The Ark.. (1989)

Film-document №9692 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:12 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Script writers: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Savchenko I.


About inhabitats of the old house preserved among new buildings of Moscow.

Society, social activities and community organizations

Social life

Temporary description

The film tells about the inhabitants of a two-story house, miraculously preserved among the new buildings in Moscow. Seascape. The trees in the forest. Various aspects of building houses. Actors on the stage during a performance at a Moscow theater. Traffic regulator monitors traffic on Mayakovsky Square in Moscow. People on the streets of the city. Weaving machines in the shop of one of the plants. People go on the bus. Two-story courtyard building in Moscow. Residents walk in the yard, talking with the children, talk to a journalist (synchronously). A resident of the house feeds the child in the kitchen. Children playing the piano in the room, talking to his father (synchronously). View of a destroyed house. Utensils, abandoned in the snow.

Reel №1

A multistory house, a panorama of the fenced pieces of land (winter).

A panorama of an armchair and a telephone on the snow.

A stage with the ark scenery.

A panorama of an actor’s legs in boots, walking along the stage.

A match is being stricken; the actor’s face and body are being illuminated.

Waves are lapping the seashore (summer).

Mountain peaks are covered with snow.


A panorama of trees in the forest.

A panorama of a tree trunk, an anthill.

A panorama of cars standing and running around the park.

Constructions against the sun.

The actor’s hand is holding a burning out match, the match is burning out.

The musician-illuminated is being lightened.

A scene from a play.

The drummer’s face.

A traffic controller in the city street is megaphoning.

A panorama of metal melting.

A panorama of an operating automatic machine-tool.

A panorama of dead fish on the water surface.

A dry tree.

Factory chimneys are smoking.

A worker at the machine-tool.

Pedestrians at a crossroad in the city of Moscow.

A truck is entering the pavement.

Hands are putting apples on the scales, then into the string bag.

Passers-by in the street; waking against a metal grate.

People’s legs walking along the wooden footbridge.

People are walking along the street where the constructional works are being carried out.

A crowd in the street.

A woman is in the garden, a child is playing beside, a dog is lying.

People in the street, construction materials.

A panorama of a spinning room, a spinning machine is operating.

A panorama of people pushing each other, getting on the bus.

The bus is leaving.

Reel №2

People in a city street.

A panorama of a bucket, a destroyed house, fragments are burning in the fire.

A panorama of a man’s face and stretched hands.

A machine is stubbing up a tree.

An old man is passing by.

Something is being put on the stretched hands.

Crows on the dump.

A boy is throwing stones.

An autumn garden.

A woman with a child in the garden.

Male teenagers are opening the gate, entering the garden.

A dog is lying on the grass.

A cat is sitting on the windowsill.

Leaves are falling.

A panorama of a man walking along the park, entering the garden; approaching the child, taking him in his arms and carrying him.

A family in the room, the mother is talking to children.

A dog is in the room.

The mother is feeding her small son Tima in the kitchen, talking to him; Tima is eating.

Twins are in the room: one is reading, another is stroking a cat.

Tima and his father are sitting at the piano, talking.

The child’s hands on the piano keys.

A boy is approaching the work bench.

A dog is sitting next to the door.

A panorama of boys sitting on the sofa with a newspaper.

The cat is yawning.

A basket with flowers.

A kettle, a spoon, a telephone set on the snow, an armchair on the snow, a snowdrift at the gate.

A room wall.

The machine is banking the fallen trees.

A bucket, a destroyed house, trees sawed off are burning.

A wasteland, a panorama of a multistory house.

The scenery is being folded.