikhailovich."

View from the window of the editorial office, working teletype machine.

GM gives interview Butakov (behind the scenes and synchronous) that the newspaper expresses the position of the regional party committee.

The label "Irkutsk Regional Committee of the CPSU."

The representative of the regional committee says (synchronously) on the coincidence of party positions with public opinion.

Street Irkutsk, pedestrians.

People read the information on the stand, signed the papers in defense of Lake Baikal.

Woman on the street says (synchronously) on the detention of activists by the police to protect the lake.

Eyewitnesses Group (synchronous and behind the scenes) of demonstrators clash with police.

PNRM. on a multi-storey brick house.

Residents look out from the windows of the house.

The street passing police car.

Dock on the lake.

Says Valentin Rasputin (behind the scenes and synchronously) about public opinion.

The boat floats on water.

Go pedestrians.

Snow-covered glade in the forest.

The street is a demonstration, carrying a banner "Save Baikal and Irkut".

PNRM. the pipes lying on the ground.

Tractors are covered with snow.

Go pedestrians.

View of Lake Baikal.

Coastal waves.

Smoke a pipe.

PNRM. by the participants of the rally in defense of Lake Baikal.

A man with a placard "Publicity - Weapon restructuring".

Participants of the meeting talking.

Man sets poster "Post Protection of Lake Baikal".

Lake View.

Sailing boat on the water.


VG Rasputin - Russian writer, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize.


Irkutsk region