Foreign Economic Relations of the USSR. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Sofronov V.

Script writers: Vedernikov U.

Operators: Lebedev A., Stupin V.


The film tells the story of foreign economic activity of the USSR during perestroika and the creation of joint ventures with Western companies across the country, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

International cooperation | Sectors of the economy | Trade

Policy | Foreign policy

Reel №1

Far East, views of the coast.

Ship at sea.

Passers-by on the streets.

Cargo port, tower cranes.

Unloading of foreign vessels.

Drilling rigs at sea.

Bay Bridge.

Winter landscape.

Pelts, souvenirs crafts.

Engineer at the bench.

Harvester Don 1500. In the workshop space industry enterprises.

Soviet leaflets.

Opening of the International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow.

At the microphone deputy chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the USSR V.E.Galanov, Academician Yevgeny Velikhov.

Cut the red ribbon.

Soviet electronics in the pavilion.

Prague, people and vehicles on the street.

Sale of goods in the shops of the Soviet production of Prague.

Center for the introduction of biotechnology in agriculture (Czechoslovakia).

In the laboratory work Soviet and Czechoslovak scientists.

Combine "CKD - ​​Electrical" (Czechoslovakia).

Workshop for the production of equipment for gas compressor stations on the technology of the Leningrad association "Electric power".

Prague metro station "Moskovskaya".

People come out of cars, riding the train.

People in the lobby subway escalator.

Moscow, autumn, passers-by.

Bus advertising "Pepsi".

Posters and leaflets of the joint Russian-American advertising agency.

Odessa, Potemkin Stairs.

Truck with a hydraulic crane rides through the streets of Odessa.

Factory shop called "January Uprising".

Production of hydraulic cranes with European firms.

Germany, plant of the company «Liebherr».

Designing machines with the help of computers.

Computer center.

Soviet and German designers and programmers for computers.

Joint Soviet-West German enterprise "Homatek."

Moscow Machine-Tool Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze.

The workers on the shop floors in overalls with symbols "Homatek."

Computer department of the company "Homatek."

Constructors for tablets.

Says the director of the company «Xomatek» Vladimir Savin (synchronously).

Administrative building of the company «Heinemann».

Director of Heinemann Mr.

Lang at your desk.

Workers in the shops of the Soviet-German enterprise «Heinemann».

Machines and equipment.

Leningrad, The Bronze Horseman monument.

Enterprise "Lenvest" (together with the West by "Salamander").

Workshop for the production of shoes.

Conveyor, seamstress for the cars.

Work boots burns.

Shoes on display.

The saleswoman at the store shows boot.


V.E.Galanov EPVelikhov V.Savin Mr. Lang


Moscow Prague Odessa FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) Leningrad Primorsky Krai

Reel №2

Germany, Kornwestheim, the building company "Salamander".

Says a board member of the company "Salamander" on cooperation with Russia (synchronously).

Workers in the shops, equipment.

The process of making shoes.

Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (the "Russian House").

Head Nikolai Kuznetsov at your desk.

Building Ost-West Handelsbank.

Said the deputy chairman of the East-West Handelsbank I.K.Nigmetzanov (synchronously).

Office premises of the bank, the employees at work.

The building of the company "Awning", supplying the Soviet products abroad.

Storage room, shelves with boxes, loader.

Employees communicate smoking.

Soviet television, radio, refrigerator.

Joint Soviet-French-Italian company "Interquadro".

Room with a lot of computer equipment.

Worked as a programmer.

Representation of the Italian firm "Olivetti" in Moscow.

Signing of the Agreement on deliveries to the USSR of personal computers.

The exhibition of personal computers the company "Olivetti" in Vladivostok.

At the microphone representative of "Olivetti" Mr.


Visitors to the exhibition at the computer.

Far East, Ussuri taiga.

Specialist growing ginseng from China pulls ginseng root.

The study of soil.

Chinese and Soviet representatives of entrepreneurs from the NGO "Khabarovsk".

Tractor in the field, land preparation for planting of ginseng root.

The Chinese and the Russians are at the negotiating table.

Director General of the NGO "Khabarovsk" Valentin Tsoi.

The signing of the documents on the establishment of a joint Soviet-Chinese enterprise.

Moscow center of international trade and scientific-technical relations.

Seminar Chamber of Commerce of the USSR and the US "Business International".

Participants of the seminar on the stage and in the hall of the palace.

Office center in Moscow, signs at the entrance of foreign companies.

Passers-by and vehicles on the streets of Moscow.

Forest landscape, mountains, gorges.


N.Kuznetsov I.K.Nigmetzanov Mariotti V. Tsoi


FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) Cologne Moscow Khabarovsk Krai Vladivostok