Berlin (1926-1930)

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Scene №1 Berlin

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The window of the apartment.

The hostess's hand shakes out the rag.

A woman pours water on the porch steps.

The curtain of the grocery store window opens.

Railway track leading under the arches of the station.

View of the railway track.

Arrival of the train at the station.

View of the platform (top), passengers get out of the car.

Passengers walk along the platform to the exit of the station building.

Passengers get out of the car.

People go down into the underpass.

People walk along the railway track, a train passes along the tracks.

Views of the Berlin metro station.

Feet of passers-by on the Berlin pavement.

A herd of oxen is being driven to the slaughterhouse on the pavement.

Workers go to the factory, street views.

People pass by the organ grinder.

The hand turns the barrel organ handle.

People pass through the overpass.

Factory chimney.

Passengers sit in the bus company "Lufthansa".

Hands of the conductor composting tickets.

Movers at the airport lower their Luggage in the Elevator.

Cars and cyclists on the streets of Berlin.

Passengers on the second floor of an open bus.

Cars, pedestrians, trams and cabs on the streets of the city.

Traffic of cars and trams at intersections.

Traffic controller at the intersection.

People run across the road.

Revolving glass doors.

Car transport on the streets of Berlin.

An electrician opens a switchboard inside a street poster stand.

The types of the switchboard.

A bus passes by.

Passengers on the bus read Newspapers.

People walk past the shop window.

Pedestrians, buses and trams on the streets of the city.

Cars turn at the intersection.

Mechanical grinder dummy in the shop window.

The man throws his cigarette butt on the pavement.

Cab driver on the streets of Berlin.

City transport on the streets of the city, people run across the street in front of passing cars.

Car shop window, a man stops in front of it.

The newlyweds get out of the taxi and go up the steps.

Rotating mannequins in the shop window.

Views of the streets of Berlin in the rain, people under umbrellas.

People pass through the streets.

Two girls look out of the window at the street.

People on the streets of the city, the bus stops at the bus stop.

Passengers go up to the second floor of the bus.

Types of stairs in the underpass, people in the transition.

A man looks at the window of a bookstore, goes into the store.

People on the streets of Berlin.

A woman on the street selling matches.

The hands of the seller of a jewelry store, taking the necklace from the mannequin.

An elderly woman on the street collects alms.

Demonstration of DoD in a summer cafe.

A cafe visitor puts on makeup.

Newspaper seller at the entrance to the summer cafe.

Visitors to the summer cafe at the tables.

Men enter the territory of the cafe.

The waiter takes the order.

The customer calls the waiter.

Open flower kiosk on the city street.

Couples in love on the benches.

Street lights are lit.

View of the river in the moonlight.

Lights on the embankment.

Cars go over the bridge.

Burning car headlights.

Glowing advertising on the streets of Berlin in the evening.

Lighted shop Windows, cafes and restaurants.

Buses on the streets of the city.

People at the entrance to the theater.

Passengers get into a taxi, and the begging boy stays on the sidewalk.

Fashion show.

People dance in the restaurant hall.

Dancing feet.

City transport views of the streets of Berlin in the evening.

Calendar: 1926-1930

Locations: Berlin [821]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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