The Portrait of the Streets.. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kakovkin G., Kondakov S.

Script writers: Vasileva I., Kakovkin G.

Operators: Kondakov S.


About the policeman from Dagestan Magomed Shamilov, who came to Moscow in search of justice.

Society, social activities and community organizations

Social life

Temporary description

The film tells the story of Mohammed Shalilove - policeman in Dagestan, who arrived in Moscow hoping to find a justice to his superiors, who pursues his integrity and honesty. The film was filming the following: M. Shalilova walk on the Old Arbat, his conversation with the artists and musicians working on the Arbat, an astrologer (sinhr.), familiarity with Shalilova Hindus, with the Moscow police (sinhr.).

Reel №1

Arbat Street.

A painter is drawing.

Painter’s face.

Magomed Shamilov (a militiaman from Dagestan).

An artist is painting a portrait of Shamilov.

Street musicians.

An empty milk package.


A violinist.

Shamilov is standing by the sigh saying “Fotostudia Arbat” [“Arbat Photo Studio”].

Shamilov in Arbat Street; talking to a girl.

Old Arbat Street [the oldest part of the street].

People are walking along Old Arbat Street.


Shamilov is listening to their music.

A violinist.

Shamilov is among people.

A poet’s performance in Arbat Street.

People are listening to the poet.

Shamilov is talking to the poet.

A woman’s face.

Shamilov is among people in Arbat Street.

A poet is declaiming his poetry.



Shamilov is examining paintings.

A yawning painter.

Shamilov is listening to the astrologer prediction.

Women are listening.

A panorama of a puddle and then of a drawing painter.

Shamilov’s face.

Portrait of Shamilov.

A painter.

A hand, drawing a portrait.

Shamilov is in Arbat Street, among Krishna worshippers.

The book “Istochnik vechnogo naslazhdeniya” [“Source of the Eternal Pleasure”].

People are listening.

A trumpeter is performing.

People are walking along Arbat Street.

A Catholic cross on the jacket.

Women are standing.

A woman with a roll of threads.

People in Arbat Street.

Reel №2

Shamilov is talking to the militiamen.

Shamilov is walking along the street.

Shamilov is listening to a poetess.

A man is smiling.

Poetess is reading her poetry.

People in Arbat Street.

Young ladies are walking by.

Militiamen are standing.

A man and a bicyclist are standing; a man with a jacket over his head.

Shamilov is talking to the poetess.

A young man’s face.

Men are listening, a woman.

A man’s face; young man’s one.

People in Arbat Street.

Shamilov is walking along Arbat Street.

The faces of Shamilov and a painter.

Shamilov’s portrait.

People are watching.

Shamilov is talking to a painter.

People in Arbat Street.

Shamilov is walking by, sitting, speaking.

Shamilov’s face and hands.

Shamilov is walking along the street.