When I Come Back. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Khodyakov V.

Script writers: Tarnoruder L., Firsova D.

Operators: Kuzminskiy S.


About lives of people who left the homeland for various reasons.


Social life

Reel №1

A panorama of the Sheremetyevo Airport at night, a British airlines airplane is on a take-off strip.

An electronic display showing flights in English.

A man is carrying his luggage on a truck.

An information sign of the airdrome services.

A part of an airplane with a name of a British airlines company.

Customs officials are making a search.

Passengers in the airport.

A panorama of a woman standing with a child on her hands.

A woman who has returned from Israel is giving an interview.

Passengers and those who are meeting are in the airport.

A panorama of an airplane taking off.

Passers-by in the Stoleshnikov Lane and in other streets of Moscow.

Cars are going by.

A cast-iron grate of one of the Neva quays.

A sphinx on a quay.

The fence of the Summer Garden.

A photograph: poetess Irina Odoevtseva who left Petrograd in 1922.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Newsreel of the beginning of the 20th century:

Streets of Paris, cars are going by.

A photograph: Russian emigrants, Alexander Kuprin and Ivan Bunin are among them.

Marina Tsvetaeva; Irina Odoevtseva and Alexander Kuprin, Ivan Bunin, Nikolay Gumilyov and other emigrants.

Newsreel of 1937:

Homecoming of writer Alexander Kuprin.

Kuprin amid friends is walking along the platform.

A panorama of Alexander Kuprin’s grave in Moscow.

Poetess Irina Odoevtseva’s apartment in Leningrad.

Newsperson Anna Kolonitskaya is telling about her meeting with Odoevtseva in Paris and about Odoevtseva’s return in Russia.

A photograph: Anna Kolonitskaya and Irina Odoevtseva.

Photographs of various years from Irina Odoevtseva’s album.

Irina Odoevtseva in a resthouse of writers among her friends outdoor.

An elderly couple is walking by on a parkway.

Young people are on a parkway.

A woman is knitting while sitting on a bench.

A panorama of the Neva quay fence.

A panorama of a building in Vilnius.

A panorama of a Vilnius street.

A panorama of a studio of artist Kazimiras Zharomskis who came back home from the USA at the age of 75.

Artist Kazimiras Zharomskis is in his studio at work.

Kazimiras Zharomskis’s paintings; Kazimiras Zharomskis’ studio; various diplomas.

Kazimiras Zharomskis is telling about homesickness, etc.

Photographs of Kazimiras Zharomskis from his album.

Sceneries of Lithuania; a Vilnius street.

The Vilnius University.

Students in the yard of the University.

Teacher of the University Helmut Arnashyus, Ph.D., who has lived in the Federal Republic of Germany for twenty years is among students, he is speaking with the students.

Reel №2

A document of Helmut Arnashyus with his photograph is in V. Khodyakov’s hands.

Helmut Arnashyus is telling about his life in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Helmut Arnashyus is speaking and smoking a pipe, a panorama of V. Khodyakov sitting with a microphone in his hands.

Sceneries of Lithuania, a house with a thatched roof; a field, a meadow; sunshades on a beach; the Curonian Spit; a castle on the opposite side of the bay; Arnashyus is standing in a boat.

Helmut Arnashyus’ house, a panorama of flowers and the house.

Arnashyusis walking over the apartment with a baby in his hands; Arnashyus’s wife; Arnashyus is holding the baby, his wife is close to him.

Late autumn.

A woman at the Dutch Embassy is giving an interview to a camera crew concerning reasons of her departure, a panorama of her husband giving an interview.

People at the Dutch Embassy, early autumn.

A militiaman is reading names aloud, people are going in the building of the embassy.

A cemetery, graves with headstones.

A panorama of trees in the cemetery.

A panorama of M.Kanayeva’s face who left for Israel to live with her sister and came back to Baku in 9 years.

M.Kanayeva with her son is walking along streets of Baku.

Kanayeva’s letters from Israel.

Kanayeva is telling about life in Israel and about her return.

Kanayeva’s son is listening.

A ship on the sea, seagulls are flying.

A panorama of Kanayeva and her son on board the motorship.

At the Dutch Embassy, director V. Khodyakov is asking questions to a man who desires to leave the USSR; the man is answering the questions.

V. Khodyakov and sound engineer Yu.

Zorin are speaking with people at the embassy.

A panorama of the forest.

A panorama of poetess Olga Dneprova and her daughter walking in the forest.

The Dneprovs’ son is running about the forest.

Composer Anatoly Dneprov and his daughter are in the forest.

Olga Dneprova is telling about her family’s departure to the USA to her ill father and about her return to the Motherland.

A panorama of New York over the bay, the Statue of Liberty.

Olga Dneprova is speaking.

Olga and her mother are in the kitchen, she is pouring tea.

A panorama of Leningrad.

The Summer Garden.

Nick Jonson – Nikolai Ivanov – and his sister are walking in a street.

The Summer Garden.

Reel №3

Nikolai Ivanov’s documents are lying on a table in the Leningrad OVIR [Visa Registration Office].

Nikolai Ivanov is writing an application for permission to stay in the USSR.

Nikolai Ivanov is telling a story of his life.

Ivanov’s story is being tape recorded.

A woman worker in visa registration office is speaking with Ivanov, Ivanov’s sister is present during their talk.

Newsreel 1941 to 1945:

A battle.

The Germans are taking Soviet solders prisoners.

The captured Russian soldiers are standing.

Nikolai Ivanov and her sister are walking in a Leningrad street.


A building of a prison.

Prisoners are coming out for a walk.

Nikolai Ivanov’s face.

The Eternal Flame is burning.

A panorama of a fragment (the head) of the statue of the Mother Motherland on the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.

Nikolai Ivanov is in the visa registration office.

A woman worker in the visa registration office.

Nikolai Ivanov is writing an application.

A young man is giving an interview to a camera crew at the Dutch Embassy in Moscow.

A worker of the Leningrad visa registration office in his office.

The worker in the visa registration office is meeting visitors, he is talking to them.

Young men and women are giving interviews to a camera crew in a Moscow street about definition of the “Motherland”, about desire of some citizens to leave the USSR.

A photograph: poet Aleksandr Galich is writing a farewell note.

Moscow at night.

Photographs from Aleksandr Galich’s album.

Stairs in a building; a panorama of a dark room.

A panorama of a village in winter.

A night city.

A train window; winter scenery out of a moving train window.

Aleksandr Galich’s grave in Paris; the Russian cemetery; a small chapel in the cemetery.

A scenery from a moving train; rails in winter.

An airplane is being led out to start up on the Sheremetyevo aerodrome at night.

Luggage is being carried; passengers are going for boarding; an electronic display; passengers are in a cabin of the airplane; the airplane is taking off at night.