Consumer cooperatives today.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kiselev S.

Script writers: Ermakov V.

Operators: Maev V., Kiselev S., Yatsura A.


Multiple functions of the consumer society, international cooperation Centrosoyuz.

Trade | Foreign policy | Economic cooperation

Sectors of the economy | Policy

Temporary description

Argentine cooperatives are trained in cooperative institute, training of teachers with students, trainees. Distribution centers, warehouses, shops, cafes, a bakery, a tin shop, a ceramic workshop consumer cooperatives. Sale of consumer goods, agricultural products in stores consumer. Fair Mirgorodskaya interdistrict base. Acceptance of agricultural products from the public collection points consumer. Greenhouses with flowers agricultural association "AGRO". International Flower Show, taking place in the Soviet Union, with the participation of foreign firms.

Reel №1

A motor-boat is sailing.

Argentine students on board the motor-boat.

Students are dancing.

A young man.

A panorama of the Kremlin Wall and the motor-boat with students.

The building of the Cooperation Institute.

Classes in the Lecture-Hall.

A panorama of Argentine students sitting.

A lecturer and students in the Lecture-Hall.

A panorama of an exhibition .

Fur products

Agricultural poducts.

A panorama of the exhibition visitors and textiles.

A wholesale depot.

The women at work.

A ready-made dress store .

A panorama of the village of Matusovo.

The collective farm’s administration members standing by the buildings under construction.

Construction of a house.

The village of Matusovo.

A car leaving the store.

A shop-store.

A shop and a customer.

Men are loading the frames.

A furniture store.

A department store building.

Porcelain department in the store.

Radio details department

A panorama of shop’s counters.

The Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Gothic style architectural ensemble of the XVI century.

A canteen.

The dishes are being served out.

A woman’s face.

Cooked dishes.

The canteen.

A panorama of Saaremaa Island and an old mill.

A panorama of the café hall in the old mill.

Men and women are sitting at the table.

A laid table.

A barman.

A panorama of the girls at the bar stand.

A panorama of the old mill.

A shopping centre.

A city street.

A shop sign.

The shops of the consumer co-operation.

A panorama of a shop floor.

Vegetables sale.

A car is going along the village.

The shop representatives are purchasing vegetables from the inhabitants; men selling vegetables.

Mushroom drying.

Containers with salted mushrooms.

A market.

Pepper reception in the market.

A panorama of a shop in the market.

A trade fair.

Gypsies are dancing.

A panorama of an auction.

Cows, geese, bull-calves, a horse are being sold.

The market trade.



A panorama of vegetables.

A round loaf.

Reel №2

A panorama of a graphic bakery image.

A panorama of the bakery.


A woman.

A production line of long loafs.

A smoke house.

A panorama of sausages.


A panorama of smoked fish.

A tinned good workshop.

A tinned goods production line .

A woman is working.

A panorama of the canning shop.

The head of the shop is talking to the dispatcher.

Boxes with labels.

A panorama of tins.

A ceramic workshop.

A potter.

The potter’s hands.

His face.

The potter is working.

Painters are looking through the album.

A woman is painting a vase.

A table with ceramics.

A ceramics exhibition.

A panorama of a street in the city of Tallinn.


A woman is selling flowers.

Floricultural Association “Agro”.

A greenhouse.

A panorama of various flowers.

A panorama of playing children.

The children with their teacher on the bench.

The girls are twisting a hula hoop.

The boys are climbing the rope-ladder.

A kindergarten.

A panorama of a girl sitting with her mother.

A panorama of a furniture store.

A panorama of chairs.

A table and chairs.

An exhibition, a panorama of stands.

A show stand with shoes.

An exhibition of flowers.

The visitors are examining the flowers.

A panorama of flowers.