How Much is Cinematography Nowadays? (1990)

Documentary №9885, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:14
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Danilov L.
Screenwriters:Danilov L., Uvarov A.
Camera operators:Dvoynikov I.


It is about the VIII Cinema Market that took place in the city of Moscow in the Cinema “Zaryadye”, about the present cinematograph state.

Temporary description:

A film about the Eighth Film Market. Moscow. Cinema "charge". Opening and closing. Film market participants in the meetings on the sidelines, are interviewed (synchronously). Interview of the All-Union "Soyuzkinorynok" L. Veraksa. Billboards and posters of movies. Filming of "The Promised Heaven." Present: Eldar Ryazanov, L. Volkov, L. Akhedzhakova, O. Basilashvili. Installation of the documentary film "The file on General Vlasov" on CSDF. Riga. Shooting the film. Before: A. Brench, M. Maiko, Yakovlev, R. Pauls (the piano).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The VIII-th Movie Market taken place in Cinema “Zaryadye”: people are talking, writing, working on their computers.

A computer screen .

An advertising poster of a thriller.


Ann's Conception Temple.

A panorama of the Hotel “Rossiya” [“Russia”].

A panorama of the Cinema “Zaryadye”: the “Red Hall” entrance; the “Blue Hall” entrance.

A panorama of the audience in the viewing hall.

The Latvian Film Director, Art Director of the Adventure and Detective Films Studio Aloiz Brench is lighting up a candle on the festive cake.

A panorama of the girls in swimming suits offering the cake to the Film Director.

The city of Riga: a night street.

Production stills of shooting a commercial film; Aloiz Brench, the actresses M. Maino and others, actors during the shooting.

A ballet-master and an actress are rehearsing.

An actress is putting her make up on.

The creator of the film music, the composer Raimond Pauls is sitting at the grand piano.

His hands are on the keys.

Posters and posters of different films.

A panorama of the cinema operator entering the cinema booth and loading the film into the camera.

A panorama of reel-containers with film.

The cinema operator at work, the projector is in operation.

People are leaving the viewing hall.

A panorama of the poster on the wall, Movie Market workers are at work.

L. Danilov (Director of the Central Documentary Studio (CDS)) is talking to film distributors from Southern Kazakhstan and the city of Bryansk.

A panorama of shooting the feature film “Nebesa obetovannye” [“Promised Heavens”]: the director Eldar Ryazanov is at the video camera.

The actor Oleg Basilashvili is putting make up on.

The actress Liliya Akhedzhakova is present at the studio work.

Studio work.

A panorama of the posters from the movies “Babnik” [“Ladies' Man”] and others.

L. Danilov is talking to the Movie Market representatives .

A panorama of people talking.

Shots of films on the TV screen.

A panorama of films’ posters.

Films’ posters on the post, and on the various buildings.

People near video clubs.

Police Captain Martynov is speaking about films.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A poster of an American film “Rambo”.

A poster of the film “Shok” [“Shock”].

The building of the cinema “Oktyabr'” [“October”], another building.

A panorama of the film crew in the Movie Market premises.

L. Danilov and a film distributor from the city of Kursk are talking.

A panorama of the building of the cinema “Barrikady” [“Barricades”].

Posters of the films “Bum” [“Boom”], “Politseiskiy po naimu” [“Rent-a-Cop”], “Rambo”, “Nikogda ne govori nikogda” [“Never Say Never Again”].

Movie Market workers are sitting at the tables.

A representative of a Hollywood movie is speaking.

An exposure and a poster of the American movie “Unesennye vetrom” [“Gone With the Wind”].

A man and a woman are looking at the old posters.

A panorama of the pictures and posters of the movies “Chapaev”, “Tsirk” [“Circus”], “My is Kronschtadta” [“We Are From Kronschtadt” (a fortress not far from the city of St.


A panorama of the posters of the movies “Poslednyaya noch'” [“The Last Night”], “Padenie Berlina” [“The Fall of Berlin”].

A panorama of the people leaving the viewing hall.

A panorama of the Director of All-Union Association “Soyuzkinorynok” [“All-Union Cinema Market”] Leonid Veraksa, Aloiz Brench and other Movie Market leaders are having a conversation indoors.

L. Danilov is talking to film distributors.

A building.

A film distributor from the Lipetsk Region is talking to Movie Market representatives.

The film crew of the movie “Dosye generala Vlasova” [“Dossier of General Vlasov”] are working in the CDS cutting room.

Movie Market representatives are at work.

A panorama of the studio works on the movie “Nebesa obetovannye”.

Eldar Ryazanov at sudio works .

A panorama of Eldar Ryazanov, Oleg Basilashvili, Liliya Akhedzhakova walking by after the studio works.

A studio works on the film in the city of Riga: models, striptease.

Aloiz Brench at studio works.

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