Leningrad chronicles № 22 (1975)

Newsreel №97139, 1 part, duration: 0:10:13
Production: LSDF
Director:E. Voroncova
Camera operators:Ya. Blyumberg, V. Gulin, A. Gutman, Yu. Ignatenko, B. Kozirev, I. Petrov
Other authors:A. Davidova


The issue is devoted to various aspects of life in Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The holiday of the Soviet sailors.

Cruiser "Aurora" at the Neva embankment on the day of the Navy of the USSR, people at the parapet.

Sentry at the bow flag in front of the forecastle gun.

The face of the watch.

Spectators stand at the parapet of the Neva embankment.

The sailor hits the bell.

The commander of the Leningrad Naval Base, Vice Admiral V. M. Leonenkov, the first secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU, G. V. Romanov, veterans and guests of honor climb aboard the Aurora.

leonenkov accepts the report of the ship's commander.

Romanov and his entourage during the return of the report.

Leonenkov bypasses the formation of the crew of the cruiser.

Faces of sailors and officers.

Romanov, Leonenkov and their accompanying persons greet the veterans of the Aurora.

The naval flag of the USSR is flying.

Leonenkov delivers a speech to the crew of the cruiser, near

It is Romanov, a panorama of a submarine on the Neva.

The Admiral's boat goes along the Neva River, passes under the bridge.

A warship on the Neva, Leonenkov from the boat welcomes the crew of the ship, Romanov is standing next to it.

the faces of the sailors shouting "hurrah".

view of the english embankment.

Large anti-submarine ship "Kronstadt" on the Neva River.

The admiral's boat passes along the side of the ship.

The face of one of the officers.

leonenkov accepts the report of the ship's commander.

The faces of the sailors standing in the ranks.

Romanov's face.

The faces of the admirals.

Leonenkov's face, making a speech.

Leonenkov speaks from the podium, Romanov stands next to him.

View of the aft deck of the ship during Leonenkov's speech.

Panorama of the Neva River during the naval parade.

Towards the 25th Congress of the CPSU.

view of the main building of the leningrad plant "electrosila".

Interior view of one of the workshops.

manufacture of heavy-duty generators.

A team of collectors at work, the faces of the workers.

the face of the locksmith-winder of the turbo-generator shop v. p. kudryavtsev.

Photos of Kudryavtsev with Indian specialists during the presentation of the plant's products in India.

Photos of Kudryavtsev with his Polish colleagues.

polish order awarded to kudryavtsev.

Kudryavtsev's award diploma in Polish.

Tests of a generator manufactured for a power plant in Finland.

Kudryavtsev switches the handles of the generator control panel.

The face of one of the engineers.

employees of the design bureau of the plant discuss the next project of new equipment for the sayano-shushenskaya hpp.

faces of design engineers.

Internal view of the turbo-generator shop of the plant.

borders of the non-chernozem region.

on an industrial basis.

Panorama of part of the livestock complex in the Leningrad region.

An employee of the complex passes through the corridor.

Internal view of the pig farm "Vostochny".

piglets suck milk from a sow.

Piggy talks to the director.

The director's face.

The operator of the stern line at the console.

automatic distribution of feed to piglets.

Piglets and pigs eat from feeders.

The process of feeding.

Operators at the control panel of the automatic line.

Pigs inside the complex.

panorama of a part of the complex.

On underground highways.

City transport on the streets of Leningrad.

The entrance to the metro station "Vyborg".

The name of the station on the wall.

Type of escalator.

The drifters-the builders on the construction of the tunnel.

Workers ' faces.

Interior view of the Leningrad Metro station under construction.

cleaning of the soil with the help of a conveyor.

Preparation for installation of decorative plates.

The face of the dresser.

Laying the slab on the floor.

Passengers on the transition between stations.

One of the signs in the metro.

Arrival of the train at the station.

the driver leads the train.

interior view of the tunnel.

Passengers in the subway car.

At the 6th Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR. gymnasts compete.

View of the hall of the Leningrad Sports Palace "Yubileyny" during the opening ceremony of gymnastics competitions.

Teams of participants pass along the perimeter of the hall.

Cup for the winner of the competition.

Performance on the uneven bars gymnast Lyudmila Turishcheva.

Olga Korbut's jump over the horse.

Performance on the log by Nellie Kim.

The face of one of The contestants.

Performance on the uneven bars by Olga Korbut.

Presentation of gold medals O. Korbut and N. Kim.

Winners on the podium.

The coach's face.

A. Dityatin before the performance.

The faces of the participants and trainers.

Performance of A. Dityatin on the uneven bars.

Dityatin jumps over a horse, does exercises on a horse.

The faces of the fans.

End of Dityatin's speech, panorama of the hall.

faces of applauding fans.

Children give Dityatin flowers.

Dityatin on the podium.


Leonenkov Vladimir Matveevich -- naval, state and political figure Romanov Grigorij Vasiljevich -- statesman and politician Turischeva Lyudmila Ivanovna -- gymnast Korbut Oljga Valentinovna -- gymnast Kim Nelli Vladimirovna -- gymnast, sports figure Dityatin Aleksandr Nikolaevich -- gymnast, coach

Calendar: 1975

Seasons: Summer [824]

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