May Day and October celebrations in the USSR (1923-1925)

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Scene №1 May Day and October celebrations in the USSR

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Red Army soldiers march down the street on November 7, 1924.

Participants of the May Day demonstration of 1923 go to Red Square on one of the Moscow streets.

Activists in national Ukrainian costumes collect donations for street children and the fight against crime before the May Day demonstration on Red Square.

An airplane flies over the city.

View of the part of the Passion Monastery, panorama of the Passion Square (from above).

Models of the factory buildings of the Red Proletarian factory on the street of Moscow, during the route to Red Square.

Artists on the platform play a comic anti-religious scene in front of the demonstrators.

Demonstrators on the truck platform, depicting blacksmiths.

A column of young athletes on the Khodynka field.

Participants of the May Day demonstration on Solovki come out of the gate of the brick factory.

Red Army soldiers in the ranks on the Khodynka field on May 1, 1924.

Trotsky L. D. during the May Day rally on the Khodynka field.

Trotsky's face.

Trotsky stands in front of the Red Army, the far right behind is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Republic, S. S. Kamenev, on the left-the commander of the Moscow Military District, K. E. Voroshilov.

Demonstration on November 7, 1925 in Leningrad.

Speakers speak from the rostrum during the May Day celebrations in Ivanovo-Voznesensk in 1924.

View of the monument to Lenin V. I.

The faces of the participants of the demonstration taking place on Strastnaya Square in Moscow.

Panorama of the column of the May Day demonstration of 1924 on one of the streets of Leningrad.

A tram passes with the participants of the demonstration.

Participants of the May Day demonstration are moving to the graves on the Square of the Victims of the Revolution.

View of the column of demonstrators (above).

Panorama of a part of the square.

A Red Army soldier in front of the rostrum of the May Day rally on the Khodynka field in 1923.

The face of Rykov A. I.

Rykov talks with one of the participants of the event.

Types of demonstration on November 7, 1924 in Leningrad.

View of the grandstand in front of the Winter Palace.

Models on truck platforms in columns of representatives of Leningrad enterprises.

Children read a holiday leaflet.

The movement of the demonstration columns through the streets of Leningrad, the demonstrators in the back of trucks.

The movement of a column of demonstrators on one of the streets of Moscow.

The demonstration moves to Red Square past the Kremlin Wall.

Panorama of Red Square during the demonstration.

Columns of demonstrators move along Manezhnaya Square and the historic passage to Red Square.

Columns of pioneers and schoolchildren with red banners pass by.

The demonstrators walk along the tram tracks, and a car that was standing on the side of the road starts moving.

The demonstration column moves along the street of one of the cities.

A truck with participants of the festive demonstration in honor of November 7 passes along the street.

A column of employees of the local OGPU passes with a banner.

A truck passes by.

Panorama of the festive rally.

On the road, a truck passes with participants of the October celebrations.

On the road, a column of demonstrators with a banner passes, children carry banners with slogans.

Participants of the solemn event get out of the truck body.

Red flag over the village council.

A column of demonstrators is walking along the road, with a military brass band in front.

View of a city street during a demonstration on November 7, 1924.


Trockij Lev Davidovich -- statesman, political and military figure Kamenev Sergej Sergeevich -- warlord Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich -- statesman, political and military figure Rikov Aleksej Ivanovich -- statesman and politician

Calendar: 01.05.1923 01.05.1924 07.11.1924 07.11.1925

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Ivanovo region [776] USSR [863]

Seasons: Spring [825] Autumn [826]

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