Leningrad chronicles № 22 (1972)

Newsreel №97147, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18
Production: LSDF
Director:L. Izakson
Camera operators:V. Bulatov, N. Vinogradskij, V. Donec, O. Luchinin
Other authors:G. Sisoev


The issue is devoted to various aspects of life in Leningrad and the Leningrad region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The face of a navy sailor.

Panorama of the parade ground of the Naval Engineering School.

Dzerzhinsky during the presentation of officers ' shoulder straps and cutlasses to graduates.

The admiral's face during the presentation of shoulder straps to the next graduate.

The head of the school congratulates the graduate.

The faces of the officers.

Another graduate gives a report.

View of the school building, graduates pass through the parade ground in a solemn march, the faces of relatives and friends of graduates.

Warships of the Baltic Fleet on the Neva River during the celebration of the Day of the Navy of the USSR.

Spectators on the embankment.

Cruiser "Aurora" at the Neva embankment.

leonenkov accepts the report of the ship's commander.

The faces of the officers and sailors standing in parade formation on the deck.

The commander of the Leningrad naval base Leonenko, V. M. and special guests salute veterans-avrorova.

Flags of color on the rigging of the cruiser.

Admiral's boat is on the Neva River.

Leonenkov from the boat congratulates the crews of ships on the holiday.

leonenkov's face.

Persons of honor on board the admiral's boat.

The crew of one of the submarines in parade formation on the deck.

Leonenkov and guests of honor on the deck of the admiral's boat, the crews of ships on the decks.

Warships on the Neva.

Spectators at the parapet of the embankment.

Ships of the Polish Navy on the Neva River.

the face of the commander of the polish navy, vice admiral yanchishin l.

Spectators on the embankment.

Warships on the Neva.

fire boats during the water sports festival on the neva river.

view of one of the buildings of the leningrad metal plant.

Production process in one of the factory shops.

Engineers discuss the production issue.

Employees of the design bureau at work.

leading engineer m. a. tsvetkov says that the plant is fulfilling an order for the production of units for the ust-ilimskaya hpp (synchronously).

Photos of the construction of the Ust-Ilimskaya HPP.

Employees of the design bureau at work.

Internal view of the water turbine laboratory during the verification tests of the hydro turbine units, the tester at work.

Production of individual large-sized turbine parts in the factory shop, production process.

participants of the 2nd congress of the all-russian society for the protection of historical and cultural monuments go to the meeting in the tauride palace.

panorama of the meeting room.

Speeches from the rostrum of the participants of the congress meeting.

Participants of the congress inspect the exhibition in the lobby of the Tauride Palace, the face of I. L. Andronnikov.

View of the central part of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin.

Restorers at work on the restoration of the palace.

Wood Carver V. A. Bogdanov at work.

artists at work on the restoration of images of the central ceiling.

monuments in staraya ladoga, ruins of an ancient fortress.

Types of historical and architectural monuments of the Leningrad region.

City transport on Nevsky Prospekt.

A driver with medical Sensors connected to him goes on a trip around the city.

the driver behind the wheel of a minibus-laboratories, equipment inside the bus.

an employee of the research institute of motor transport takes readings while studying the working conditions of drivers.

The driver slams on the brakes in front of a pedestrian crossing.

Passengers get on the bus at the bus stop, go to the salon.

The bus departs from the bus stop with the doors open due to the large number of passengers.

The bus goes through the city, the tape with the data of control devices.

Employees of the Research Institute during the processing of the received data.

The bus goes through the city.

Sensors on the driver's side while driving, passengers in the bus cabin.

Passing by citizens of the standards of the TRP complex for various sports.

Icons OF VARIOUS DEGREES of the trp complex.

Awarding students with TRP badges at the stadium.

Presentation of gold TRP badges to sports veterans.

hero of socialist labor zaznobin and professor zolotov receive gold trp badges.

Presentation of the gold badge to veteran Olga Shakhova, fans greet sports veterans from the stands.


Leonenkov Vladimir Matveevich -- naval, state and political figure Yanchishin Lyudvik -- polish military leader, naval figure Andronnikov Iraklij Luarsabovich -- writer, literary critic, TV presenter

Calendar: 1972

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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