Scandals of the week 04.03.2000 (2000)

Telecast №99148, 1 part, duration: 0:40:00
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Tolstoj Petr

Reel №1

Aperane Alma-the prosecutor, speaks about the punishment of criminals.

Evgeny Savenko, accompanied by a policeman, enters the courtroom.

Chudar Raymond is a lawyer, he talks about the case of Yevgeny Savenko.

Courtroom in Riga.

The judges are at the table.

Evgeny Savenko is in the dock.

Aperane Alma-prosecutor, says about the work of Savenko E. as an investigator.

Evgeny Savenko talks about his work during the Soviet era.

Listeners in the courtroom.

Says the prosecution witness.

Choudar Raymond is a lawyer, he talks about witnesses.

Evgeny Savenko is in the dock.

Valery Polyakov talks about the case of Yevgeny Savenko.

Courtroom in Riga.

The judges are at the table.

Evgeny Savenko is in the dock.

Aperane Alma-the prosecutor, says about the case of Evgeny Savenko.

Valery Polyakov talks about Yevgeny Savenko.

Evgeny Savenko talks about his work during the Soviet era.

Zager Dirk talks about the work of journalists in Chechnya during the military operations.

A young man tells how he collected signatures for a candidate for the presidential election.

A woman with a cart on the square of the Kazan railway station in Moscow.

A policeman with a walkie-talkie.

Women at the bus stop.

The janitor removes the ice from the asphalt.

Cars on the street.

A young man talks about collecting signatures.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky speaks from the podium.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky says the prices for collecting signatures.

Computer monitor.

A man is working on a laptop.

Young people read and edit documents.

Photos of politicians: Luzhkova Yu., Nemtsov B.

Alexey Koshmarov talks about the illegal collection of signatures.

Alexander Veshnyakov at the meeting.

Konstantin Titov at the conference.

Umar Jabrailov waves his hand.

Alexander Veshnyakov in the presidium.

Konstantin Titov talks about collecting signatures.

Umar Dzhabrailov speaks about the falsification of signatures for presidential candidates.

People are looking at computer monitors.

Irina Nagornykh, a journalist, talks about checking signatures for presidential candidates.

Umar Dzhabrailov talks about verifying signatures.

Konstantin Titov at a press conference.

Alexander Veshnyakov in the presidium at a press conference.

An operator with a video camera.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky talks about presidential candidates.

Marina Hoffman-correspondent talks about V. Zhirinovsky and A. Veshnyakov.

Andrey Nikolaev, a correspondent, speaks about the murder of Otari Kvantrishvili.

Photo:Viktor Belyanin is an entrepreneur, Galina Raketskaya is a banker, Alexander Solonik, Otari Kvantrishvili.

Alisher Murtazaev talks about Viktor Belyanin.

Oil rig shooting from a helicopter.

Oilfield workers in uniform.

The drill of an oil rig rotates.

Video:Kvantrishvili Otari, Leonid Roketsky and his wife.

Valery Karyshev talks about Solonik Alexander about Kvantrishvili Otari.

Video: The place of the murder of Kvantrishvili Otari.

Murtazaev Alisher talks about the murders of Viktor Belyanin, Otari Kvantrishvili.

Video: The corpse of Viktor Belyanin.

Video: Kvantrishvili Otari.

The father of a schoolgirl who died in the United States speaks about the murder of her daughter by a classmate.

Ambulance doctors carry the injured girl to the car.

A photo of a girl.

Journalists communicate with the parents of the killer.

Dedrik Ovens - the father of a juvenile delinquent, talks about his son.

Eric King, the police chief, is talking about a juvenile delinquent.

Police officers escort an African-American man.

Clinton Bill talks about gun control.

A child shoots a gun.

US police cars with flashing lights.

The coffin on the wheelchair is covered with the US flag.

Police officers escort an African-American man.

The hostage is talking about the criminal.

Shooting a crime scene at a diner in the United States.

Clinton Bill talks about crimes.

A fragment of the ABC TV company's film about the sale of children from Russia to the United States.

Elena Sakharova with her children at home.

Elena Sakharova is a donar woman.

Svetlana Makarova talks about the Tretyakov Marina who sold children in the United States.

Photo of the children of the Tretyakov Marina.

Vasquez Edward talks about the sale of children.

Svetlana Makarova is talking about a criminal case initiated in the United States.

An album with photos of children.

The mother of an adoption agent accused of selling children, talks about pregnant women.

Elena Sakharova talks about child trafficking.

Certificate of Viktor Vasilyevich Parshutkin-a lawyer.

Yudina Evgenia , the mother of a female donor, talks about her daughter.

The mother of the adoption agent speaks about the arrest.

Children in the nursery of an orphanage.

Shaposhnikova Maple-correspondent talks about criminals who sold children.

The building of the Butyrskaya prison.

Photo of a baby.

A coil of barbed wire.

Svetlana Makarova talks about the Tretyakov Marina who sold children in the United States.

Padva Heinrich talks about the sale of children from Russia.

The mother of the adoption agent says reads her son's letter from prison.

Cars are parked along the road.

The driver takes the packing ticket-a receipt from the cash register.

Alexander Fedorov talks about the action in the parking lot of Sheremetyevo Airport.

Cars drive to the parking lot through the checkpoint past the barrier.

Sew with the inscription: Prepare the payment for parking!

Passage of cars and the Ikarus bus.

A parking lot employee in uniform.

Cars drive past the barrier to the parking lot.

Alexander Fedorov talks about paid parking.

Shooting from the car: the entrance to the parking checkpoint of Sheremetyevo airport.

The deputy director of the parking lot communicates with journalists.

Alexey Khlopov talks about the action in the parking lot of Sheremetyevo Airport.

Shooting from the car: departure from the parking lot of Sheremetyevo airport.

The girls participating in the contest "Miss Breast 2000" go to the podium and demonstrate themselves.

Vladimir Presnyakov talks about the competition.

Boris Shcherbakov and Oleg Nazarov talk about the contestants.

A fat lady performs a belly dance.

Yuri Antonov is talking about the competition.

Singer Julian communicates with a contestant.

The girl is talking about the contest.


Aperane Alma - prokuror g.Riga, Latviya. Savenko Evgenij - veteran sovetskih organov bezopasnosti. Polyakov Valerij Grigorjevich - Generaljnij konsul RF v Latvii. Cager Dirk - nemeckij telezhurnalist kompanii ZDF. Zhirinovskij Vladimir Voljfovich — sovetskij i rossijskij politicheskij deyatelj, predsedatelj LDPR. Trubeckoj (Koshmarov) Aleksej Yurjevich - politicheskij konsuljtant, politolog, polittehnolog. Titov Konstantin Alekseevich — rossijskij politicheskij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, Glava oblastnoj administracii — Gubernator Samarskoj oblasti ,kandidat v Prezidenti Rossii. Dzhabrailov Umar Alievich — rossijskij predprinimatelj, gosudarstvennij deyatelj, mecenat, kandidat v Prezidenti Rossii. Nagornih Irina - zhurnalist izdateljstva "Kommersantj". Veshnyakov Aleksandr Aljbertovich - Predsedatelj Centraljnoj izbirateljnoj komissii Rossijskoj Federacii. Kvantrishvili Otari Vitaljevich — osnovatelj partii sportsmenov Rossii, predsedatelj Fonda imeni Ljva Yashina, predprinimatelj, kriminaljnij avtoritet. Murtazaev Alisher - shef-redaktor otdela rassledovanij «Ekspress-gazeti». Rokeckij Leonid Yulianovich - Glava administracii Tyumenskoj oblasti. Solonik Aleksandr Viktorovich — rossijskij naemnij ubijca. Karishev Valerij Mihajlovich – rossijskij pisatelj, kandidat yuridicheskih nauk, chlen Advokatskoj palati Moskvi. Klinton Bill - Prezident SShA. Makarova Svetlana - sledovatelj po osobo vazhnim delam. Vaskes Edvard - Sotrudnik Gosudarstvennogo departamenta SShA. Padva Genrih Pavlovich - advokat, pravozaschitnik. Fedorov Aleksandr - Glavnij redaktor zhurnala "Avtopilot". Presnyakov Vladimir Petrovich — rossijskij kompozitor, aranzhirovschik, saksofonist. Zasluzhennij artist Rossii. Antonov Yurij Mihajlovich — sovetskij i rossijskij kompozitor, estradnij pevec, muzikant, poet, akter, narodnij artist RF. Scherbakov Boris Vasiljevich — sovetskij i rossijskij akter teatra i kino, televeduschij. Nazarov Oleg - shoumen, pisatelj‑satirik. Yulian (polnoe imya Yulian Viktorovich Vasin) — rossijskij estradnij pevec, Zasluzhennij artist Rossii.

Calendar: 04.03.2000

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