Experience Of Utilization Of Acceptance And Storage Units With Sausage Production.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Mamontov V.

Operators: Mamontov V.

Text writers: Tarnoruder L.


The film is made on request of the Association "Tsentrosoyuz" ["Cenral Union of Customer Societies"]. About the work of co-operative meat-processing enterprises.


Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

On the work of cooperative enterprises of meat processing and operating experience of new domestic and imported equipment. The film is made to order "Central Union." Selling sausages in the shop "Central Union." Podolsky experimental food factory. Sausage products.

Reel №1

A panorama of the interior of the shop “Kolbasy” [“Saugages”].

Various sausages in the container.

Shop assistants are selling sausages.

Sausages on the scales.

Customers’s sausages.

A panorama of the queue.

A panorama of sausages.

Farm exterior.

A panorama of a farmer feeding cows.

A panorama of a farmer in the cowshed

A panorama of cows in the cowshed.

A plate with the inscription “Tsentrsoyuz”.

A plate with the inscription “Podolsky eksperimentalny kombinat” [“Podolsk Experimental Works”].

A panorama of the utility building courtyard, special automobiles.

A utility building.

A panorama of the village of Medvezhi Ozera [Bear’s Lakes]: a refrigerator lorry is going; meat hung on hooks in the fridge.

A lorry is running by the road; a panorama of the shop“Sausages”.

A road fork, special automobiles are passing by, a panorama of the sausage procurement station.

A panorama of the station interior.

A panorama of a worker moving meat carcasses hung on hooks, unhooking a carcass.

Workers are cutting meat.

A panorama of a meat chopper working.

A door with the inscription “Meat Fridge Cell”.

A worker is washing meat.

A meat cutter’s hand and face.

A cutting workshop.

Workers are taking out sausages.

A woman is hanging the next portion of sausages within the container.

A man at work.

A worker is opening a thermal cell door.

A panorama of the control unit in the cell.

A panorama of sausages in the cell, a worker is carting the “shelf” with sausages.

A worker is taking sausages away, packing them up.

Sausages in the box.

Workers are moving boxes.

The procurement station unit.

The sculpture “Rabochy i Kolkhoznitsa” [“Worker and a Collective Farmer”], Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

A panorama of the “sausage procurement station unit” at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (exterior), smoke is coming out of the chimney.

A plate with the inscription “A sausage and smoked food procurement station”

The station interior.

Workers are cutting meat.

A panorama of workers moving meat hung on hooks.

A panorama of the meat being cut, boxes with meat.

Hands are cutting meat.

A panorama of fat choppers operating.

A worker is turning the machine on.

A doctor is examining the meat quality, hands are cutting meat with scissors, a microscope

An automated meat chopper is operating.

A panorama of the machine control panel.

A worker at the machine.

Grinded fat.

A panorama of machines, a box of ice.

A panorama of a worker putting ice into the bucket.

Reel №2

A worker at the automated meat chopper.

A hand on the control panel.

A worker is putting ice into the chopper; a panorama of the sausage filling in the chopper.

The lid is rising.

A worker’s hands.

Workers at the vacuum filler.

The unit “Robot-700” is operating, producing sausages in shells.

A woman is gathering the sausages.

The control panel.

Hands are taking the sausages.

A panorama of the worker carrying the container with the sausages.

A liquid is pouring onto the sausages.

A worker is mounting a thermometer in the cell.

A panorama of the cell ventilation tubing.

A plate with the inscription “Smoke generator room”.

A panorama of a worker feeding smoking stoves with sawdust.

A worker at the control panel.

A worker is carrying the container with sausages from the cell.

A panorama of the door with the inscription “Smoke generator unit”.

A panorama of the sausages hung on strings.

A doctor is testing the sausages.

Workers are having lunch.

The exterior of the sausage procurement station, a panorama of the storing room.

A panorama of the unit refrigerator construction site.

A panorama of people in white gowns in the site.

A panorama of a fence.

Workers at the slaughterhouse.

Automated carcass skinning.

A panorama of carcasses processing.

Sausage filling.

A panorama of a worker taking out sausage filling, a box.

A woman is taking out sausage filling.

Sausage filling in the mixer, hands are adding spices.

Operating machine motor.

A panorama of meat in boxes.

The meat chopper is producing sausage filling.

Two workers with carcasses.

A panorama of the meat chopper being fed with meat, sausage filling falling into the boxes.

A panorama of the “Tsentrsoyuz” shop interior, customers in the shop.