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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Khodyakov V.

Operators: Kuzminskiy S.


The film is about unification of East and West Germany and the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Reel №1

Kremlin wall, the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin. 1953 - The funeral of Stalin: Portrait of Stalin.

Artists paint Stalin in a coffin.

People go to the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions.

Stalin's funeral in Red Square, wreaths.

Promotion to the Mausoleum "Stalin."

Contemporary photography: Kremlin wall.

Berlin Wall in East Germany, the murals on the wall.

Military parade in the GDR, a torchlight procession. 8. 10. 1989 - 40th anniversary of the GDR. Mikhail Gorbachev and Raisa Gorbachev down the ramp in Berlin, people greet them.

Gorbachev and Honecker at the reception with their wives.

GDR politburo at the negotiating table with the Soviet delegation.

The Berlin Ste HN.

The people rejoice shooting (video).

People at the wall.


Posters. 1990 - Speaks German (sinhr.) The Germans drink beer in the square.

Youth at the Alexander Platz, talk about the election.

Collect donations.

Bonn: reporting in the city. street.

Adenauer sculpture in the park.

Newsreel 1948 - Adenauer, are military, the border of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, flying plane, train rides, people go.

Landing aircraft. 1961 - Tanks and troops in Berlin, American and Soviet tanks m on Friedrichstrasse.

Vienna: Khrushchev met with Kennedy. 1963 - Kennedy in West Berlin rides in the car.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1963 - Kennedy at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany.

Kosygin at the Brandenburg Gate in the German Democratic Republic.

The current survey, says Professor G. Jacobson.

Newsreel 60's. - Police disperse people in the GDR, has batons.

People are dancing. painted on the body. 1989 - Night report on Berlin. 12. 1989 - The last session of the SED. Says E. Communist Gishon (sinhr.) Lobby Congress.

The Communists, a VOV Belberg Sh. G. Modrof - Chairman of the new CM GDR E. Krenz - a new general secretary of the SED. Mr.

Gysi - Chairman of the SED, the lawyer.

Said political scientist R. Baar.

Newsreel 1968 - Brezhnev, Suslov, Dubcek ditch negotiations at the table.

Prague, Czechoslovakia - Promotion "Soviet soldiers, go home!" Tanks on the streets of Prague 23. 08. 1968

Bratislava Brezhnev, Kosygin sign a joint statement at the beginning of August 1968

Prague - the people on the streets.

Dubcek in Bratislava. 70s. - Brezhnev in Romania, of the floor, dancing.

Modern photography - by a former social. countries (Romania?) toppled a statue of Lenin.

Reel №3

Night demonstration in East Germany for sovereign GDR against reunification, he spoke.

She masked Helmut Kohl.

West Berlin store windows, mannequins.

Press center in East Germany, people read newspapers.

March 1990 - Election Day in the GDR - carriage rides with a horse on the street, tavern "Maple Leaf".

People vote.

Children dancing, playing ensemble.

Interview with the Germans on the street (sinhr.) on the elections in the GDR government stvo.

Says O. Lafontaine, Kohl (removed from the video).

Germany: Mosel Valley wine festivals.

Bonn - football fans celebrating the victory in the streets of West Germany in the World Cup.

Journey through the streets of Germany.

Belgium, was


Monument to those killed in the world wars of the 20th century.

Belgians say the streets (sinhr.)

Reel №4

Bonn: reportage, a monument to Beethoven.

People on the streets, in cafes.

Street musicians.


Spoken in Bonn (sinhr.) Cologne Cathedral, are people.

Plays a street musician.

Cemetery where German soldiers are buried.

People on the streets read newspapers.

Soviet cemetery in Germany.

Soviet symbols, Soviet troops in East Germany in the streets.

Barracks in Potsdam, where live the Soviet soldiers.


Monument to Soviet soldiers.

Germans say (sinhr.) Negotiations on the formula "2 4" in Moscow.

Said Genscher (sync).

Landscapes Germany - filmed from a helicopter.

The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany.

Reel №5

Sale of Soviet symbols at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Newsreel War: Hitler.

Burning village.

The woman on the background of fire.


Cove in Berlin in May 1945.

Soviet soldiers eat together with German children.

Modern Snapshot: Musicians at the Brandenburg Gate, walk people.

Evening, day Berlin.

Cafe, sculpture, grinder on the street.

Sculpture of Marx and Engels.

Newsreel of the 40's - 50's. : Construction of the Berlin Wall.

Tower, barbed wire, crying women.

Contemporary photography: people break in pieces the Berlin Wall.

Selling pieces of the wall. (The background song "Berlin Wall" by Tokarev).

Newsreel of the 50's - 60's: defectors from East to West Berlin.

Guards with machine guns.

Contemporary photography: West Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie.

U.S. flag.

Acts D. Baker.


Newsreel: Honecker - different plans, shooting videos, photos.

Contemporary photography Monument F. Petrarch at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin.

Reel №6

December 1989 - the opening of pedestrian crossings between East and West Berlin.

Glee people.

Kohl at Brandenburg in mouth speaks at a rally releases pigeons.

Formal plans for Berlin, children's attractions.

Germans say (sinhr.) Rock concert at the Brandenburg Gate.


Show the destruction of the Wall.

Children sing in the Cathedral on Christmas Day.

Reporting on Christmas evening city.