The Afghan Dream-Book.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Chubakova T.

Script writers: Baranov S., Vlasov A.

Operators: Kokusev E.


On the destiny of the "Afghan" (Soviet soldier who used to fight in Afghanistan) Ruslan who has become a drug addict. Frames of the war in Afghanistan are used.

The War in Afghanistan

Wars, conflicts and disasters | War

Temporary description

Psychological harassment of Afghan war veterans. (The fate of Ruslan), use of drugs.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1980: The opening and closing of the Olympic Games in Moscow: Pass athletes -

Scoreboard -

PNRM. the podium and flagpoles

Photographers and cameramen -

The athlete runs to the Olympic Flame -

Athlete lights the Olympic flame -

The athlete with the torch is lit at the fire -

Pass athletes - CU.,

The spectators in the stands -

"Live" picture -

The stadium, the Olympic Bear with balloons -

Fireworks - MS.plany

Bear takes off into the night sky -

Newsreel of the 80's.

Brezhnev - (Multrabota)

The room - a psychologist Vera and Ruslan - PNRM.

Says psychologist (synchronous)

Ruslan is sitting with his eyes closed - hitting

Newsreel of the 80's.:

Afghanistan: Wheels carts -

In a donkey and a cart ride old boy - CU.,

Tank runs into the trench -

Head Ruslana -

Said Ruslan (synchronous) -

Eye of the ram -

Ram's head on the grass -

Soldiers -, PNRM.

A soldier in the hatch of the tank -

The soldiers on the tank -

Orchestra -, impact

Passing on the BTR-ah Soviet soldiers -, PNRM.

Cameraman - CU.,, PNRM.

Soldiers receives flowers - PNRM., and departure

The officer salutes -

Gas stove -

PNRM. on Svetlana

Woman wheeling through the corridors of the wheelchair -

Stillbirth -, impact

Newsreel of the 80's:

Afghanistan - The Broken appliances, dead people -, travel

The wounded man slips on a slope - MS.plany

Burning car -

Dead people - PNRM.,

Ruslan - CU.,, PNRM.

Candles -, PNRM. on praying

Lit candle -

Priest - (Multrabota)

Newsreel of the 80's:

Afghanistan: People on the streets of Kabul - (Removed from the rocking of the camera)

Legless beggar -

Soviet soldiers hand out gifts to the Afghans - LS.,, PNRM.

Afghans -, PNRM.

An Afghan man on the steps of reading a newspaper -

An Afghan man sits on the hood of the car -

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of the 80's:

Afghanistan paratrooper -

Flying helicopter -

Fires Missile Launcher - MS.,


Are the children with their hands - PNRM.,,

Deserted streets of Kabul -

People around the dead girl -, Departure

Girl crawling on the floor with one leg -

A boy with a prosthetic arm -

Cemetery -, Departure

[_] Ruslan sits with eyes closed -, impact

Man hews pole ax -

The priest comes down the stairs - (Multrabota)

An elderly man with a beard -

Fotoreklama PNRM. and departure -

Said Ruslan (synchronous) -

Hand -

Lightning -, PNRM.

PNRM. by Ruslan and psychologist -

Listening to a psychologist -

Said Ruslan (synchronous) -

Listening to a psychologist -

Ruslan - (Snapshot)


February 1988 withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan: Drove a tank -

Listen to the soldiers -, PNRM. (Background speech Gromov).

Newspaper -, impact

Listen to the soldiers -, Departure

[_] An old woman in black -, PNRM. at the picture on the wall

Women in Black -

Soldiers marching on the parade ground -, impact, departure

A woman coming down the stairs - leaving