If Only I Had a Million. (1991)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Andrikanis E.

Script writers: Andrikanis E.

Operators: Kondakov S.


About principles of the market economy, interviews of economists - Larisa Piyashiva and Boris Pinsker. People of various age answered to the question "If only you had a million?"



Temporary description

The film tells about the basics of the market economy. Among the characters known economists Piyasheva L. and B. Pinsker. Among the movie filming in the following survey: L. Piyasheva in the park, on walks, market, interviews with passers-by and brokers on the exchange. Of flowers, the general view of the hall of the Russian Commodity Exchange.

Reel №1

Pictures of the economists L.Piyasheva and B.Pinsker.

A panorama of Larisa Piyasheva going out of her flat, of the entrance, walking along the park.

Pedestrians are in the street.

L.Piyasheva is walking along the park.

Customers in the market.

A woman is selling parsley.

People are talking about market economy in the street and indoors.

A market.

A panorama of flower sale (in the rain).

Carrots are being laid on the scales.

Buyers are standing at the commercial booth.

Clothes with price labels.

A panorama of Boris Pinsker speaking about market economy.

The study room interior.

Badges with inscriptions: “Veteran kholodnoy voiny” [A Cold War Veteran], “Ne uchite menya zhit’” [Do not Teach Me How to Live] are on the walls.

L.Piyasheva is speaking about market economy.

The study room interior.

Reel №2

Different people outdoors and indoors are answering the question: “If you had a million?”

Family pictures of L.Piyasheva.

Operational Hall of the Russian Commodity and Raw Material Exchange; brokers and others are at work.

A lighting panel.

Signboard with the inscription: “Aktsionernoe obshchestvo Rossiiskaya torgovo-syr’evaya birzha.

Operatsionniy zal” [“Joint-Stock Company “Russian Commodity and Raw Material Exchange”.

Operational Hall”].

Brokers (people of different ages) are answering the film director’s questions in the Cinema Hall.

Vladimir Lenin's bust on the balcony in the hall.

A man is speaking on the phone.

A computer screen.

Hands are on the computer keyboard.


L.Piyasheva and her teenager daughter are in the kitchen.

Book shelves.

A panorama of traffic.

A panorama of boys in the street wiping car windows.

A park.

B.Pinsker is speaking at home.