The 25th Anniversary.. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Operators: Ermolaev L., Ivanov V.

Text writers: Brandukova G.


The film tells the story of the northern port city of Murmansk, capture fisheries, sailors, professionals, students and school children, who do not see life without the sea.

Sea and river transport | Sectors of the economy


Reel №1

Types of Murmansk, transport, people on the streets, the sailors.

Murmansk port, sailing freighter.

Handling operations in the fishing port.

Fishing trawler "Rosa Luxemburg".

Management "Sevrybholodflot" morning meeting dispatching service.

Over the meeting, Deputy Director General for the Navy, AF Lebanon (synchronously).

Manager of the card reports about the location of vessels (synchronously).

Fishing boats in the sea, fish transport overload the refrigerator.

Says the head of "Sevrybholodflot" Vladimir Fedorovich Korel'skiĭ (synchronously).

Production processes in the shops of the factory ship, the crew at work.

Sailors packaged frozen fish.

Canned fish factory ship on the conveyor.

Manager fills the graph on the bench.

Gen. crew floating base: sailors dinner, play dominoes, read newspapers, watch television.

Kindergarten Management "Sevrybholodflot."

The teacher works with children in English (synchronously).

Sailing club "Albatross", the boys try on a sailor's form.

The guide at the museum tells the history of the young sailors fishing (synchronously).

At the booth photos of ships Navy veterans.


AF Livanov V.F.Korelsky


Murmansk Murmansk region

Reel №2

Murmansk, the vessel in the Kola Bay.

Memorial to the defenders of the Arctic (monument "Alyosha") on a coastal hill.

Braving, war veterans and young sailors on the deck of the ship.

Boys in naval caps.

Sailors and veterans lowered wreaths on the water.

Eternal Flame at the foot of the memorial.

Citizens laying flowers at the monument.

Young sailors with flowers at the Memorial to the defenders of the Arctic.

Honor guard at the memorial.

View Murmansk port (top).

Mother ship "Alexey Khlobystov" Captain VG Kurguzov in the wheelhouse.

Kurguzov view photos of sailors from the submarine "Komsomolets" rescued the crew of the floating base.

Kurguzov meets crewmember wreck BG Kalyada.

Submariners communicate with Kurguzova table (synchronously).

Ship "Ivan Shishkin" at sea, the captain Vyacheslav Kalugin on deck.

Students of sailors in the boat.

Murmansk Nautical School, the students in the classroom.

Cadets in the laboratory master avionics.

Head of School Yu.B.Prutkov talks about technical basis College (voice-over).

Ships "Sevrybholodflot" in the sea during the fishing season.

Captain in the control room gives the team (synchronously).

Net into the sea, the sailors lifted trawl fish on the deck.

Fishing vessels entering the port.

Native flowers greeted the sailors on shore.

Military band plays.

Woman with flowers on deck.

Wives and children hugging sailors.

Spring in Murmansk, resting in the park.

View from the top of Murmansk, ships in port.

Ship at sea, the waves surging.


V.G.Kurguzov B.G.Kolyada Yu.B.Prutkov