Alexander Vedernikov. My Quiet Motherland.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Razdorskiy S.

Script writers: Plyusnina S.

Operators: Lebedev O., Stupin V.

Composers: Borodin A., Ledenev N., Sviridov G., Strokin M., Chesnokov P.


On the creative and human destiny of the Bolshoi Theater soloist Alexander Vedernikov.

Music | Musicians

Biography | Persons of arts | Culture and Arts

Reel №1

The lead singer of the Bolshoi Theater, Alexander Vedernikov, is sitting at the fireplace; he is talking about himself.

Alexander Vedernikov is singing Ivan Susanin’s aria from the opera of the same name.

A panorama of pictures of Alexander Vedernikov in different characters.

Alexander Vedernikov and the other artists are acknowledging the applause after the performance, they are given flowers.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov behind the curtain, he is saying good-bye to other participants of the performance.

Alexander Vedernikov’s anniversary: the principal musician of the Bolshoi Theater, Alexander Nikolayevich Lazarev, is greeting Alexander Vedernikov and other artists on the stage are listening.

A panorama of Alexander Lazarev kissing Alexander Vedernikov.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov acknowledging the applause of the artists and spectators.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov singing Boris Godunov’s aria from the opera of the same name.

Reel №2

Alexander Vedernikov at the fireplace.

A panorama of the Kirov oblast landscape.

Alexander Vedernikov is entering a destroyed church building, a panorama of the destroyed building, domes.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov singing the prayer “Zhertva vechernyaya” [Evening sacrifice] with a chorus in the church.

Alexander Vedernikov is looking at the church domes, a panorama of the churches.

An icon.

The evening landscape, the sunset.

The church.

A destroyed church.

A landscape of the middle of Russia.

Reel №3

Alexander Vedernikov is walking through a village, at the cemetery.

A tombstone.

The evening landscape.

The sunset.

A panorama of a river, a forest.

A panorama of a village.

Alexander Vedernikov in the forest.

A forsaken village, destroyed houses.

A panorama of an old woman passing by.

A panorama of the outskirts of the village, village, road.

Alexander Vedernikov is walking through the village with his mother and other old women.

A panorama of a cat.

Alexander Vedernikov is talking about his family.

A panorama of the interior of a village house.

The Vedernikovs’ family pictures.

A panorama of pictures.

Reel №4

A picture, family pictures.

Alexander Vedernikov is sitting near a river, he is weaving a basket.

A car is passing by.

A panorama of a forsaken house, a lock on the door.

Alexander Vedernikov is splitting logs.

Alexander Vedernikov is singing the song named “12 robbers” with a chorus.

Alexander Vedernikov at the fireplace, he is speaking.

Alexander Vedernikov is painting at the monument to A.S.Pushkin.

A panorama of the moon over the river.

A panorama of Russian landscapes.

A horse on grass.

A panorama of the river, trees.

A panorama of ducks in the river.

A picture: dying Pushkin.

Reel №5

A panorama of landscapes.

Alexander Vedernikov is painting.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov’s pictures.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov singing, his elder son Alexander is accompanying him.

A panorama of Alexander Vedernikov and his younger son Boris (an artist) near a fire in the forest.

Alexander Vedernikov is listening to music; hands.

Fire in the fireplace.