Namibia: a Long Way Towards Independence.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Akkuratov E.

Script writers: Nikanorov A.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Chumichev V.


About the history of the country, struggle for freedom and independence of the country.

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Temporary description

Windhoek, streets, monuments Kurt von Francois, a market. Construction of one of the objects. Katutara city, residents are in their homes, pass on the street, and sell. View of Lake Etosha in the Namib Desert. President of SWAPO (Organization of People of South West Africa), Sam Nujoma, surrounded by Namibians. Sam Nujoma speech at the rally. Secretary General of SWAPO Toivo Ya Toivo Andimboy during a meeting with a delegation of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asian and African countries. Speech by Toivo Ya Toivo meeting (synchronously).

Reel №1


Worth Sam Nujoma - the founder of the People's Organization South-West Africa.

Women are rejoicing.

Passes Sam Nujoma surrounded by Namibians.

Mother with baby.

Performs Sam Nujoma.

Chant inhabitants of Namibia.


The man's face; show of hands.

Earth, taken through the window of the plane.

Clouds (removed from the aircraft).

Landscape with sunset.

Photo: Sunset, running horse.

Photo: sunset, birds fly.

Photo: Tribesmen Nama.

Landscapes of Namibia.

Monument in Windhoek; street.

Pointer to the street.


Monument Kurt von Francois.

Bazaar in the square.

Beads, the girl's face.

On the ground lay masks, dolls.

Street Windhoek, doll, woman.

Smiling young man.

Women hold the mask.

Report on the streets of Windhoek.

It is a woman.

Bazaar in the square.

Photo: weapons; SWAPO fighters stand.

The street passing car UN observers.

UN soldier stands.

The streets of Windhoek, a crossroads.

Street Katutura.

Woman crushes grain in a mortar.

Woman on the street fry meat.

Sitting man; man sewing on the machine.

Report on the streets Katutura, man, baby.

Are the children.

Residents of the city (woman, girl, man).


The man's face; hands.

Builders work.

Face and hands of the worker.

Construction of the facility in the city of Windhoek.

Workers read the newspaper; operating costs.

Builders, building.

Street of the city; campaign posters.

Sale of T-shirts with symbols.

Posters; flags; palm building.

Poster target.

There are cars.

The inscription on the fence.

Photo of one of the leaders of SWAPO Anton Lubowski.

Path to the gate. gate, punched by bullets.

Cemetery in Katutura; Anton Lubowski grave.


Street Windhoek.

The man on the street selling newspapers.

Press conference with Foreign Minister Roelof Botha of South Africa.

Speaks at a press conference.

Reel №2

Hands holding a movie camera.

At the press conference is R. Botha; Speaker man.


Flag of the United Nations building.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Martti Ahtisaari.

Members of the Soviet delegation at the press conference.

Diplomatic Liaison Group, headed by Pavel Pavlov, meets with Secretary General of SWAPO Andimboy I Toivo Toivo.

I said Toivo Toivo.

Says the man, the other listens.

Pavel Pavlov listens.

Members of the Soviet delegation to talk with Toivo I Toivo.


On the streets of Windhoek passes people with placards.

A man looks at a poster passersby.

Deserted streets of Katutura.

In the home of Sam Nujoma portrait and flag of SWAPO. Turn to vote in the Katutura.

Persons Namibians.

Woman with child in line.

Are female, male.

A woman in a red scarf.

The queue at the polling station.

Are observers and UN soldiers.

On the plot comes a woman with a child on his shoulders.

At the gate there are voters.

Voters come to a vote, stand in a queue.

The soldiers of the United Nations, all.

Woman in a hat, man.

Voters enter the building of the polling station.

At a polling station sits a woman.


On the streets of Windhoek passing car, people chant it.

Exhibition Hall of Windhoek, where the counting procedure; reporters and boxes of ballots.


Are the UN observers.

Shoot photographers.

Opened container and carry it to count the votes.

Count the votes.

Exhibition Hall, the votes are counted.

Are journalists.

Man announces election results, and journalists.

Namibians jubilation on the streets of Windhoek; shouting man, passing cars.

Acts and chanting Sam Nujoma.

Smiling woman and Sam Nujoma.

In the car, a sheep and a cow.

Sam Nujoma on the horse.

Sit children.

Chant inhabitants of Namibia, smiling woman.